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Wandering Si...
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Touch of Elune
OOC: What about the Kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?
IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?

I would have to say most of the Kaldorei culture inspires me. It's hard to pick just one thing. The heavy eastern influences are a lovely touch and provide depth and character to a unique fantasy race. It allows for people to draw from real world and breathe life into every day things. My favorite thing about them would have to be their spirit. They always bounce back, and even when exiled or threatened with extinction the Elves just evolve and change. While not Kaldorei, all of the dorei are fascinating and I feel even in thousands of years (in wow) some form of Dorei will live on.

"While I have many great memories that have pushed me through my life and given me strength and courage; the memory that holds the most importance to me would have to be when I found Shen-zen Su. The great wild turtle of the seas opened so many doors in my life that may not have been opened or at least, opened far later. I am eternally grateful to him and the Pandaren as a whole."

OOC: Describe your dream job or the hobbies you most enjoy and why.
IC: What skills can your character teach and do they have any hidden talents?

My dream job honestly would be a stay at home wife. For now, however, I am stuck paying far too many bills so something has to be done. I rather enjoy my job working with animals. I think even as a Stay at home Wife I would end up doing some sort of animal thing eventually. My hobbies are animals, video games, writing, food, and sleeping.

"Being a Master level Monk given the name Shadow of the White Tiger, and being a Master of the Ways I am able to teach much to many. I've traveled my whole life and I've adopted so many traditions and bits and pieces of cultures and made them my own. I am more than willing to teach brewing, cooking, or any form of Monk to anyone willing to learn. I can also read tea leaves and Tarot cards as well as do calligraphy and make my own soaps."

Nature Resistance
OOC: What personal strengths and weaknesses do you want to develop as a writer?
IC: Name one thing you love about your character, and one thing you'd like to improve for them.

I have a bad habit of letting my anxiety get the best of me at times. This means at times I can become withdrawn. I've worked for many years to try and stop myself from retreating. It doesn't always work but the best way to try and grow and overcome the anxiety is to continue to put myself out there and RP. I'm very adaptive in my writing and I have no issues molding my style of writing to suit the current role play going on. I can go from one liners to multi-paragraphs.

I adore her adventurous spirit as well as her ability to adapt and grow as a person. She doesn't let failures get her down but rather learns from them and works on new ways to solve old problems. I think her biggest flaw is her tendency for wanderlust. She wants to find a place to belong and share all of her stories and skills with those around her. She wants more than anything a family and something firm to hold on to. Maybe when the wind gets dry and there is not much to do her family can come on wild adventures with her!

Wisp Spirit
OOC: Describe your hopes and expectations for your ideal roleplay community.
IC: Is your character spiritual, and what made them that way?

A close knit, accepting, and active community. I know this community well and when I first joined it I fell in love. Overtime I grew apart but being away has given me introspection and time to digest what I was feeling. I hope to slowly get back into this community and help it grow once more.

"I am spiritual but I was call it more of a mysticism. I follow the teachings of Elune as I always have but I've also grown to love the Wild ones of Pandaria and I adapt and follow their teachings as well. Elune was first taught to me by my mother as we traveled through what remained of Kalimdor. The Goddess gave her hope and in turn, gave me hope. Whenever I was frightened or lost, She was there. She led me to Pandaria and gave me even more wisdom than I could've wished for. I know she will continue to lead me on a path that is full and glorious."

OOC: Are you an introvert or extrovert, and what does your ideal get together consist of?
IC: Does your character like going on adventures or would they prefer to stay home and relax, why?

I'm an Extroverted Introvert. I have no issue making friends or being social to a point. Once that point is reached, however, I wish to be alone and recharge. My ideal get together is smaller, close knit, and well known.

"I would much prefer to go on grand adventures. Home is where I can find a comfy place to sleep, everything else will come as She wills it. The world is huge and there is so much to see and do, why would you want to just stick to what you know?"
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*A delecutly penned scroll would arrive by owl to the monk in question.*

Shal'asan torah Taliyannah Wildwood,

It is a pleasure to hear of your interest in the Circle. I myself have never been to the lands of Pandaria but I have read many books about the land. I hope some day soon I could have a change to go, but for now when there is time I would love to get to know you. From how you have acted so far in the Circle gatherings, I am very impressed.

Elune guide you sister and Master of ways.
Seldarine Stardragon, Shal’dorei of the Silver Circle.

I love this character concept Rose! And I can’t wait to see where you take her from here. I’ve had a great amount of fun seeing you RP her and how you play her. It is always a delight to Rp with you. Hope to see you at more events and see you in game. Happy Gaming!

The Ancient One: We harness energy... drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse... to cast spells... to conjure shields... and weapons... to make magic. Through the mystic arts, we harness energy and shape reality.
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*Allethea would be seen once again playing around with the cask at the end of her staff. IT DANGLES, ITS TIGER SIZED, IT MUST HAPPEN.*