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Nyliene Winterbloom
Touch of Elune

OOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?

Their lore, the aesthetic of their architecture, and the mythos behind their faith. In addition, I'm fond of how they as a race have differing variations and nuances when paired to a specific in-game class. (A Priestess of Elune will be leagues different than one of the Light, for example). My favorite thing is the rituals and traditions (as well as what we as RPers can create/headcanon based on them) that shape their race in regards to their faith and history.

IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?

The memory that has had the most impact on Nyliene was a simple goodbye. During the campaign in Northrend against the Lich King, her older brother was one of many who took up the call to fight. Her brother raised her from a very young age when their parents were lost. Bharun was her pillar, her protector, and the one who had began teaching her druidism. She remembers a lot, but what sticks out is that last glance before he left as she was unaware that it was the last time she'd see him. He did not return from Northrend. It drives her without her knowing it, Nyliene is fearful of another loss, unsure if she could handle it as she's barely handling this one despite the time having passed. It holds her back, it hovers like a warning.


OOC: Describe your dream job or the hobbies you most enjoy and why.

The hobbies I enjoy are drawing and writing, respectively.

IC: What skills can your character teach and do they have any hidden talents?

Nyliene is still rather a novice compared to others as a druid, so she certainly isn't the first choice to seek out for any tips on druidism. She does, however, have a knack for spotting enchants and distinguishing when items or places have the echo of some kind of enchantment or altering via the arcane. Nyliene doesn't think much of it, generally, but it makes her cautious or distracts her if she gets the 'feeling'.

Nature Resistance

OOC: What personal strengths and weaknesses do you want to develop as a writer?

I'm a descriptive writer, as most of my RP was originally in paragraphs like what would be used on a forum RP, so I find that a strength when character limit allows. I'm weak at getting the ball rolling to interact with others, something I'm hoping to work on.

IC: Name one thing you love about your character, and one thing you'd like to improve for them.
I love Nyliene's obliviousness. When I say obliviousness, I mean in regards to herself. Being an inexperienced druid, she's quite unaware of how deeply her connection to nature is and how strongly she's able to manipulate it. I would love to let Nyliene grow to trust others enough to let them in.

Wisp Spirit

OOC: Describe your hopes and expectations for your ideal roleplay community.

I've been through different RP communities over the years, for better or worse, so I don't often think on 'ideal'. An open minded place that understands how to prioritize life over RP, and the enjoyment of the RPers over any strict rules or lore-policing.

IC: Is your character spiritual, and what made them that way?

Nyliene used to be, thanks to her upbringing, though she's found it more difficult in the last few years. I wouldn't go as far as to say her faith is utterly destroyed, but it's decidedly fragile. Feeling adrift after the loss of her brother put her on shakey footing, and the loss of the world tree (and consequent corruption/blight on Darkshore and it's wildlife) has only put more doubt in her mind. She is, however, wary of voicing any of her doubts out of fear of tough conversations she's not ready to have.


OOC: Are you an introvert or extrovert, and what does your ideal get together consist of?

I'm a bit of an introvert. I prefer smaller, casual get together to combat-based events as I'm uncomfortable with being put on the spot (especially if my character's success/failure is out of my control and left to random factors). I find smaller settings a better opportunity to get to know other characters and have them get to know mine.

IC: Does your character like going on adventures or would they prefer to stay home and relax, why?

IC: As a druid Nyliene is no stranger to travel and the natural world, so she feels comfortable in exploration. Having had a relatively nomadic lifestyle and upbringing, she becomes quite antsy or restless if made to stay indoors for extended periods of time.
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Wandering Si...
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Greetings Nyliene!

I actually really like all of this. It's a character with a lot to do and grow into. Novice or those considering themselves novice characters are probably one of my favorites just because of the possibilities and many ways they can go, so feel free to hit me up if you ever see me in game. I never mind helping a character along, be it teaching or just advice even, or hell even just to hang out.

The hidden talent of theirs actually seems rather interesting and fantastic given the amount of investigating and uncovering the Circle does in it's events. I dig the concept and it'd actually be rather interesting to see evolve as stories play out down the road.

I can't deny how combat can occasionally go with poor rolls unless you roll like I do, you'll rarely find yourself without options on how you want your character to be going about things even if the roll is "low". A lot of the folks who regularly lead events and stories are open minded folks looking to include a lot of unique ideas and attempts. So despite the random factors of a fight, you'll very likely meet and learn about many people in the Circle through the various gatherings, rituals, holidays and other cultural/social gatherings the Circle both leads and participates in and maybe kick a bit of butt on the side which actually leads to my next thing.

A good many folks of the Circle are pretty open and flexible when it comes to getting the ball rolling, needing very little motivation to get the ball rolling. It's rather easy to dive right in. Myself and many others generally don't need much to jump right in so hopefully as this goes what you want to work on will improve quickly and seamlessly.

That said, I hope to see ya about as the Circle goes about it's business.
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It was so nice to see you at the Lunar Festival and our casual RP night in Lightsong, and I'm so intrigued by this mystery you and Roraelis are RPing though presently. I hope the two of them together are able to locate Starithria Stormcrest. I look forward to seeing what unfolds, and getting to know Nyliene more!