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A campaign by Acridius of WRA.

With a caravan and its retinue missing, the Silver Circle was called to action. In the early evening the agents of the Silver Circle began their investigation in Bashal’Aran, but as night fell things began to change around them. As the moon ascended into the sky, the ghosts of ten thousand years stirred. At first their numbers were minimal, but then more and more wailing spirits rose up from the dilapidated remains of the bygone city. Before long, there were hundreds. The investigative volunteers were lucky to escape unscathed…

Did the wrath of Azshara's curse return to haunt the Circle, or has a new foe sought to take root in the buried city?

Keeper Nightfury led another mission into the ruins by daylight, hoping to locate the bodies of the missing search party. The previous scouts determined that the ruins would be safe so long as sunlight lingered in the sky, but they also detected trace amounts of fel magic during their last visit. This led the investigative team to believe foul tampering at the ruins had addled and enraged the dormant spirits.

Soon, their suspicions proved true, or so it seemed. Upon their return, the agents reported encountering a demon hunter by the name of Acridius. A little-known hunter who had somehow evaded capture all those years ago and has been operating in northern kalimdor since the Third War. The encounter with the demon hunter was tense, but the demon hunter shared information readily with the Circle.



A ritual of cleansing would purify the spirits and see Bashal’Aran quieted once more, but there was an alternative method to consider. The way of Elune’s devoted lay clear, but a heretic’s valley promised a safer passage.

Trusting in the Goddess, the agents of the Silver Circle chose the difficult path and with the help of Priestess Saracia Rivermoon the Circle’s ancient methods succeeded.
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