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Do you like slaying Demons? What about empowering yourself with forbidden magics? Entrapping a Demon Soul within your body? A Demon Hunter might be the class for you. Here is a little basic guide of how to Roleplay a Demon Hunter. Enjoy.

So lets start with the basics.

What is a Demon Hunter?

Demon hunters are warriors who use shadow arcane, and fel magic at their disposal. To acquire these feats they bind their soul to a Demon of their choosing. After the binding ritual most Hunters are blinded by the act of ripping out their own eyes to stop the visions of the burning legion. They develop a spectral sight, that can allow them to see magical energies, and if practiced enough they can see the world normally. Most wear blindfolds for a common courtesy to others, as their eyes are just sockets with burning fel fire.

What is a Demon Hunters Purpose?

Illidan: You wish to know the difference between the demons and us? They will stop at nothing to destroy our world.
Kor'vas: ... and we will sacrifice everything to save it.

A Demons Hunters purpose in this world is to protect it. They will stop at nothing to defeat the Legion and others who go against the natural order of Azeroth. Demons and Undead are among the two forces that Demon Hunters are keen on hunting. As they are an affront to Azeroth itself and the natural order of things. Though Demon Hunters are against the natural order themselves, they believe it is a necessity to fight. As what’s best to fight against monsters? Another monster.

Ritual of Binding

The Ritual of Binding consists of a summoning Circle, a shield around the area and a fledgling Demon hunter. The fledgling Demon hunter will step into the summoning circle, where they themselves will draw a demon of the Legion to them by their either fears, want for vengeance, or memories. The demon will then be squared off against the Hunter one on one. The shield around the two opponents keeps both from escaping the summoning circle. It is a fight to that death, either the demon wins or the Hunter.

If the Hunter wins the fight, then they are to cut out the demons heart, a chunk of flesh, and collect the demons blood. They are to consume all of it, though it will burn and taste vial. The demons spirit will then be inside the Hunter, and will fight with them mentally. Some will High jack the Hunters memory, twisting and turning it. Others will show the might of the burning legion, but all Demons will try to break the Hunter they have been consumed by. This is the hardest part of the fight.

Most if not all Demon Hunters will cut out their own eyes at this point, as the visions will become overwhelming.

Not many hunters will survive this ordeal, those that do are fortunate, yet they still have much more to overcome.

Spectral Sight

He was aware now of the ebb and flow of energies all around. The lights were auras of living things, some bright, some filled with energy. The brightest of all came from the being who stood beside him.
Illidan pg 122

“Is this how you see the world?” Vandel asked.
“It is one way. Your mind becomes accustomed to it eventually. It maps its new way of seeing onto its old way of understanding reality. There will come a time when you will be able to perceive the world as once you did. It is a much narrower way of seeing, but our minds crave familiarity.”
“You are saying you can shift from seeing the world like this to seeing it as if you had eyes?”
“Indeed, and many gradations between.”
conversation between Illidan and Vandel. Illidan novel pg 122

The ability of Spectral sight is granted to the Demon Hunters after they consume the demons flesh and essence. Though it will not come easy to them. The first time upon using one’s spectral sight will be disorienting and horrifying, as you will be mostly blind but see bursts of color. The colors will be shapeless but if one focuses the colors can become shapes of those before you. Most are the energy color of the magic that those creatures use. It can be used to see through walls, and other obstacles. With enough training spectral sight can be used to see the world normals like with your own eyes, sometimes even better.


“Impossible, impossible, impossible, whispered the voice in the back of his head. It still sounded like his own, only clotted with hatred. The Felhound has grafted itself to his soul, and it’s spirit seemed able to use his mind and his memories now. “
Illidan pg 119

Demons are interesting beings. Most members of the Burning Legion, yet not all. Big, small, large or dainty, demons come in all shapes and sizes. Their abilities vary and many hold different talents. These creatures are used by the Hunter, to absorb their abilities and soul. Usually one is picked by the Hunter, to absorb into their soul. The rest are for annihilation by the hunter's blades and spells.


“You will learn to do these for yourself one day, but for now, you must accept them from others. Be still,” said Illidan. “This will hurt.”

The inker leaned forward, and something so hot it was cold, or perhaps so cold it was hot, touched Vandel’s flesh. He fought down the urge to scream. When the needle withdrew, he felt as if a dagger were being pulled from a wound and twisted.
Illidan novel, pg 123

The arcane and magically powered tattoos bound the demon within the demon hunters body. The demon can not escape, yet it will still fight to take control of the demon hunters mind and body. These tatoos can also be used to store magic and power to use for spell work. Hunters can add to their own tattoos to create more control and a cage over the Demon that resides within them, along with a storage capacity for magic.

The Ancient One: We harness energy... drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse... to cast spells... to conjure shields... and weapons... to make magic. Through the mystic arts, we harness energy and shape reality.
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