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Sistrina Nightleaf
Ishnu'alah, Silver Circle!

I originally came across Silver circle through website a few months ago, but saw that applications were closed, and so discouraged, I walked away. I came back a few weeks ago to find them now open, and I am really excited to get to know each and every member that I can, and to once again be apart of a kaldorei community. I hope that my characters will be enjoyed as much as I have enjoyed being a part of the group so far. For now, I start with introducing Sistrina.

Touch of Elune
OOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?

I have been fond of elves for as long as I can remember, perhaps that is what gave me the first start since I was very young when I was allowed to create my first character. Since, however, I learned that they have a really rich lore, and history, and I never could get enough, learning what I could of the kaldorei culture and even the language, again never finding enough. I still love learning and finding more about them. My favorite thing, however, must be the connection to nature that they have, the feeling of often being one with the forest, the way that they revere the ancients, and Elune, I find them to be a very rich and beautiful culture, that I love being a part of.

IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?

Sistrina has had a very long and difficult road, a lot of her past quite dark. A certain turning point for her was when she met her first shan'do, and in a sense was rescued from an old life. She very much still struggles the make right what she feels she has done wrong in the past, so yes, that keeps driving her forward.

OOC: Describe your dream job or the hobbies you most enjoy and why.

My dream job involves working out in nature, I have often thought of a park ranger being the ideal representation, protecting forests and being a part of that environment. As long as I am not trapped inside, however, I would likely be content. As for hobbies I have many. My favorite is being a part of a historical recreation group however, and learning about history, how things were done in the medieval times, and why.

IC: What skills can your character teach and do they have any hidden talents?

Sistrina is very well adept at most anything ranger related, scouting, tracking, animals, herbs... As well as most weapon styles, having striven most of her life to learn as many different styles of combat as she could. She is also a druidess, though still considers herself learning, and has not known that path as in depth as that of a huntress and fighting. Of her hidden talents, when she believes no one to be around, she quite enjoys playing a few different instruments, and can actually have a pleasant voice for singing, despite her usual growling tone.

Nature Resistance
OOC: What personal strengths and weaknesses do you want to develop as a writer?

I believe myself to be reasonable at being descriptive and putting together a decent post, given time, however I lack severely in doing so quickly. Of what I would like to improve the most is being confident in my posts quick enough that I don't lose the chance to put something in at all. I fall victim to overthinking what and how I want to write things. I also am very interested in learning how to effectively run events, I have run a a few in my time, but wish to learn how so that all that attend can have fun with it.

IC: Name one thing you love about your character, and one thing you'd like to improve for them.

Sistrina is very strong and capable on her own, or with her beasts, I love most the connection and blend I have gotten so far with her being both ranger and druidess. Of things I hope to improve for her, in time, is her abilities to be with others, to even lead without hesitation. She can be very standoffish and very much keeps very strong walls between herself and most any who try to get close to her.

Wisp Spirit
OOC: Describe your hopes and expectations for your ideal roleplay community.

My ideal roleplay community I feel is a smallish group that is comfortable and friendly, where each person has room and a place to grow, where drama is not tolerated, and is easily resolved. A family-like group, for lack of better words, with each person in the group willing to help each other grow and shine.

IC: Is your character spiritual, and what made them that way?

Sistrina is spiritual, in that she does beleive and revere Elune and the ancients, however she struggles with believing herself worthy of any of them caring about herself, even as part of the kaldorei race. She has walked a very hard road, and she is one who once strayed from Elune's light, however, with the help of a certain few, she has come back and strives to remain someone worthy of it once again.

OOC: Are you an introvert or extrovert, and what does your ideal get together consist of?

I am very much an introvert, who has been trying very hard to force herself out into the world. I much prefer smaller gatherings, where I can easily recognize everyone there. I am usually very selective of those I let get close, much like Sistrina in that regard, but I do also like to have my little circle of friends I can be comfortable with as well.

IC: Does your character like going on adventures or would they prefer to stay home and relax, why?

Sistrina is very active and rather combat motivated. This is not to say that she will necessarily go looking for a fight, but she most certainly is not one to settle down and stay as home. She has spent so much of her life wandering from place to place, never truly having had a home to go to, she would not truly know what to do with one. On the same token she still prefers to stay in kaldorei, or kaldorei-like lands, generally forests, and much of human and gnomish developments unnerve her greatly.
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Hey, I had a great time RPing with you the other day, and I look forward to getting to know ya better! And who knows, maybe Ellii can help Sistrina with her spiritual struggles?
#14062573 Apr 19, 2019 at 08:09 PM
Sistrina Nightleaf
Hi there. I am really glad to hear that you enjoyed it, I very much have enjoyed rping with you too. And yes, that would be great, I'm sure she probably can :)