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A simple letter to start the plan, camping. After everything the Circle had endured. The pain, the struggles, the nights left wondering when they could take a breathe after countless conflicts it came. Just as a letter.

"Friends and sworn of the Circle, tonight starts a break we all have very much deserved. Those with a love for the outdoors, and relaxation among kin bring camping supplies. What you believe you will need. We start our trek in Stonetalon at the Farwatchers Glen."

Sent by Isaria Moonfeather out of the blue many heard the call and arrived. Seeing others of the Circle and it's friends within the Glen they began to catch up. Waiting for the one whom called them out to Stonetalon. They did not have to wait long with Isaria leaving one of the houses shouting and waving them over to her. With the last few late arrivals Isaria gave the go ahead and started leading them along the path to the campsite.

Into the mountains they went, following a fairly narrow path with several falls if one was not careful Isaria guided the circle forward. Though some seemed to have far more fun leaping while under the effects of a spell that made them float about. But at the end of this path came a wide expanding forest tucked away within the mountains. Some even finding it to be a bit of a surprise it was there. But their walk only lasted for a short while longer. Coming to stand in a clearing with a firepit assembled the group set out to get the camp up and running.

Thinius with his big tent for five, Ellistra's hole in the ground and various other means to make a place to sleep. Though Hydreath had a bit of a problem with getting her tent up, shame about that. But even for just arriving a few already learning to be a bit more accepting through rather amusing trials faced by Verlille and her newly acquired chipmunk companion.

Food was gathered soon after, Seldarine, Aneldraen, and Feyawen gathering up Y'fayelle's salad along with some berries and a rather nice mark by Seldarine. The stag cleaned and skinned by Seldarine, Isaria and Shaureyne. It was at this point something struck Shaureyne. She knew what she had to do. Taking over and with a mastery over knives that seemed almost otherworldly the stag was sliced into cuts so fine a very grumpy chef in a far away land was finally relieved to see some good food in front of him.

The foods cooks, Nala and Hydreath tended to the meat while the way to the fishing spot Isaria had found was paved. Vine like ladders in three places to help getting down and up from the coast.

Dinner was had! The food was good! Tea was served as well as the group settled in around the fire. With it being as good a time as any Aeowyn made the announcement about her and Isaria's joining official. The ceremony happening at a later time...likely july, which left the usually loud Warden of the Hunt fairly quiet, but happy.

To close out the night, a game was had. A story built by the Circle itself. This was their story.

The story concluded, and many soon after found themselves wanting to get some sleep in the waning hours of the night.
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