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#14175001 Jul 12, 2019 at 08:44 PM
IC Intro: "Ishnu'alah brothers and sisters. I am Illalath Starfang. For many years now, I have lived in solitude within the wilderness of Kalimador, but with the growing assaults from the horde I wish to rekindle my relations with my kin once again!"

OOC Intro: Hello everyone. I am Illalath, or you can call me Mohawk. I am find with either. I have been playing World of Warcraft since the end of Vanilla. I was reading some old forums and found you guys. The Silver Circle looked to fit into my type of roleplaying style and I wanted to get back to my roots of roleplaying a Kaldorei.

IC Touch of Elune: "Back during the War of the Satyr... when I was younger, I dabbled in the pack form. I was quite devastated when Shando Stormrage had forbidden the use of this form. Unlike my kin who now bear the curse, I heeded Malfurion's words.... I have learned various other druidic abilities in replacement to the use of that form. Now with returning to society, I wish to persuade the others to allow the study of the pack form once again. That is what drives me forward"

OOC Touch of Elune: I grew up roleplaying a Kaldorei and the attunement to nature and the wilds has always had a place in my heart. My favorite part about roleplaying a Kaldorei is getting to be a druid.

IC Wisp Spirit: "Ever since I was young, I have had a spiritual connection to nature. I still remember my mother's expression whenever I would leave to go spend all of my time within the forests, far from home, and connecting with the wilds."

OOC Wisp Spirit: My ideal roleplaying community is one where I can develop my character further in a direction along with creating relationships with other Kaldorei. A story about only one character with no one else tends to be a bit dry for my taste.
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Ishnu'alah Illalath!

Thank you for your introduction! Your character seems very interesting from what I've read here, and I'm curious to see how to will attempt to persuade others to reconsider the teachings of the Pack Form, which has been outlawed for thousands of years.

I also very much enjoyed our chat in-game the other night. I understand you are presently leveling up your character so you can bring him to many different places around Azeroth. Please reach out to let us know here if you need any assistance while leveling up, or if you'd like to attempt getting to one of our events at a lower level. We will be happy to find a way to accommodate.