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Welcome to Darkshore
For seven years, the people of the Darkshore have not known rest or peace. For them, every day is a struggle. The dark waters of Teldrassil Bay and the outer seas, as well as the misty forests at the heart of the coastal region are some of the most hazardous in all Northern Kalimdor. The residents of the last village, Lor’danel, are outgoing for kaldorei and free with advice, whether offering tips on fishing, sailing or advising on travel through Darkshore. Their jovial demeanor is but a thin veneer covering a grim determination to reclaim their lost culture and port-city, Auberdine.

Members of the now officially recognized Silver Circle gathered in the small village of Lor’danel on the Darkshore, heeding Keeper Nightfury’s call. There, the Keeper shared the history of the Darkshore and why she fought to reform the Silver Circle. In the rocky cliffs and sandy soil of Darkshore the Silver Circle set its roots, with Keeper Nightfury declaring there no better region to begin fulfilling Elune’s will.

Recovering History
After settling in Lor’danel, the members of the Silver Circle journeyed astride nightsabers to the ruins of Ameth’Aran, where they were tasked with recovering two megalithic tablets. With the help of an Ancient of War called Selenn, the Silver Circle managed to repel a swarm of enraged elemental spirits and return the tablets to Lor’danel.

Tablets of Ameth’Aran
With the tablets returned, the people of Darkshore could reclaim part of their culture. The monumental Tablets of Ameth’Aran are now on display in the village of Lor’danel, the ancient Darnassian runes detailing historical events from the War of the Ancients available for all to decipher and read.

Purpose in the Present
Near the moonwell in the center of Lor’danel, Keeper Nightfury waited for members of the Silver Circle, holding an enchanted lantern and elunite ritual dagger. After reiterating her reasons for creating the Silver Circle, she asked the members to share the purpose foresaw in their new order. Pairing off, the Aspirants of the Circle climbed the well and declared personal oaths, then pricked their fingers and allowed their blood to drip over the lantern’s flame.

A New Flame
After the Blood Flame ritual, Keeper Nightfury led a procession on saber back to the ruins of Bashal’Aran, where the final flame of Bashal’Aran endured. Gathering around the dilapidated moongate that sheltered the final flame, the Aspirants of the Silver Circle swore the Silver Oath, becoming the first Silversworn of the reborn order. United, they watched as their Keeper snuffed out the ancient fire to replace it with their Silver Flame, a representation of rebirth for both the people of Darkshore and the Silver Circle.

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