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Over the years, agents of the Silver Circle have accumulated various resources to benefit their cause. These resources are material goods and supplies as well as contacts and networks of communication and travel.

All members, from Aspirants on up, have access to these resources at any given time. Items and equipment as well as funding can be acquired from the Silver Circle vault, which is supervised by the Warden of the Hunt. New members typically receive their first pack of member equipment from one of the Silversworn during a Council Glade gathering.


The Silver Circle Tabard is a sturdy cloth vestment worn over armor and other clothing. It is normally decorated with the symbol or heraldic device of the order, or sometimes the emblem of Darnassus, and is trimmed with expensive and delicate materials such as silk and silver thread imbued with the magic of the Silver Flame.

The wearer of the tabard may invoke the power of the Silver Flame with the command word "Eran!"; thereafter, the wearer gains advantage regardless of whether or not they rolled beforehand. This ability has only one charge which can only be activated by the wearer. However, the wearer may visit the Silver Flame to have the tabard re-enchanted with a new charge whenever they are able.

Warning: Tabards are susceptible to extreme wear and tear, and repairs are out of pocket expenses.

A compass inside of an otherwise nondescript wooden case. Inside the face of the compass is covered with symbols that resemble constellations. If the bearer holds the compass and concentrates on a person, object, or location for one minute the compass will point in approximately that direction until it is closed again. Otherwise, this handheld mechanical device has a pointer always pointing north.

Doing Elune’s good work does not come cheap. Travel expenses, repair bills and general cost of living expenses can pile up even for the most frugal adventurers. To help compensate for expenses, the Silver Circle offers each Silversworn a comfortable stipend. This small amount of gold is enough to assist Silversworn with mission expenses and provide them with a small profit during times of peace.

An unassuming map that comes in an old but ornate scroll case. The parchment has a peculiar texture, and is designed to work well with various forms of ink including the invisible kind.


Agents of the Silver Circle primarily rely upon their Whispering Runestones to communicate. A Whispering Runestone is a small slab of stone with the Silver Circle heraldic carved into it and imbued with primal magic. These runestones were once common items among the kaldorei when inscribers of the natural world walked among the people. Today, druids uphold the practice but not to the same extent.

To activate, place your thumb over the small circle on the heraldic and wait until the crescent glows. When it glows begin speaking into the crescent (this is the /guild chat channel). To send personal messages, tap the circle on the heraldic twice and whisper the name of the recipient, then inscribe a brief written message on the back of the stone (this is the /whisper channel).

OOC Note: This headcanon is inspired by the canon Speaking Shards used to complete Quest: Dearest Natalia and all the Sigil Stone quests once offered by Melithar Staghelm of Shadowglen.

Like many other kaldorei orders, the Silver Circle utilize the Darnassian Courier Network. This is a network that was formerly run and maintained by people of Darnassus, and was originally designed by the Sentinel Army. Today, it is comprised of merchant couriers, sentinel outrunners, and messenger hawk owls that move between kaldorei settlements.


The most common means of travel on Azeroth is ground travel by foot or with the assistance of a mount. Depending on weather conditions and local, travel by foot or with a ground mount can vary. Most sentinels judge travel time between regions based on how long it takes for your average adventurer to hike through jungles of Feralas in good conditions, which is approximately fourteen days [source]. This time can the cut in half when ground mounts such as stags or sabers are employed.

The Alliance has worked with Darnassian settlements to establish and expand upon old flight networks. Hippogryphs from Feralas and Gryphons from the Highlands are employed by expert handlers and flightmasters as taxis for denizens of the Alliance to navigate more easily. Flightmaster taxi services can dramatically cut travel time, turning weeks of travel into mere days.

Sea vessels and Alliance airships are the quickest means of travel without the use of magic, though sometimes such means of travel can be expedited with the aid of magic. Druids of the Talon have been employed to buffet sails with great winds, and newly allied Kul Tiran tidesages employ their magic to speed up natural currents.

Map with Travel Key in "Days". Open in a new tab to enlarge fully.


A rare herb cultivated near moonwells by Silversworn in the Path of the Wild. These ley-enriched plants allow those who carry them to transport themselves through the plant to another lavender plant as if using the teleport spell. As the plant is small, it is only able to transport a single individual and their equipment. The plant does not travel with users to their destinations, and its magic is depleted after a single use. This makes tracing the user's target location very difficult, even for the most adept diviners.

Grown in pots or open fields, these single-use herbs work much like cheap, home-grown hearthstones for agents of the Silver Circle.

Note: A new strain of enchanted Lavender Gate has been provided to the Silver Circle by a Tirnenn of Ardenweald, to allow transportation through particular Fae Crossings between Val'sharah and Ardenweald. This strain of Lavender Gate operates just like original Lavender Gate, but has a chance to send the user to a random mushroom ring in Ardenweald or in Val'sharah.

The return of the Shen'dralar highborne of Eldre'thalas over seven years ago have provided the Darnassian people with an ancient means of fast travel: portals. The Silversworn mages in the Path of the Moon work with other arcane orders to monitor and maintain safe portal traffic on behalf of the Silver Circle. Those who seek to employ the arcane on behalf of the Silver Circle are required to take the advanced transmutation course at the Tower of Estulan in Feralas under Educator Vestia Moonspear. The course educates the mages on portalpooling, portal law, and Ley Line preservation. Required reading for the course includes, The Schools of Arcane Magic - Transmutation and Thinking With Portals - A Memorandum.

After numerous campaigns to aid druids and the Cenarion Circle against forces of evil, the Silver Circle has been granted affiliate access to the Emerald Dreamway to help the Silversworn readily navigate Azeroth and offer swift aid to their allies. For Silversworn to navigate the labrynthian Dreamway they must seek a druidic guide first. Such chaperones exist in affiliate orders such as the Cenarion Circle, Cenarion Expedition, Dreamweavers, D.E.H.T.A, and even within the Silver Circle.

The druid guides help the Silversworn navigate the Dreamway through conjured portals or by passing through one of the many Dreamway Gates around Azeroth.

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