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Nestled within the Temple of Elune at the center of Val'Sharah, Isuldien finally had a moment to delve into his mother's journal he'd collected off her body in Astranaar. After all these months, it was time to discover family secrets that had long been hidden from him. He eyed the journal with admiration. It was his own mother's personal accounts of accomplishments and feats throughout the course of her life. He took a deep breath before finally opening up the journal, starting at the very beginning.
Kellor Wildrage:

That was the title of the first page. Before he even began to read the text, it would seem the name instantly rang a bell. A hero of the Leafswift lineage, nearly forgotten. He began to read the text.

This entry is solely meant to ensure that the legacy of Wildrage does not fade into history. His courage and sacrifice is something that must not be forgotten...
Long ago, there once lived an elf named Kellor Wildrage, a close cousin of mine who was a protector of the city of Loreth'Aran. He was among those blessed by the Green dragonflight and was even a dragon rider. His prowess in combat and abilities with a bow while on the back of a dragon made him stand out above most. He just never surrendered, no matter how dire the circumstances. This would unfortunately be the case in his final moments aswell. The dragons and elves lived in harmony for some time before the traitorous Black Dragonflight landed their assault upon the city. It caught everyone by surprise and they were ill-equipped to fight back. Led by one of Deathwing's own lieutenants, Razormaw, the Black Dragonflight made their assault quick and harsh. They burned down everything in their path and left none alive. Kellor Wildrage was among those who were not slain in the initial assault and managed to begin a counter-attack. The odds were against them, but it mattered little to the seasoned veteran. Upon the back of his trusted friend, they began cutting down their enemy one by one. Kellor and allies were putting up a valiant effort in striking back until tragedy struck. A black trident struck the heart of his beloved friend, killing him mid-flight. The green dragon began to quickly crash back down unto the earth, with Kellor trapped on his back with nowhere to go. After the crash, Kellor lied there, battered and broken with no hope. He looked around him in a daze, once a beautiful realm of tranquility and peace, was left in cinders and ash. Even then, in his dying moments, the ranger did not give up. A ground force of black dragonsworn were closing in on him and he grabbed the closest thing he could to fight back. The blade of another fallen comrade. He wielded it and with his back against the ground, he managed to fend off a dragonkin before his body couldn't hang on anymore. He'd finally drawn his last breath, there in his favorite place, his home city. He ascended to the stars above to rest with his ancestors.
Kellor Wildrage is a beacon of hope to all of us, that even in our darkest moments, we must never give up. The fight must always go on, our survival depends on it.

Isuldien often had trouble displaying his emotions, but the words of his mother always found a way to break him. Tears, glistening in the moonlit temple, slowly rushed their way down his face. However, a look of determination soon took over. He'd been lacking hope as of late with the events of Kalimdor taking place so recently. However, he knew how to restore his faith and offer tribute to a family hero. His goal was to honor not only Kellor Wildrage, but those that fought alongside him. Green Dragons, elves, and even the dreamer herself Ysera. A large tattoo that would cover almost the entirety of his body with intricate design and meaning. As the days went by, the ranger slowly began using his limited artistic ability to draw out a design. After many frustrating sleepless days and nights, he'd finally crafted the perfect design. Now, it was only a matter of finding the perfect person to see this design come to life... A particular warden almost instantly came to mind.

((Let me know what you guys think! I'm not the best writer, but I tried! ))

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