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*A new, hand-written document can now be found on the message board at Lor'danel*

To the Silver Circle:

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who aided me with recovering the Compendium of Azure Arcana from Stranglethorn Vale. For those who are unfamiliar with what transpired and what I am currently seeking, please read on.

Approximately four years ago I encountered a Highborne sorcerer named Noran'dir Starseeker. Through treachery, manipulation, and cunning he sought to use an ancient druidic artifact to damage Teldrassil and absorb a portion of its immense power for his own dark purposes.

With the help of friends, I fought against his machinations in Darkshore, Ashenvale, and Desolace before embarking on a journey to learn more about my new enemy. This eventually brought me to Northrend, where I learned that the Starseeker line were servants of the Blue Dragonflight. However, upon the moment Noran'dir was to ascend to be a Dragonsworn, he murdered his father and the dragons he was to serve.

While in Northrend, Noran'dir ambushed me and I was taken to Netherstorm. There, he used my astral magics in conjunction with a Manaforge to scry into the cosmos in search of a celestial alignment that he believed would amplify magical power on Azeroth. I was ultimately rescued and managed to stop Noran'dir's plans from coming to fruition at the base of Teldrassil and he was imprisoned in the Vault of the Wardens.

As we all know, the Vault was breached during the Legion invasion and Noran'dir escaped. I believe he served the Legion for a time, but only to gain the power associated with becoming a satyr. It has come to my attention that Noran'dir was imprisoned next to a Qiraji scion during his time in the Vault. I believe that the close proximity to this evil being warped Noran'dir's mind and transformed him into a servant of the Old Gods.

Just two months ago I learned that Noran'dir is in fact my cousin and that I am descended from the same family line. He seeks to find out what happened to my grandmother, Nyth'landra Starseeker. She was the first of my family to serve the Blue Dragonflight and set her lineage on the course of servitude to their cause. She went missing on a clandestine mission before the War of the Ancients. I know not why Noran'dir seeks to discover her ultimate fate, but I know it must be for reasons that would bring harm to others.

It is for this reason that I sought the Compendium; as an ancient repository of the Blue Dragonflight, I felt it was my best chance to find out what might have happened to her. Luckily, with the knowledge contained in the Compendium, I managed to uncover that a Bronze Dragon named Aludormi accompanied Nyth'landra and the blue wyrm she served, Cerulegos, on their mission. Therefore, I will soon be travelling to the Caverns of Time to see if they know anything about the group's disappearance. If anyone from the Circle wishes to accompany me, they are more than welcome.

Kelthos Moongale
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