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Warriors of Ordil'Aran

An Unusual Disturbance
The adventure began in the Grove of the Ancients where Foriel Broadleaf, a long time ally of the Silver Circle, awaited the Circle's aid for a secretive matter; so secret, in fact, that he did not wish to disclose it through letters, which could be easily intercepted.

When all had arrived, he greeted them, and went on to explain his reasons for contact. In the Twilight Vale, to the south, laid the ruins of an ancient and long-forgotten Elunian temple. Often a hot spot for pillagers and consequently sentinel patrols, there had been rumors of late regarding strange and off-putting energies which emanated from the ruins itself. Foriel feared this could be the result of a growing Azerite node, which would not bode well for the denizens of Darkshore. Azerite so far north could attract the attention of not only the Alliance, but the Horde as well, jeopardizing all they had done to rebuild in the region and ushering it into a new age of warfare. With these concerns, he requested that the Circle thoroughly inspect the temple ruins, so they might put his mind at ease - or prepare for the worst.

Ancient Memories
After riding on sabers to their destination along the border of Ashenvale, the Silversworn set to work inspecting the site for anything unusual. While some remained at the perimeter to guard against potential Horde scouts, the rest felt themselves strangely drawn to the center plaza, guided by the energies Foriel described.

After a bit of digging, two peculiar objects were discovered, deemed to be the source of the unsettling energies in the area as their abjuration magics faded and festered. There was one half of a twinblade, beginning to rust, but with a design that dated far back to the War of the Ancients. Its armguard was hollow, a secret compartment with a secret item within that had no apparent key. The other item, a journal, was all but ruined, its pages soggy and the Ancient Darnassian within nigh-illegible. Some members of the Circle were able to provide translations...

“Love of my life… eternal… moonberry gardens… tree… heart... “

“Our forests are home… Aran… moonstone… final battle… amulet...”

From these words, two things were derived: these items once belonged to lovers, and the clues to solving their mystery lied within the ruins of Ordil'Aran, in western Ashenvale.

Warding Fears
After riding further to the ruins of this lost city, the Circle found themselves surrounded by the furbolg tribe that called it their home. After some skillful negotiation with their young chieftain and elder shaman, they both presented the group with a simple puzzle. Many enchanted torches of different colors were scattered about Ordil'Aran, and if they could find the correct ones to light the three moonstone wards ablaze, their many questions would be answered in kind.

As the silver, red, and green moonstones were renewed by the torches' magic, a single stream of arcane erupted from them, connecting across the length of the city until it reached a peculiar tree towards its outskirts, where a dried bouquet rested upon the base of its trunk. Upon further inspection, the tree itself was imbued with a carving - an ancient rune, which symbolized the eternal connection between two elven lovers. As the arcane stream became imbued within it, the bark unraveled to reveal...

... A hidden hole! The other half of the twinblade laid within, equal in design and age, along with a carefully folded note, suspiciously unmarred by the passage of time. When translated, it read as the following...

To my min'das,

Not a night goes by where I do not miss you both by my sides. The furbolg continue to honor my wishes to visit you both. It has been so long since you fell in the battle for our city, yet I long for your presence ever the more. I have brought your favorite 'flowers' - the petals from a moonberry bush. I rest well knowing that, at least, your spirits are at peace. I will visit again someday soon.

With love,

When the two halves of the twinblades were finally combined into a single entity, the armguard compartment unlocked. The Circle watched as they beheld a silvery chain, and... one half of a broken amulet, crescent-shaped with an engraving too dull to make out. Though it thrummed with untold powers, it was clear that it could not be fully utilized in its current form.

Two long-lost lovers, their blades, and a broken amulet. Far and away from what Foriel Broadleaf had predicted.

Though the Circle ultimately completed the task at hand, the true meaning of what they had found would remain unclear, for now. As they rode back to the Grove of the Ancients, they settled to deliver the newly discovered war artifacts to their Darnassus Archives in the hope that, perhaps, they may one day locate the 'Farahla' the note spoke of...
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