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#14220225 Oct 01, 2019 at 07:53 PM
So I made a post earlier but felt like it gave too much info so thought of a better way to introduce myself after having it removed.

I'll start off about Dalressian in an OOC standpoint:
Originally Dal was going to be a chill out character I had when I wasn't playing Classic wow with my friends. Whole reason I made him was because I saw an awesome picture of a druid online. When I made him I ran into a person who asked if I wanted to quest with them. Thought it was odd since it was BFA but decided why not. Person and I chatted a lot and I had a blast. We added each other then the next day they asked if I wanted to play our characters more and said sure since my friends haven't been on for awhile. It became the main focus of playing wow for that week and they had told me about wanting to get into RP. I use to be really into RP but took a break for classic and since I wasn't really able to do anything in Classic I decided to join them. They wanted to find a Kaldorei based rp guild and I decided to think about what I wanted Dal to be so looked up a lot of lore and had him prepared to RP for as much as I could.

Reason for wanting to join the guild:
My friend later actually told me of the holiday event this guild hosted and we went to check it out and I enjoyed it a lot and decided to look more into the guild. I really liked the Paths part of this guild and enjoy talking to the members OOC. It meets my friends want to join a Kaldorei RP guild and I'm here to enjoy the game as much as I can with them as well as enjoy the game on my own and with others as well. Can't always say I'll be there for every rp event but will make sure to enjoy the ones im at for as much as I can.
#14221770 Oct 04, 2019 at 11:53 AM
Wandering Si...
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Hello Dalressian!

I totally understand your reasoning for removing your former post, as revealing information about your character through roleplay can feel very rewarding, since information about your character is earned by those who make an effort to roleplay with you, rather than being given freely to anyone.

In addition to being a kaldorei-centered roleplaying guild on Retail, we've recreated a past iteration of the guild for Classic WoW on the Bloodsail Buccaneers server. I assume you might take an interest in that as well!

I would like to welcome you into our community and hope that you enjoy the roleplaying experiences you have here with us!
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