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The Emerald Dream is a vast and ever-shifting dimension of spirits and nature magic that defies mortal perceptions of reality. Time and distance hold no meaning in this intangible realm, and a day on the physical world can feel like decades in the Dream.
- Chronicle, Vol. 1 -

The Emerald Dream is a plane of existence outside the world we all know as Azeroth, created by Freya through a multitude of trial and error to be Azeroth perfected in the sense of natural life and spirit. No land shaped by the intelligent races that walk the land, simply Azeroth in its purest form. It is a rather mysterious place with odd qualities and a myriad of races from Ysera and her Green Flight of Dragons, to Cenarius and his children. The faerie dragons and spirits of both Loa and Wild Gods alike roaming this plane as the druids learn and protect it from corruption so that it may continue to flourish. At times this plane will overlap into the material with the intent of maintaining balance and healing on Azeroth.

A few key places exist within the Emerald Dream. The first being the Emerald Dreamway, a nexus of the Dreamgates that litter Azeroth. The Dreamgates were created and are maintained as a way of physically accessing the Dream, but the Dreamgates are carefully guarded by the denizens of the Dream and the druids who tend it. Together, they protect the Emerald Dream from those with malicious intent. This allows druids, and those whom enter the Dream to go about their business in a timely manner. The second key play is the Eye of Ysera, of "The Eye", which serves as the Capital of the Dream. It is a focal point through which the Green Dragonflight serve as guides for the evolution of the Dream, allowing it to progress and grow so that stagnation never sets in.

The many World Trees around Azeroth are also important key places within the Emerald Dream. Each World Tree acts as a bridge between the planes, allowing the energies of the Dream to seep into Azeroth.

The Rift of Aln is the final key place. It is a primordial rift of chaotic energies believed to bleed into the Twisting Nether and Great Dark Beyond. It is where the Emerald Nightmare existed, and possibly continues to exist in its most suppressed and conquered state.

The Emerald Dreamway consists of a pristine glade shrouded in misty twilight within the Emerald Dream. It contains the little roads, gaps, and pathways one can take to navigate the globe and planes in short time. While non-druids can enter the Dream through Dreamgates, hidden portals, or by accidentally stepping into faerie rings, it is most easily accessed by those with the Touch of Nature, which is the blessing passed from Cenarius to the First Druid and onto his many pupils, a reference to druidic powers and the ability to interact with nature itself [World of Warcraft: Game Manual, pg 101]. This specific type of magic allows easy travel to and from the Dreamway. However, if druids have a specific destination in mind, these paths can be traveled from one point to another, around the globe, through the Dreamway; as seen when Archdruid Liliandra opens an Emerald Portal for the adventurer to travel to Remulos' Shrine in Moonglade [Quest: The Keeper's Favor].

If the Dreamgates connected to the heart of the Dreamway serve as a carefully watched highway for druids and non-druids, then portals and teleportation through the Dreamway are the back-roads. These roads are likely temporary, only appearing as the druid creates a destination. Once the spell ends, the path created likely vanishes.

Getting to and from the Dream can be accomplished a few ways. Physically entering the plane through Dreamgates connected to the Dreamway or by portals conjured by experienced druids are fairly common. While this is the easiest and most common way to enter the Dream, it has its dangers. Spend too much time exploring the Emerald Dream without an experienced guide and you might return to find months or even years have passed in the material plane in your absence, for within the Dream time and space are irrelevant.

There also exist certain rituals and elixirs that offer a way to enter the Dream in a dream state in lieu of a physical body. This is more rare, and far more dangerous for the inexperienced. Druids who have the Touch of Nature are more likely to access the Dream this way, but it can have averse effects, the worst of which is having the spirit remain trapped in the Dream while the physical body deteriorates on the material plane [Quest: The Sleeping Druid]. Many druids, including Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, have lost their way in spirit form and were unable to find a means to return to their bodies.

For the purpose of roleplay in the Silver CIrcle, our guild will have access (within reason) to navigate the Dreamway under supervision and with the sole and absolute permission of the Dreamweavers of Val'sharah.

There are many instances where access to the Dream by way of Dreamway has been opened to non-druids, including beings such as Deathknights and Demon Hunters. Typically, these instances are quick and to the point, and never done without the presence of a guardian of the Emerald Dream, be they druid, Keeper, Dragon, Wild God or otherwise. So long as the reason for accessing the Dream is quick and purposeful, and ultimately benefits the beings of Azeroth, the denizens who protect it seem to grant access very liberally.

However, those who act with malicious intent are dealt with in quick succession. The guardians concern themselves with protecting the balance of nature and life on Azeroth, and those found threatening that balance or destabilizing it often end up chained in the barrow dens or worse.

Fortunately, the Dream cannot be effected permanently by any dreamers. Anything changes that do occur tend to be minor or temporary. No living creature except the titans has ever been able to permanently change the Dream. Ysera herself could not control or shape the Dream, which has its own ecology and a variety of inhabitants, both sentient and non-sentient [World of Warcraft Encyclopedia].
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