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Emalia Stagshade
My name is Cheyenne & I've known of the Silver Circle since the days of the Silvereye. I was never once part of the Silvereye as I was not on any EU servers, however, I always admired it's structure, it's style, and pretty much everything about the guild! You can say I was a bit of a fan girl back in the day *giggles*. When the Silver Circle finally moved over to US servers and WRA, I am sure you would understand my excitement! Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of joining the Circle when it was reformed due to running my own guild at the time. That was many years ago, so let us move in to the present!

I work for a Hospice company as a Patient Care Coordinator / Admissions Coordinator. I am a work-aholic, but when I am not stressing about work or passed out in bed, I am a Twitch streamer. I stream about 4 days a week with a variety of games that may include Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, Warframe, and much more! My true love, however, will always be World of Warcraft. I've known of WoW since Vanilla when I was a young girl who watched as her Uncle would play when she went to visit, and began my very own adventure towards the end of Cataclysm. I started off on Moon Guard and was part of a rather large Kaldorei guild known as Dor'Serrar. I stayed on MG for about 4 to 5 years before I found my forever home here on Wyrmrest Accord. I mainly play Draenei and Kaldorei with the occasional Troll, but the Alliance will always be in my blood. I've been roleplaying for about 10+ years, first ever on Runescape and then fully on WoW. Sadly, my life took a turn for both good and bad about two years ago and I've taken a break from Rp and WoW all together. Yet, I always come back, even if it's to merely sit a top the cathedral and read through TRPs. That's enough about me or else I'd spoil it all! I hope to eventually get to know some of you and hope to truly get back into the swing of Kaldorei & WoW Roleplay.

Touch of Elune

OOC: What about the Kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?

- The main thing about the Kaldorei that has always inspired me the most is their aesthetics. Everything about them just sings power, not in the way that would show rule over someone, but power in family, community, and nature. The moment I laid eyes on them and read a bit about their backstory, I knew instantly they were a race I could play forever. As far as favorite thing about them is, I don't have just one; Between all the purple everywhere (my favorite color ;) ), I'd say the main thing I've always enjoyed about the Kaldorei is their culture and their way of living, especially when it comes to those so close in nature.

IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?

- Before Emalia became a Druidess, she was first a Sentinel during the Ahn'Qiraj War, she was rather young & still lived at home with her parents. It was during this war of the Shifting Shades that Emalia had fought alongside her mother. However, it was during this war that everything changed. Like most Kaldorei, Emalia was raised to have xenophobic views and think poorly about the other races of Azeroth. Yet it was until her mother was poisoned that her view of the other races, especially those of the Horde changed. At the time of her mother collapsing, A Troll and Tauren had come to Emalia's aide as she cried out.

The Tauren being skilled in the way of the Earth Mother did everything he could to tend to her mother's wounds and the poison that riddled her veins & making it's way slowly to her heart. Though her mother did not make it that day, Emalia's once closed eyes, were now open more than every before. Though the Horde and Alliance had their difference, she knew that not all were evil and wanted bloodshed. It was this moment that Emalia retired from her Sentinel post and went on her own path in becoming one closer with nature and truly focusing on what mattered most of all. The healing of Azeroth and all those whom inhabited this world. To this day, Emalia will never judge a person by their appearance, she will do what ever she can to figure out just what the person's motives are and whom they truly are.


OOC: Describe your dream job or the hobbies you most enjoy and why.

-Since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be a History Teacher. I am a history geek when it comes to ancient eastern history, especially Greek. I don't have too many hobbies, however, I can list the ones I wish / dream of having. Cosplaying and graphic design.

IC: What skills can your character teach and do they have any hidden talents?

- Being a Druidess of the Grove, Emalia has a stronger connection with the balance of life and has a more sensitive tough when it comes to the conditions of Azeroth. Emalia focuses not only on the healing of Azeroth but also those whom live within.

Her main skills consist of:

[Nature's Gift] which helps rabidly grow any planted seed within two passing moons.

[Revitalize] which allows this Druidess the ability to heal the critically wounded.

[Petals of Life] where small patches of healing moss grows where her hand guides.

[Piercing Thorns] summons thorns from earth which entangle and cause it's prey to become immobile.

Nature Resistance

OOC: What personal strengths and weaknesses do you want to develop as a writer?

- As a writer, I would say I don't really have too many strengths. I have a lot of ideas in my own head but never seem to be able to put them in writing. One strength I would say I have is that once I get inspiration and motivation, I could go for hours and never stop. Though my weakness always seem to get the best of me. I tend to break myself down and don't feel as though I am creative enough and usually shut down.

IC: Name one thing you love about your character, and one thing you'd like to improve for them.

- Emalia has always been my number one character and is one of my most played character behind my Draenei. The one thing I have to say I love about her is the fact that most of her history is actual events I was able to experience with other characters. One thing I'd like to improve with her is her connection with nature and making it even stronger than before.

Wisp Spirit

OOC: Describe your hopes and expectations for your ideal roleplay community.

- Whenever I join a roleplay community, whether it is through WoW, LOTR, or even a simple Discord server, my main hope and expectation is to be welcomed and feeling as if I am part of a family. I have been part of several communities in the past where it's just not welcoming & you feel like you cannot be yourself.


OOC: Are you an introvert or extrovert, and what does your ideal get together consist of?

- I am definitely an extrovert. I will always be there to have a conversation with someone, greet them, welcome them, or I may even just jump in the middle of a conversation (in guild chat / OOC chat of course). My ideal get together consists of just people having a good time and making memories that may last a long time.

IC: Does your character like going on adventures or would they prefer to stay home and relax, why?

- Emalia's life has always consisted of both adventure and "staying home and relaxing". Some of her memories & past experiences were during adventures out in Kalimdor or even Pandara, while other memories & past experiences were during her times having some tea at home with her neighbors. Emalia chooses her battles more carefully now however, as she does have a small child at home to get back.

*wipes a brow* Phew! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this! Before I hit send, I did want to bring something to your attention. I am very interested in joining the Silver Circle and I am fully aware of the recruitment process and how it works. My one big concern is time, I do live on the East Coast which means I am about 3 hours behind most of the events. I work a full time job, and usually only online during weekdays for about 3 1/2 hours. Weekends I am obviously on for much longer. I wasn't sure if this would be a problem as I may not be able to take part in most of the guild's campaign events or casual RP (which sucks...). With that all being said, I hope you are all having an amazing year & thank you again for taking the time to read my introduction.

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Wandering Si...
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Greetings Emalia, and welcome to the <Silver Circle> guild website! We appreciate the time you took to send us an introduction thread. 😁

I can tell you are very enthusiastic about the kaldorei and your character. I personally enjoy watching folks stream Classic WoW on Twitch, so it’s nice that you do variety! I also like the spells you’ve come up with for Emalia. It’s great and honestly super important to flesh out a character’s unique abilities and be capable of referencing & using them during RP. And I definitely understand the power of inspiration, as it’s often what helps me power through projects. It can be rough, being in charge of setting foundations.

However, we do have reason to believe there are some inconsistencies in your post which we would like to clear up.

We are aware that an Emalia Stagshade was once a member of the <Silver Circle> during its brief iteration on the Moon Guard US realm in 2013-2014. We are also aware that this player went on to fully plagiarise many of the core concepts and features of <Silver Circle> during their attempted creation of at least two other guilds here on Wyrmrest Accord.

We would greatly appreciate any information you might have about these happenings before we establish any connections with you and your character, IC, OOC, or otherwise. If you are uninterested in providing a response to us, we must politely request that you seek out new roleplay experiences elsewhere.

Thank you for reaching out to us regardless, and we wish you the best of luck in your future adventures within World of Warcraft. 🌛
#14206717 Sep 09, 2019 at 05:01 PM
Emalia Stagshade
Good evening & thank you for responding! I appreciate you taking the time to review my introduction!

As far as the "inconsistencies" go and the issue you have brought up, yes, that was me the player. To be fair, I completely forgot I was ever part of Silver Circle on Moon Guard, so my apologies with that. It was a very short stay to say the least as I believe that was right after the retirement of the guild I was in and right before moving to WRA. That period was kind of a dark time for me, but that is the past.

As far as the other awful part, I had believed this to have been resolved when Fey originally brought it to my attention, however, I will happily take the hit of bringing it back up. During the 2012-2014 time period, I was young & stupid and believed that being inspired by something & liking an idea meant to completely take and just change words around. I apologized fully to Feyawen when she corrected my wrongs. I assessed my mistakes and corrected what I needed to. I understood completely what Feyawen & her team felt as the guild I ran also took a hit of someone taking our ideas and it was at that moment I realized just how screwed up my decision with what I had done in the past.

Furthermore, I am still very much interested in the Silver Circle and being a part of the guild, however, I will not accept any contact / connection if I am to be looked at / treated poorly for past mistakes (As you stated, 2013, 5+ years ago) that I believed to have been resolved initially, yet, I do understand why I would be treated that way as my actions were childish & down right wrong. I also do not wish to join the guild / community if I am going to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I am not quite sure what more I could give as this may end up turning into a 12 paragraph essay, yet, I will say this, I apologize to the Silver Circle Members of Moon Guard & WRA for doing what I did & I can safely say that if I was ever to join the Silver Circle, I can promise each and every one of the members & Feyawen that something like that would never happen again, by my hand. All I request is that something that took place many years ago be put into a lock box & thrown away as I have moved on from my mistakes & corrected my wrongs & improved myself for the better since the moment I realized what I had done.

Thank you again for taking the time to review my introduction & allowing me to speak on this issue. If you folks do not wish to have me part of the Circle or anything affiliated with it, I will 100% accept that decision and understand it entirely.
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Wandering Si...
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Hello again Emalia, and thank you for your detailed response.

We of the Silver Circle are not ones to hold grudges, nor do we blacklist or mistreat others for what ill deeds they may have done in the past. I can see and fully acknowledge that you have made a great deal of personal growth since those years in question; it is not easy to admit one’s wrongdoings, no matter how fresh or aged they may be, and for that we commend and accept your apologies.

We are flattered by your consistent adoration for the Silver Circle over these last several years, up to the point of this introduction thread. However, due to your past history of plagiarising our works, we are uncomfortable in extending an opportunity for you to join the guild at this time. As previously stated, this does not mean you are “blacklisted” from interacting with our members or stopping by to engage in roleplay. On the contrary, we would most appreciate the chance to learn more about you in the present day, to rebuild the connections and trust that were lost due to your previous infractions, should you be willing to do so.

Please know that you will always be welcome to attend any of our public guild events & server-wide holidays, as we offer this same courtesy to everyone who takes an interest in our roleplaying content.

Thank you again for reaching out to us, Emalia, and for expressing such profound passion for the Kaldorei community. No matter what you decide, I’m certain you will find a wonderful adventure awaiting you. 💫