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Vestia Moonspear, a former priestess of Elune turned arcane scholar, sends a request to the Silver Circle, seeking their aid.
Dear Agents of the Silver Circle,

My contacts in the Sisterhood of Elune inform me that your order is well-equipped to handle personal investigations. An associate of mine is looking for assistance concerning the location of an ally of ours, who was recently declared missing in action. If you have the time and resources to spare, please visit with me. I reside at the Tower of Estulan in Feralas.

Vestia Moonspear

Following the pyric Battle for Mount Hyjal and the defeat of Archimonde, General Shandris Feathermoon led an expedition to southern Kalimdor and discovered lands long thought lost. General Feathermoon’s most prominent discovery was the lush jungle of Feralas. The jungles of Feralas were once a staging point for the forces of Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm during the War of the Shifting Sands, a major conflict that took place between an allied campaign of kaldorei and dragons and the immense armies of the qiraji and silithid, roughly 1,000 years ago; and later during the Ahn’Qiraj War over a decade ago.

After the Second War of the Shifting Sands the Scarab Wall was resealed to contain the qiraji within the city of Ahn’Qiraj until a more hopeful stratagem could be devised. Ever since, General Feathermoon and the greater Sentinel Army have remained in Feralas ever alert to the return of the qiraj and silithid.

Fylorean Fartree, an Outrunner and Scout for the Sentinel Army, has recently discovered that some of the silithid are finding ways past the wall. Unfortunately, he has gone missing…

A Growing Conflict
This time of year, units of the Sentinel Army conduct a routine trek to Feathermoon Stronghold to rally with their sisters for war games and initiate new recruits. This year, the sentinels are doing a lot more than mere practice. The Horde and Alliance conflict festers in the south along the Forgotten Coast, where a new mineral called Azerite is bleeding up through the earth. The Sentinel Army, led by Shandris Feathermoon, have answered the call to arms and have sent a myriad of units southward to join the conflict.

Active War Base: Feathermoon Stronghold
Because of the growing conflict, Feathermoon Stronghold has become an active war base. The wounded members of the Alliance are gathered in the stronghold for treatment and care. Civilians have been called to do their part to aid in the war efforts, hunting and gathering rations and helping to treat and house the wounded. Many craftsmen have turned from their personal works to help repair artillery, weapons and armor. Merchants have donated a great deal of time to acquiring supplies for the stronghold, but are running drastically low.

Jungle Warfare
Both the Horde and Alliance lay claim to the area and have to contend with powerful local forces. These include the bloodthirsty Gordunni ogres who control a number of scattered ancient elven ruins, including the vast ruined city now known as Dire Maul. The ogres have desecrated and defiled much of Feralas, damaging the land with their taint.

The Moonclaw Sentinels at the Tower of Estulan in particular are concerned with the unchecked expansion of the Gordunni and has put out a call for adventurers to aid the war effort against them. Feralas is also home to a number of Woodpaw gnolls and Grimtotem tauren, members of which are hunted by order of Shandris Feathermoon. The far western islands are crawling with Naga, which Sentinel Commander Elene Thera'dorei, the mother of Elder Elliistra Thera'dorei, intends to reclaim for the war effort.

In the center of the jungle, Estulan's highborne forces are currently laying siege to the West Wing of Dire Maul, in an attempt to drive out the ogres and gain a foothold in their old home. In the north, the druids of Dreamer's Rest do battle with the volatile Northspring harpies. The Northspring harpies are among the most dangerous of the matriarchies, and can quickly slaughter the unwary traveler lost in the wilds.


Vestia Moonspear

With the return of the Highborne, the scholar in Vestia spurred her to learn from them; she saw the opportunity to be more valuable than practicing strict ignorance of the arcane. She joined the Highborne at the Tower of Estulan, teaching several of Estulan's apprentices the inherent danger of using arcane magic frivolously. Some of Vestia's friends did not understand why she would join the Highborne, and ended their friendships with her. Vestia does not express any anger or bitterness over this, but rather wishes that they understood her reasons for doing so.

Irela Moonfeather

Irela Moonfeather is the hippogryph flight master at Feathermoon Stronghold. She has long served the Sentinel Army, helping train sentinel archers how to ride the might yhippogryph into battle. In addition to maintaining the hippogryph stables, she trains owls to serve the sentinel army both as scouts and messengers. Of late, she has been working with Alliance forces in the region, helping the Sentinel Army deploy their hippogryph riders to the Seething Shore and along the Forgotten Shore.

Karonas, the Ancient of War

Ancient of War Karonas has long supervised the new recruits of the Sentinel Army. He is a well-known teacher, who has educated hundreds of young kaldorei in the art of war. Karonas is a paternal figure, and he cares deeply for the lives of all his students. Fylorean Fartree is a young recruit, who has not yet earned his rite of passage marks, and Karonas fears for the young Outrunner’s life.
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Members of the Silver Circle journey south by portal, to the jungles of Feralas to answer a call for help from allies at the Tower of Estulan.

Led by Mythanil Briarblade and Thinius Shadowfern, agents of the Silver Circle trek through the wilds after arriving.

The grounds were bustling with apprentices, moonclaw sentinels, and some adventurers when the agents of the Silver Circle arrived. The tower and its camp serves as an academy, training the next generation of Highborne mages. Members were welcomed by the inhabitants of the tower while they waited for their audience with former priestess Vestia Moonspear.

The Circle was greeted by Vestia Moonspear, who approached them in the courtyard. She explained that the Ancient of War known as Karonas is looking for assistance concerning the location of a missing Outrunner and the parcels he carries. It has been two weeks or so since the Outrunner went missing; their own searches have proved fruitless, and with other troubles building throughout the region they have no one else to turn to. Unfortunately, the Sentinel Army has had to declare Outrunner Fartree missing in action.

After being addressed by the Lady Moonspear, the Circle was approached by the unbound spirit of an ancient druid. The spirits offered some useful advice and clues that could benefit the Circle throughout their investigation.

With no additional information to be found at the Tower of Estulan, agents of the Silver Circle mounted up and ventured to Feathermoon Stronghold, where the Ancient of War known as Karonas could be found. Upon arrival, Feathermoon was in a state of emergency. Horde and Alliance airships soared over the bay area, heading south for the Forgotten Coast. Sentinels claimed that a new war had begun over a new resource called azerite, a crystallized mineral of raw, primal energy.

As the agents settled in, they were informed that Karonas had journeyed into the forest to continue the search for the missing Outrunner. Sentinels assured them the Ancient of War would return sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, agents were encouraged to aid in affairs around stronghold.
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Side quests are missions by the members for the members to help the state of affairs in Feralas. All side quests are non-scheduled spontaneous RP scenarios hosted by a member of the guild. Some are simple casual events, others can be more complex D20 scenarios or RP-PvE and RP-PvP scenarios. Members can post a brief report about the quest they completed to earn either credit toward a path task, or a Circle Quest Reward

With rations and supplies running low around Feathermoon Stronghold, Elder Elliistra Thera'dorei organized a fishing event to help feed the sick and hungry warriors recently returned from the war efforts in the south.
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Side quests are missions by the members for the members to help the state of affairs in Feralas. All side quests are non-scheduled spontaneous RP scenarios hosted by a member of the guild. Some are simple casual events, others can be more complex D20 scenarios or RP-PvE and RP-PvP scenarios. Members can post a brief report about the quest they completed to earn either credit toward a path task, or a Circle Quest Reward

Concerned with the growing conflict in the south, Brother Isuldien Leafswift assembled a team to assess and join the Alliance war efforts at the Seething Shore. The party of five were given highly trained freyfeather war hippogryphs by Irela Moonfeather and swiftly deployed.

The Alliance airship was located south along the Forgotten Shore, a few clicks away from the Seething Shore target destination.

The Silver Circle agents prepared themselves on the deck of the airship, strapping on parachutes to prepare for the dive into battle.

The conflict began with a brief aerial encounter when the enemy airship approached from the port side and began firing canons.

After some evasive maneuvers, the paratroopers were safely deployed. They engaged with the enemy on the Seething Shore, navigating dangerous mine fields and terrain in their effort to capture the azerite before the enemy forces. Agents of the Silver Circle played a pivotal role in securing the vast majority of azerite resources for the Alliance. For now, the Alliance has regained superiority on the front.

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Ancient of war Karonas returned to Feathermoon a little after dawn after another fruitless search for the young outrunner, Fylorean Fartree. With his return, agents of the Silver Circle seek out the Ancient of War for information about the missing outrunner.

The Silver Circle gathering in the courtyard at Feathermoon Stronghold, prepared to confront the Ancient of War.

The Circle speaks with Ancient of War Karonas, who cares deeply for the lives of all his students. Fylorean Fartree is a young recruit Karonas explains, who has not yet earned his rite of passage marks. Though the outrunner has been a part of the Sentinel Army for years now and knows the jungles of Feralas almost like the back of his hand, Karonas fears for the young Outrunner’s life. The ancient explains that Fartree planned to navigate the ruins of Darkmist to avoid conflict in the area on his way to New Thalanaar. He believes something went awry there.

Following the ancient's hunch, agents of the Silver Circle journey back east and trek toward the Ruins of Darkmist from the Tower of Estulan.

A foul mist plagued the Ruins of Darkmist when the Silver Circle arrived. The oppressive fog obscured detail, making it difficult and dangerous to navigate the mire.

At the entrance of the ruins, the agents of the Circle locate a series of tracks. Some belonging to the Horde, and a separate set that appear to be elven.

The elven tracks led the Silver Circle into the heart of the bog, where they are taunted by flitting blue lights and chilling whispers until they are eventually assailed by spirits of the long-dead highborne that used to inhabit the area.

The combined effort of the Circle and its allies managed to cleanse the malevolent spirits and dissipate the preternatural fog.

Though some of the agents sustained taxing injuries from the assault, the group pressed on to find vital clues. The fog lifted to reveal the remnants of a camp, one that agents of the Circle suspect belonged to their missing outrunner.

At the site, tangible clues were discovered including a pair of water-logged boots, a sock, a ruined Feathermoon tabard, and a broken knife.

In the aftermath, Elder of the Wild Kelanthos Ivyfang located a lesser moonwell in the ruins. The well had gone untouched in centuries and remained pure. The Elder claimed that he sensed benevolent spirits of the ruins clung desperately near the lesser well, as though it safeguarded them from the reach of malign forces that may still be plaguing the area.

The location was deemed safe, and agents of the Silver Circle set up camp so that their injured could recover before the long trek back. Keeper Nightfury suggested the Circle utilize this period of rest to assess the evidence they gathered, and perhaps find out what is ailing the spirits of the ruins...

- Esalae and Athaea together learned that whatever tore the tabard from the outrunner must have been a very large and very angry gnoll alpha.

- Isuldien and Athaea determined the water-logged boots found at the campsite match the elven prints leading to the camp in the heart of the bog.

- Priestess Merethyl and neophytes Seldarine and Mythanil placed protecting wards around the perimeter of the campsite to alert the Circle of danger and to serve as a barrier against malevolent spirits.

- Elder Ivyfang has organized a first-aid and alchemy station in the camp, which is helping to mend those injured in battle.

- Since their arrival at the ruins, Elder of the Moon Elliistra Thera'dorei has been plagued by headaches.

- Warden of War Shaureyne Razorleaf, Elder of the Moon Ellistra Thera'dorei, and Keeper Feyawen Nightfury have come up with a few theories about what may have happened to Outrunner Fartree. They include the following:
  1. The Outrunner may have been chased away or captured by Horde forces.
  2. Outrunner Fartree may have fled something in the Ruins of Darkmist like the ghosts that assailed the Circle, and sought safety in a nearby location such as the abandoned Silithid Hive or the Shadebough camp some miles away.
  3. The Outrunner was attacked by gnolls and perhaps killed in the line of duty.
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After scouring a persistent evil from the Darkmist Ruins and acquiring a new lead, the Silver Circle returned to Feathermoon Stronghold to report their findings. The stronghold was a buzz with renewed activity. The pressing danger of war in the south keeping all residents on their toes. In the midst of the activity, the Ancient of War Karonas has advised agents of the Silver Circle to speak with Quantas Jonespyre, a fruit merchant with a rare ability that might help their investigation.

Sentinel archers training in preparation to join combat on the Seething Shore.

A unit of Moonclaw Sentinels, comprised exclusively of gilnean women, drill in unarmed combat. They train to prepare themselves for war with the Gordunni ogres in the east.

A squadron of sentinels rallied to join the conflict in the south and waiting to begin their march.

Agents of the Silver Circle speaking with Quantas Jonespyre, under the advice of Karonas. Quantas Jonspyre, a simple fruit vendor who possesses the rare ability to reveal an item’s history by touch, aids the Circle in their quest and reveals important information.

Fylorean had been carrying something precious across the Verdantis River when he was assaulted by something. Perhaps more leads will be found with the Woodpaw Gnolls...

The Silver Circle delivering a bowl of fruit back to Faronas, to wake the ancient and inform him of the fruit merchant's findings.

Healers of the Silver Circle mending those injured during a brief skirmish on the Seething Shore later in the evening. An internal operation was led with some success by Isuldien Leafswift, which resulted in the Alliance balancing the scales of war once more - though he had a great deal of help from his team as well.

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The Woodpaw clan have been seen as a danger to both the kaldorei and tauren in Feralas, and sentinel recruits are often sent to combat the menace. In recent years, gnoll numbers have declined. This is in part because the Gordunni ogres have enslaved a large part of the clan, for manual labor or to serve as entertainment as gladiators in Dire Maul. Still, remnants of the clan remain, retaining camps in the Lower Wilds near New Thalanaar. For the last few years the Woodpaw clan have operated as scavengers. They attack unwitting persons who dwell too close to their camps, keeping the items they scavenge and fighting over them.

Believing that Outrunner Fylorean Fartree may have had a run-in with the Woodpaw, Karonas of Feathermoon called upon the Silver Circle to search the Woodpaw camps of the Lower Wilds for evidence of the Outrunner's belongings or the Outrunner himself.

Keeper Nightfury rallies a team of Silversworn volunteers to assist her in assaulting the Woodpaw camps, to cull the subtle threat and to seek evidence of Outrunner Fartree's presence.

Agents of the Silver Circle trekking through the wilderness on their way to the Lower Wilds, where the Woodpaw camps await them.

The Woodpaw camps dotted the hills and valleys of the Lower Wilds, their torches and campfires blazing in the gathering dark. Brutes and trappers trek through the camps on sparse patrols, making their defenses inadequate to fend off an attack from highly trained kaldorei.

Divided into three separate teams and utilizing the cloak of night, the agents of the Silver Circle bypassed the insubstantial defenses of the Woodpaw camps to strike the gnolls down in their beds. The onslaught was swift and decisive, and carried out with precision.

The Silver Circle recovering at Shadebough, a nearby sentinel camp, before continuing their investigation.

In the aftermath of the attack on the Woodpaw, Edwrick Evershade and Priestess Celassa Embersoul recovered two large leather packs that were tacked up in one of the camps. Isuldien Leafswift discovered a broken moonglaive engraved with the initials "F.F.". Mythanil Briarblade uncovered a crate of Horde supplies that were likely scavenged by the gnolls, which contained mining and inscription equipment as well as a stained missive written in Orcish.

The first is a pack found by Edwrick contained goods that were bound for New Thalanaar, and the second is a note hastily penned by Outrunner Fartree. The note tells of discovering insidious bug-like creatures south of the gnoll camps in a place called the Writhing Deep, an old silithid hive that had been burned out by the Sentinels some years ago. Fylorean felt the need to investigate it personally, as though it was a serious threat to all of Feralas.


It would seem that the Silver Circle located where Fartree ultimately went, to the Writhing Deep. They have plans to pursue him after taking a day of rest at Shadebough.

Blademaster Thinius Shadowfern intends to mend Fartree's broken moonglaive, which was found by Isuldien Leafswift.

Priestess Merethyl Amrallatha is working with Mythanil Briarblade to translate the Orcish missive that was found.

Vylarae Willowsong led a scouting mission around the perimeter of the Writhing Deep.
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After settling at the Shadebough camp in the hills to the north of the Writhing Deep, Vylarae Willowsong led a patrol around the hive, to scout details and cull what appears to be a growing threat.

Willowsong's team receiving healing and treatment following their brief incursion to the Writhing Deep.

The Zukk'ash silithid appear to have returned to the Writhing Deep for reasons unknown, but agents of the Silver Circle speculate it is due to the Wound in Silithus. The surviving insects have likely tunneled through the mountain range separating the jungle and desert landscapes after their natural habitat was destroyed.

Scouting the perimeter of the hive, Willowsong's team quickly discovered that the Zuuk'ash wasp population is dangerously high. Silithid wasps and stingers are the mobile defense force of the hive, patrolling the territory's borders and ruthlessly driving out intruders. They are fearless combatants who willingly sacrifice themselves to bring down a foe.

If the Circle planned to investigate the hive further in a day or so, Willowsong's team would need to eliminate some of the hive's protectors. Unfortunately, the Zuuk'ash wasps were advanced enough to communicate and suddenly three or four wasps became ten.

Willowsong's team only managed to escape with the assistance of the illidari called Quorala Moonpetal, who managed to slay the remaining wasps so that the others could retreat to safety.
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With Fylorean Fartree's last known whereabouts discovered, the Circle continues their search for him or his remains in the Writhing Deep.

Agents and allies of the Silver Circle preparing to march on the Writhing Deep from Shadebough, the Moonclaw Sentinel camp.

They set out after donning their equipment with their guide, Vylarae Willowsong. The heat was humid and stifling. Within a few minutes, the trail started a steep and unrelenting climb. It was like hiking in a sauna.

The Circle arriving at the entrance of the Zukk'ash silithid hive. They battled with man-sized silithid wasps, clearing a path to the opening of the hive.

Steep inclines, winding passes, and muddy mucus, which alternated between sticky and slippery, made descending into the hive more difficult. The hive was a maze of tunnels, which the Circle spent many long minutes navigating before arriving at a point of interest.

Eventually one of the tunnels broadened into a promising chamber filled with Zukk'ash eggs and pods. Numerous silithid eggs clung to the ceiling, guarded by a dormant fleet of wasps. At the heart of this chamber was a pod the height and width to easily encompass a humanoid inside of it, and from the faint silhouette that was visible through the skin, it's clear that was indeed what it encapsulated.

Moving the pod proved a dangerous task. One wrong move, one loud enough noise, could wake the dormant wasps in the ceiling above. Willowsong and Quorala Moonpetal moved into position to secure the pod while druids of the Silver Circle performed a ritual spell to keep the wasps dormant.

In the end, the Circle was successful.

The missing outrunner, Fylorean Fartree, was recovered from the pod and returned to Shadebough by the Circle where he recuperated for a day before being delivered back to Feathermoon to report his findings.

Agents of the Silver Circle departed from Shadebough the night following their mission, after they'd had a day to recuperate and lick their wounds.
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Shortly following their return to Feathermoon Stronghold, the Silver Circle was requested at the main compound. There, they had an audience with General Shandris Feathermoon, who thanked them for locating missing outrunner Fylorean Fartree.

General Shandris Feathermoon and her two personal guards entering the chamber to greet the Silver Circle.

The Silver Circle being addressed by General Feathermoon, and thanked for their deeds in Feralas.

General Feathermoon tasking the Silver Circle with one more favor, to deliver a request for additional intelligence to Protectorate Gracina Spiritmight at the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.

Each member of the Silver Circle receiving a gift of their choosing, a moonsteel broadsword, an official Feathermoon headdress, or a silken cloak made of runecloth.
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