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Warning: the contents below will contain spoilers about Battle for Azeroth.

Ishnu'alah shan'are,

As World of Warcraft Legion concludes, we will begin preparations for the guild story in Battle for Azeroth. As always, the guild story is something that is progressed by the entire guild not by leadership alone. Please read over this thread and consider the direction the guild will be going in. Take the time to reflect on your character, and consider how your character could influence the direction of the story so far - or if you have any suggestions to make!

shaha lor'ma!

Over the last few months, we've asked questions here and there to gauge what sort of content everyone will be interested in participating in. Our current draft for the themes the guild will be entering into at the beginning of Battle for Azeroth are as follows:

Pre-Patch Events: A New War
For the past year, the Silver Circle has held strong to their oath to defend Kalimdor, their people, and serve the Goddess's will - ever striving for peace on Azeroth. But as war erupts around Azeroth, the good work of the Circle is jeopardized and their vows for peace called into question by close allies.

Horde soldiers have drifted north of the Barrens, and they now walk on Ashenvale. Most of Malfurion's troops have already set sail for Silithus, but more Darnassus sentinels are sent to reinforce the village of Astranaar. When they arrive, it is already too late. The inhabitants are dead, poisoned, the bodies of civilians gathered in the center of the village, and the buildings devoured by flames. Captain Delaryn Summermoon calls on the Silver Circle to help honor the bodies of the dead before organizing a counter-strike on remaining Horde skirmishers.

In Darnassus, Shandris Feathermoon and the Sentinel Army are ready. General Feathermoon acts immediately by sending Sentinels to Lor'danel and the Grove of the Ancients. Scouts lead by Fylorean Fartree continue to track and report Horde movements all the way to the Zoram'gar Outpost and into southern Darkshore, where the Silver Circle rally with Darnassus Sentinels to make a final stand.

Pre-Patch Events: The Burning of Teldrassil
As the war in Ashenvale and Darkshore rages, Sylvanas Windrunner's plans lead the Horde to burn the world tree Teldrassil. The dramatic burning of Teldrassil, the home of the night elves, shake up events. In the past, the Silver Circle would rise to oppose the devastation but even the High Priestess and General Shandris Feathermoon call to retreat and set sail for allies in Stormwind City.

To leave Darkshore would be to leave the Silver Flame at Bashal'Aran defenseless, but to stay would spell certain doom. To preserve the ancient ways as they vowed, the Silver Circle must endure a temporary exile from their homeland. Following the leaders of their people, they set sail on the Moonspray for new lands.

Pre-Patch Events: Life as Refugees
When the Silver Circle arrive, Stormwind Harbor is filled with Darnassian and Gilnean refugees. All ships to northern Kalimdor have ceased, but few Shen'dralar highborne remain to offer portals to and from Darkshore. A small fleet of Sentinel ships also re-routed and have arrived in Stormwind to aid in the growing war efforts in the east.

The Silversworn do their part to aid in the humanitarian and war efforts as well, maintaining their vigil and their vow to protect and serve. As time passes, and military troops march north the Silver Circle follow behind. They stop in various places to learn of their allies and their troubles and to spread the teachings of Elune in their wake. Though they march on the enemies of the Alliance, they have not forgotten their vow to Elune's will for peace. They learn to carry themselves in a way befitting scions of the nightwarrior aspect of Elune, understanding that violence is sometimes necessary to achieve peace.

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