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Hello all My name is Mike and I have been a long time avid player of wow when it was an rts, I never really played wow the mmo. I started with games like guild wars 1 and warhammer. I have always had a special place in my heart though for wow and its lore and I would always try to stay up with the current story being played out. Here recently a friend of mine for my birthday bought me the whole exp and asked me to play wow with him. So after playing wow and reliving my fondness with the rts now in a mmo I really like it. I even played some classic, but now I am just in love with wow and all the fun I have been having with my night elf.

I more or less work for Samsung and help train sales consultants on our products and such I am a us army vet as well was in that for 8 years. Love anime don't judge me :))), outdoors and just exploring new things. The thing that has me really inspired by the Kaldorei is just there loving nature for one another that family is first. I love their lore and just how expansive it is. The options you have for roleplay are soo open it's just nice. I love that they don't take crap from anyone you mess with us you get the sword, I love the way they are interwoven into the world from nature to just the history of the game.

My dream job would be helping others there is a sort of fondness and and warmth helping people so I practice chakram healing and meditation arts. Some hobbies I love is exploring so traveling as well as anime some of my best friends call me super nerd lol. My personal strengths as a writer is my ability to build worlds and such if I had to put a stamp on one of my weaknesses would be I get writers block some times just mainly sometime my ideas run a little wild and I need to reel them back in. As far as my ideal roleplay community goes I would make one that is very accepting cause no matter what walk of life you come from every one always has something to offer. I would also remain open to different ideas and stories while also keeping the groups integrity.

I would also like to call my self a extrovert I love to be outgoing and just the idea of exploring new things trying new ideas or going out of my way to get people involved in group activities. If I was to do a get together would be a warm and cozy cafe shop with soft tunes and some friends just talking about our day or just stuff and maybe some anime talk thrown in there.


I am Sarnae Wintersong, I am a hunter the watchful eye as me and my companions guard the great hunt. I have set out to explore many lands, to find more of Elune's great gifts left for us in the world we call home. From my family line to my mothers honor and my friends of the past I will always keep Elunes faith at my side in my journeys. Now something calls me home to urge me to find and make new bonds with my kin. ShaneFalore and me share a very close bond and he can feel the longing to return home.

Thinking back on my adventures my most found memory is of me and my sister running through the snow of Winterspring the chilling air at our throats, baby frostsabers running be hind us. That is my drive to protect family. If my skills ever come into question I am a great tracker and herbalist, I also have skills with a bow and scout tactics. I have never been the type to tap into the arcane but I have found I have a very strong connection to my animal kin as well as books, in my times of traveling I like to keep a log of all kinds of things. Haha...I guess you could say I should have been born a scholar like my father.

One thing I love about me is all the friendships I have forged over my life time to lose them would be like taking a dagger in the back. There is one thing I do need to improve on about myself which is I should really be more cautious about things I get my self into. I have had a few near calls and only with great luck have I remained alive. As far as me being spiritual I would say yes I am very much so, Elune guides my hand and my sisters whom I have fought alongside with. She has guided my hand many times and I credit her to my link to my animal friends bonds. With all that has happened I must remain faithful, if not for her and the teachings of my mother and sister well I don't know who I would be.

With all things considered you will find I love to travel and explore even if it's a place I have been to before there is always something new and exciting to find. Elune is my guide and she will light my path in my darkest days, something my mother always spoke to me as a child. With my bow and my companions Azeroth is worth protecting and exploring.
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Ishnu'alah Mike!

Happy belated birthday! And thank you for your interest in Silver Circle, and for sharing with us a little bit about yourself and your character Sarnae Wintersong. I think it's awesome you used to be a US Army vet. I was a veterinary technician for a few years, and it was incredibly messy but rewarding work.

My dream job would be helping others there is a sort of fondness and warmth helping people so I practice chakram healing and meditation arts.
I thought this was really unique and incredibly cool. I'd also be interested to know how you go about doing this.

Sarnae Wintersong is a phenomenal name, and she sounds like an interesting character. I like the personality you put into this introduction for her because it really gives me an idea of what kind of character she is. We do have Council Glade tonight, at Rhut'van Peak in Azsuna at 5:45pm (server). You're more than welcome to come and introduce Sarnae to us. If you're not available tonight, we do have other holiday socials this week which will be very good opportunities to pop in and say hello and wet your feet with some RP.

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Will do, I work pretty late just got home as of this post soo I will try to get on and oh yeah if you ever want to know about chakram healing or just meditation practices it's pretty simple to learn to do it and master it.