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A campaign by Elliistra Thera'dorei.

The Silver Circle is called upon by an artifact hunter to investigate the desecration of the ancient Altar to Elune located in Winterspring, and the disappearance of a mysterious object that once resided there. They met with the artifact hunter in Starfall Village and traveled to the ancient Altar to begin their investigation, only to be ambushed by a gnome death knight and a bizarre life-size puppet. Agents of the Silver Circle tracked the source of the magic to a remote location in the north where they met their foe, a Sorceress of the North, and found her attempting to corrupt the artifact. If the agents were to ensure the recovery of the artifact, they would need to face the sorceress head on.

But could they overcome her magic? And would the artifact truly be saved?



The sorceress and signs of her magic vanished in the aftermath, the Circle's gambit succeeded - although doubts remained in the minds of many of those present - would the artifact ever truly be the same? And if it can be purified, would the Sisterhood seek to use it? Such things are never without a price...

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