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A Fledgling Order
Years ago, the Silver Circle came close to official establishment, but their efforts were thwarted by the very allies who led them to believe they stood a chance. The Council of the Moon, a powerful governing body within the Sisterhood, second only to the High Priestess, has perceived the Silver Circle as a threat to their authority and has prejudicially denied the formation of the Circle at every opportunity.

Building this order has been a decade long endeavor for Priestess Feyawen Nightfury, but she never could reconcile with the Council of the Moon to sanction the order. To press their hand, Priestess Nightfury and her allies drafted numerous leaflets and began recruitment for the unofficial order.

A Visit to Stormwind
In an effort to spread news about the new order, Priestess Nightfury and early supporters visited the City of Lions in the Eastern Kingdoms. There, Priestess Nightfury arranged to meet with Editor-in-Chief Risri Elthron of The Royal Courier newspaper. Elthron interviewed the priestess and drafted a detailed article about the purpose and goals of the Silver Circle. Later, Elthron's article helped rally more supporters to the Silver Circle's cause.

First Council Glade
Three weeks after dispersing the first leaflets, Priestess Nightfury assembled the pledges of the Circle for their first Council Glade. Council Glade is also referred to as the moot of the elves, a time when members of the Silver Circle congress to discuss important matters. On this night, Priestess Nightfury addressed her concerns regarding the Council of the Moon, and their reluctance to sanction the order. The Aspirants of the Silver Circle elect to aid as many as they can before the Council's deliberation, with the hopes that their efforts will persuade the Council to their cause.

Lysheana's Bargain
A few days after receiving the verdict from the Council of the Moon, members of the newly formed Silver Circle learn that for their new order to be listed as a legitimate order, they need an Adventuring Charter. So, they go meet with the local Guild Master Lysheana, who has been the Guild Master in Darnassus for more than a decade, but she is rude and underpaid.

Upon learning that the Silver Circle will accept war veterans, practitioners of magic both divine and arcane, and rangers, as well as ordinary folk, Lysheana explained that she cannot issue a charter until the Circle has received signatures from officials in the Sisterhood, Sentinels, Cenarion Circle, and The Huntresses. The Aspirants of the Silver Circle agree to acquire all four signatures in less than one week. Unbeknownst to them, a small set of tasks await them at each location.

Temple Teachings
The Silver Circle visited the Temple of the Moon to petition a senior priestess of Elune for her signature of approval. The Priestess explained she would gladly oblige, so long as the Aspirants proved their devotion to the Goddess and the ancestors. She tasked them with delivering blessed rice cakes to the Shrine of the Ancestors in the Warrior's Terrace of the city. Later, after the task was complete, she offered her signature.

Huntresses' Honesty & Sentinel Standards
For the signature of the Huntresses, the Silver Circle joined Huntress Skymane on her early evening patrol of Darnassus City. The Aspirants were asked a series of history-oriented riddles to earn her signature.

After their patrol, the Aspirants of the Silver Circle sought a Sentinel Commander in the Warrior's Terrace. There, they were challenged to a sparring match by the resident Ancient of War, with their victory earning them another signature on the adventuring charter.

Cenarion Certitude
The fourth and final signature came from druid Talran of the Wild, a druid of the wild residing in the Howling Oak in Darnassus. The die-hard Malfurion loyalist promised his signature in exchange for the Silver Circle's assistance tracking the city frostsaber and deer populations.

A Circle Reborn
Once all four signatures were acquired, the party returned to Guild Master Lysheana. She gave the certificate a stamp of approval and wrote up the formal Adventuring Charter, which is basically a simple document that states the members of the order will not kill themselves with their weapons.
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