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A campaign by Shaureyne Razorleaf.

Brother Denalan, a Teldrassil botanist, concerned by the continued spreading of a new enigmatic flora throughout the Oracle Glade, assembled a group of Silver Circle volunteers to investigate. Aware of the danger the new strain could present, the agents of the Circle moved in large groups, and scouted the region to find the source of the flora.



As the wildgrowth grew rapidly night by night to the south of the Oracle Glade, the Silver Circle could stand idly by no longer. They did what they must to cull the threat, and ultimately unveiled the true nature of the mysterious dark lilies.

A Startling Discovery
The young world tree of Teldrassil was home to a vast array of wild plants and flora, many of which the likes of Azeroth had not yet seen before the tree's birth. Even up to its burning, new species continued to be discovered and subsequently researched by Teldrassil's most talented druids and herbalists.

Recently, a new strain of water lily had been found growing along the waters of Wellspring Lake. Aptly dubbed as "the Wildgrowth", this rusty, dark red flora had been negatively influencing the timberlings in the area, causing them to rapidly gain strength upon consumption and enter unprecedented rampages; the Oracle Glade had already fallen prey to three separate attacks. Locals worried that the situation would worsen, and the botanists of Darnassus speculated the lily could begin to affect other wildlife if not kept in check.

Denalan, a long time resident of Dolanaar, had been unearthing the bounties of nature within Teldrassil's boughs for over a decade in an attempt to cure the world tree of its impurities and corruption. Designated responsible for the pruning of this new and dangerous flora, he had called upon members of the Silver Circle to assist in this time of need.

Upon their arrival to Wellspring Hovel, the Silver Circle was greeted by Denalan - or, rather, they greeted him. The unnerved botanist, wishing to stay engrossed in his work, directed the group to rows of enchanted gardening tools in his shed that they were to prune the water lilies with.

After each elf retrieved their shovel, hoe, or trowel, they collectively made their march down to Wellspring Lake to wage war on the Wildgrowth. The battle was fierce, and the flora was utterly relentless in its quest to consume Teldrassil.

Once the deed was done, the Circle returned to Denalan with a bag full of dead lilies and collective exhaustion from a hard evening's work. The botanist welcomed them with excitement as he relayed his latest discovery: the Wildgrowth had been deliberately planted! After assuring the group that he would report his findings to the local sentinels, he thanked them for their service, willing them to return if the situation grew any worse.

This Growth is WIld!
After assisting Denalan with the pruning of the mysterious and dangerous Wildgrowth flora, the Silver Circle was called back to Wellspring Hovel to perform a much more thorough investigation. A small squadron of sentinels welcomed their return with haste.

Lieutenant Bladeweave explained that the Wildgrowth had gotten even worse since the day before, and that the sentinels have attempted to investigate thoroughly with little luck before getting overrun by aggressive wildlife. The Circle was ultimately tasked with investigating just how deep this corruption spread to the edges of Teldrassil while the sentinels battled back enraged timberlings in the area.

The group travelled along Wellspring River, the foul magics of the Wildgrowth being too much for some elves to properly bear. Fortunately, they were ultimately able to avoid attacks from enraged creatures as they searched.

Eventually, their journey led deep into harpy territory, where they discovered a most foul flora: the Mother Lily. It towered high above the elves and emitted rusty red pollen that clouded the area and clogged their eyesight. Before they could react, a swarm of harpies descended upon them, fighting until their last breath for their precious Wildgrowth, which they used to call out for their seemingly absent leader - "Savyxia"...

In the end, the Silver Circle managed to sever the Mother Lily from its roots. Considering their job finished, they retrieved small samples from it for further studies before reporting back to Wellspring Hovel and telling their dark tale.

A Screechy Situation
When the Silver Circle met up with Lieutenant Bladeweave to check on the Wildgrowth, they were met with a far worse result than expected. Despite their culling of the Mother Lily, the growth had somehow worsened, and was at risk of overtaking the Oracle Glade! To make matters worse, Denalan's research had confirmed the lily seeds were infused with dark magics from the Bough of Corruption, a lesser remnant of Lord Xavius' nightmarish powers.

Bladeweave continued by charging the Circle with the slaughter of "Savyxia", an elusive and curiously intelligent harpy witch that had been leading local nests for months. Surely, she was the one who wielded the Bough. In her pursuit, they were also instructed to cleanse the Wildgrowth with masterful Light and Nature magic casting, but to avoid the arcane at all times.

When the group set off, they became quickly enveloped by the dark flora, and as they approached the harpy territories, they were horrified to discover that the Mother Lily... was still alive! It stood taller than ever, as if it had never been touched, and was now surrounded by harpy guardians. Their task appeared grim, but it had to be done - and so, they set out to slaughter.

The guardians were vanquished before long, but in their place, Savyxia descended from the skies. Her feathers were white and orange, and she boasted rusty red claws that swiped viciously at her attackers. However, as quickly as she arrived, she fell prey to the Circle's prowess.

As the harpy witch gasped her final breaths, she whispered... “Noooooo… the power… Sayvx… ia…”

Before the group could question her last words, a deep laugh permeated the surrounding forest... and a female satyr emerged from the shadows! At the peak of her greatstaff was the Bough of Corruption, which she used to channel a powerful spell that dazed the elves. Though it made the fight strenuous, the Circle eventually won out, even through the Mother Lily's damaging explosion and the demon's channelled magics.

After a tiresome battle and seemingly endless boasting, the true Savyxia's death proved unceremonious as she dropped to the ground with nary a final breath. Ultimately, the Silver Circle chose to destroy the orb containing the Bough of Corruption with a blast of powerful Light and Nature magics.

As the Wildgrowth dissipated around them, and the powers of the Bark of Corruption faded, the elves knew they were victorious in their task.

After reporting back to the Oracle Glade, the powerless Bough was sent back to Darnassus for quarantine within its sacred vaults, and the party received their due reward from the local sentinels for a hard week's work. Teldrassil was safe... for now.
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