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Do you like to plan server events for holidays?

Do you enjoy making sure everyone has fun at game night? Even creepy uncle Jim?

Do you enjoy holidays?

Well do I have the group for you!

Recently the Guardians and Officers came to a decision that a group would be better suited to planning and executing holiday events than a single person trying to garner interest and do everything themselves. With that in mind I created a discord server for this specific thing.

What is it?
This is a group for planning server events for Holidays either specific to Night Elven lore or just wow lore in general.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to help with planning and executing holiday events!

Because great ideas come from great minds and the more great minds we have in one spot the more great ideas we will get.

All major holiday events going forward will be planned here.

This Discord Link

With the power of the community both inside and out of Silver Circle we hope to do four major holiday events a year in relation to Elven and non Elven holidays. This discord allows us to have a solid foundation for chatting, idea planning, and gathering for the actual event.

This is not restricted to any one group, anyone who wants to join is welcome.

All rules need to be upheld and followed. If you cannot follow the rules you will not be permitted within the group.


So if you have some ideas or just really want to get involved, feel free to stop by. You are not forced to stay, if you come on in and decide holiday planning isnt your thing then that's fine too! Everyone is free to opt in and out as they see fit.