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It all began with the faintest spark. As the kaldorei awoke to their heritage, growing wise and graceful and immortal on the shores of the Eternal Well, a heartbreaking vision of the silver Moon Goddess was revealed to a handful of mystics. Enlightened by the vision, the mystics later became dedicated Oracles and began worshipping the moon goddess, Elune, who they believed was bound to the Well of Eternity itself. They claimed that Elune slumbered within the fount's depth during daylight hours, and woke to sail across the night sky, spreading life, wisdom, and love.

It was with these Oracles of old that Elune chose to commune with, sharing her teachings, her knowledge and wisdom, and the power of magic. The first vestiges of magic gifted to the kaldorei came in the form of purifying fire, a silver-blue flame that originated from a spark on the shores of the Eternal Well when Elune was said to descend into the lake to slumber during the day.

Through this spark, later called the Flame of Elune, the First Oracles of the Cult of Elune were able to harness the divine energies of the moon.

In time, the early kaldorei built a graceful society. The capital of their small nation was called Elun'dris, or "the Eye of Elune", and it was founded on the shores of the Eternal Well. The Oracles erected the first temple on the outskirts of this city and used it as a sanctuary to house the flame. In time, as the faith in Elune grew, so too did the mysterious Flame of Elune.

For many centuries afterward the kaldorei lived in relative peace, growing intelligent and virtually immortal. The Oracles of the first Cult of Elune became simply known as the Sisters, or Sisters of Elune. As kaldorei civilization grew, the Sisters founded many new temples and chapterhouses on the length and breadth of Ancient Kalimdor. None became greater than that of Suramar.

The city of Suramar became the center of kaldorei worship and home to the Sisters of Elune. This order, composed of the original Oracles and other females who donned priestess robes, dedicated itself to venerating Elune and spreading her teachings. The Sisters of Elune had a hand in all aspects of early kaldorei civilization, from spiritual leaders to helping defend their burgeoning territories from outside threats.

Yet each year, new members of the Sisterhood would pilgrimage to the first temple and meet with the ancient Oracles. Together, they would be consecrated before the Flame of Elune and gain the privilege to channel Her magic. In these early days of the Sisterhood, the Flame of Elune was a beacon of the faith, a light of hope, and a reminder that no matter what the future might hold, Elune would never abandon her children.

For many centuries, the kaldorei people prospered under the polytheistic Elunarian faith of Elune and the Wild Gods. But in time, many of the kaldorei yearned for a different life. These individuals became obsessed with unlocking the Eternal Well's secrets. They rigorously studied the fount's energies, becoming learned sorcerers. They harnessed the powers of the arcane lake and began constructing wondrous cities and roadways around it. Magic became an inseparable part of life as the kaldorei reveled in the power at their fingertips. Pushing the boundaries of their intellect became a driving force for their culture, sometimes at the expense of the ancient faith.

It was during this era of unprecedented growth that the most prolific leader came to power. Her name was Queen Azshara. Through her unbridled ambition, she would elevate her people to extraordinary new heights, and inadvertently sow the seeds of their destruction...

Queen Azshara indulged in sorcerous pursuits and constructed a breathtaking, bejeweled palace on the shores of the Eternal Well. There, the most powerful nobles - who she dubbed the quel'dorei or highborne - answered to her every beck and call. The highborne were incredibly gifted and ambitious sorcerers, and they occupied the upper echelon of kaldorei society under Azshara's reign. They believed themselves to be superior to the rest of their race, a fact that drew the ire of the "lower born" kaldorei.

As the sorcerers of this new age grew in power, the practice of the arcane drove the faith out. Under Azshara, kaldorei civilization blossomed into a sprawling empire, a dreamscape of gilded spires, vast cities, and other marvels that would not be seen again even in the modern age. The kaldorei were so enamored with the arcane and their beloved Queen that they even renamed their wondrous capital Elun'dris to Zin-Azshari, or "the Glory of Azshara" in her honor.

The arcane permeated all aspects of civilization that it almost seemed a new form of religion, a religion of passion and power, so that the kaldorei could reign supreme. The Oracles could not oppose their Queen's rule, but they diligently kept the faith. But there was one Oracle who opposed Queen Azshara's avarice. Her name was Imyira Whisperblade, Keeper of the Flame. Whisperblade was an Oracle of the Flame of Elune, and a devout follower of the Elunarian faith. She believed that her people had fallen far from Elune's grace, and lost many of their values in exchange for arcane might. Whisperblade saw the Queen's desire for supremacy as a true threat to the kaldorei. She claimed to have been granted a vision from Elune, a vision that revealed Queen Azshara would lead the kaldorei down a dark and terrible path, a path only of ruin.

Whisperblade's opposition to the Queen's rule was met with disdain, but as she grew in power and influence within the Sisters of Elune and in the outer cities, the Queen could stand by no longer. And so a trap was set by the highborne. The first Temple of Elune on the outskirts of Zin-Azshari was ransacked, and the Flame of Elune nearly extinguished. But unbeknownst to the highborne, a single blue ember remained. The ember was carefully preserved by Whisperblade's followers and later renewed and ferried into secrecy with the help of the Oracles. Not long after, highborne insurgents found Whisperblade and she was brought to the heart of Galhara to stand trial. Convicted of treason for speaking her heart and mind, Whisperblade was sentenced to public execution by arcane fire. Before the common people and many of her followers in the heart of Zin-Azshari, Whisperblade was burned alive by highborne hands.

In the wake of Whisperblade's tragic demise, her followers secreted what remained of the Flame of Elune into hiding and founded a new order to protect it. For centuries the order went unnamed, until the time of the War of the Ancients when its new leader, Celissera Glaivewhisper, used the "Silver Flame" as a boon for the kaldorei people to drive back the Burning Legion.

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The Silver Flame worshiped as the essence of Elune has an unbroken tradition going back more than 12,000 years. It is now the faith of a relatively small community that encompasses the Silver Circle, which continues to tend the sacred flame, and a few others in the Sisterhood of Elune. The Silver Flame, formerly known as the Flame of Elune is said to have been burning continuously since the dawn of kaldorei civilization.

Those who tend the Silver Flame among the Silver Circle are called Silversworn. They are followers of the Elunarian faith, protectors of the kaldorei people, and members of the Alliance. Silversworn are called before the Circle and asked to make a blood offering to Silver Flame to swear their oath to Elune, a promise to uphold the faith and Elune's vision of peace and to honor the Circle. Those who mark themselves and commit the Blood Flame Ritual before the Silver Flame earn access to its purifying powers.

Silversworn can use the Silver Flame to cleanse corruption and consecrate equipment, and use its divine might to strike down foes in Elune's name.
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