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So it begins

Deep within the darkness of the Temple of Ahn'Quiraj the Circle, the Sentinels and many others whom shared a common thread with the disappearance of a peculiar elf many called Snowy. Once gathered and ready to go the group set off once more into the tunnels, some looking to be at the end of their rope. Mention of odd visions, sounds and other things came from a few. Perhaps the most vocal however would be from the Warden of War, Shaureyne Razorleaf.

Mention of a dream, or what she thought to be a dream she went on and on about this box, the nearly broken form of Snowy, and a final line uttered by the woman herself to the Warden.
"Destroy it...or destroy me, so I do not have to destroy you."
Shaken by the ominous threat the only common thing she could come to conclude was the box seeming to surface along this venture that the enemy had obtained back in Desolace. It was not long after this outburst however she came to realize that it was no dream. Her footprints in the sand and no more than hours old.

It was not long after that the odd occurrence others mentioned began to manifest. Through the group a specter of the missing woman appeared to walk, slowly at that and with a bloodied form moved down the tunnel with the group following closely behind. Even among the magically inclined within the group the appearance brought questions and a bit of unease. Unable to fully explain such a thing. But eventually the image faded, leaving the party at a bit of a fork.

At Shaureyne's decision a few ventured to the left, while others ventured off to the right. Finding a large open room but sadly a dead end. Though as they looked about the room briefly Shaureyne and Quo stumbled upon what looked to be a make shift table with various tools and vicious implements one would find in a torture chamber. Not needing more evidence that Snowy was not only here once but time was running short they began to depart. Only to be visited by a second image, similar to the dream Reyne had this image of Snowy appeared to be struggling with something, and failing as her visage grew twisted and fiendish. A terrible screech filling the air as she rushed the party and then promptly vanished, further spurring the party on that their search had to move faster.

Long winding hallways, dim torch light and a growing sense of unease lead to the ascent, finally no longer moving further into the earth it would seem but just as this came, a few began to feel unease about this, the nightborne Etoileux sensed something off.

Calling for the party to halt and stepping forward she managed to spot two rather vile runes hidden beneath the sands, not taking long to find out the grim fate of them if triggered she gathered those able to dismantle such things and within their combine knowledge the key was found and the final lines of defense shattered leading the party directly towards the end of their hunt they had hoped. Stonework suddenly lining the floor at the top of this spiraling tunnel it led to an entrance. At the suggestion of Isaria to have those whom could look without being spotted were sent in, Ed, John and Shaureyne taking up the task and peering into the room.

Within the dimly lit room sat their target. Snowy, though in a form most would not recognize looking battered, bloodied, and a dragon was upon a rather large altar with naga ritualists flanking the sides. Some looked to be far gone, deep within the incantation of their profine ritual while the sea witch herself stood to the side, holding the very box Aeowyn, and Shaureyne had both come to see by this point and a vile aura radiated from this box, appearing to be funneling energy into the dragon. Once this was reported Ellistra gave the rather immediate order to charge.

It was not long after though, the sea witch reacted. Her defenses put into place a haughty prideful grin as she gave the order. A large shadow upon the floor began to rise, twisting and rippling as it took the form of a C'thraxxi abomination. Finally the party had come face to face with the true power at work behind Snowy's disappearance, towering over the elves it wasted no time in beginning it's assault.

The party wasted no time either, weathering the initial assault they swarmed the room and within seconds chaos erupted as those whom could weather the blows for a time kept the attention as best they could of the abomination before them while others surged past towards the altar, their objective in sight.

Barely keeping up with the blows raining down from the powerful foes the party several looked to be constantly near falling. Their tireless search, the pain and blood spilt to get their friend back were beginning to add up but still they pushed forward, the last vestiges of power Snowy had managed to keep herself going given to the party and bolstering them. This however came with it's drawbacks, the ritual by the naga accelerating as the corruption previously held at bay flooded in. No longer she could resist and several by the altar seemed to catch onto this. One by one the ritualists slowly fell, unaware they even did, their minds lost to the magic while with deft hands Shaefaerie managed to steal the artifact right out from under the sea witches hands. It was not long after that the sea witch herself, blinded in a rage she did not notice the blade of Xeqwena sink in past her defenses and strike the fatal blow, the box following the same fate soon after.

With the back of the room contained the front still continued to fight on, dwindling slowly but surely under the terrible ancient wrath of the C'thraxxi. Time was short, the aura of the being influencing and pushing minds to a terrible place. Edwrick was the first, turned and striking out he managed to land two near fatal wounds on Ellistra, freed only by the combined efforts of Faron'ashal and Isaria while the others continued to throw everything they had at at this creature. However just as the world began to blur, several key blows were struck, Vylarae bypassing his armored hide with her blades and poisons and Isuldien managing to land a blow upon the eyes of the creature it reeled, But even in this state it managed a final attack, blasting the room with it's dark power to drag down those it could with it. However with the final act and gathered power from Mythanil a blast of starlight sunk into the creature and brough about it's obliteration. A deafening silence filled the room for the moment while the party looked on, only to be brought back to the reality as they all made a mad dash to those in need of aid, portals home quickly being made with the two Wardens of the Circle, and Elder Kelanthos ushering everyone through, with a final glance to the empty room, the last of the party departed, leaving the dark ruins to once more slumber.hopefully for good.

Breathing a sigh of relief and some even feeling a bit lighter now that they were gone from the influence of such a being and place their hunt was over, Snowy was returned to them and now they rest, regaining their strength to help mend Snowy in the near future.
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Seldarine Stardragon writes a letter to the Keeper, the Wardens and Elders.

Dear those that this concerns,

After we rescued Andrinn “Snowywolf” Nightshadow, Aneldraen Silentstar and myself found a chamber off to the side of the main room. We found this is where the Naga had kept their stash and rooms. Upon investigating we discovered most of the lost Suramar knowledge predating the Sundering, that Min’da Elliistra and I had discovered the naga taking many moons ago. Along with a few artifacts that we recovered.

[Tome of Endless Depths]
Use: Unknown
*An ancient Highborne treasure thought to be lost, this tome was heavily enchanted and imbued with magic into the very pages. The spellwork is uncertain but at times the tome has been rumored to show a certain level of intelligence depending upon whom it’s bearer may be. With a few whom used to possess the book saying they found words not written by themselves within the pages after use promptly leading them to discard it.*

[Elisande’s Arcinomitor]
Use: Heals the player who holds it reversing a wound roll for one turn, during a combat fight.
*Once a personal time piece of Elisande, that flowed with arcane magic and the power of the nightwell.*

[Eye of Suramar]
Use: Gives the player a +2 to all endeavors in a fight for one turn.
*This glowing charm looks like a golden eye. A blue amethyst sits under the golden cast. It would radiate a soothing glow.*

I will put these items in the vaults of the Circle, though Aneldraen Silentstar has insisted he keeps the book, so he can further investigate it. I will also put the knowledge from Suramar into the vaults. Hopefully it will help us with other endeavors, along with knowledge of the past predating the Sundering.

Elune be with you all.

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A letter sealed and sent to Feyawen, Seldarine, John, Snowy, and Moonfeathers would arrive a few nights after they resuced Snowy. The Envelope was crisp, made from the finest parchment and the seal was that of the Treesong line along with the emblem of the Alliance.

"To whom it may concern,

I am writing you this because I decided to do some followup research on the box. It appears to be an ancient box, buried deep within the earth for many millennia. It would appear that the Cataclysm and erosion from the waters opened up the lands that once concealed this ancient evil. The box itself was ornate alone but it held webs of gold and skittering, flittering rune text.

I thought I recognized it while I was busy trying to bash it open and I was right. It is an ancient box of the Old Ones. It is a container, a lovely settled spot for a terrible evil. The heart is that of an ancient being long since killed but his heart, driven by the evils of dark magics, lived on.

There is a tale of a ritual one can complete to subdue a being of pure magic and allow the being to be reborn with the heart in the box acting similarly to a phylactery. Luckily when we smashed the box the heart was destroyed, finally killing the last of the ancient being.

That leaves the lingering corruption on the Dragon. To my best guess, and while this is a guess I have a ton of knowledge and time with this sort of thing, the lingering corruption has taken hold of her as the last living thing the beast knew. Creatures like this that live for so long do not die so easily and a ghost of itself is likely trying to enter Snowy. We will need to cure the corruption in her being swiftly once she has taken some time to heal up from the damage caused to her in the fight and kidnapping.

I wish everyone well in this endeavor and should you pick a time for the cleansing then I shall be there to assist. Until then, be healed, be well, and walk with grace from the Wild Ones and Her Grace.

Shaefaerie Treesong."

A picture of the heart, drawing of the mythological old one, and a picture of the box were included.
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The Cleansing

The Silver Circle, Sentinels and Allies would all gather around Snowy in Lor'danel. The women would change before the group into a dragon, showing her true from.

Snowy was about to present the group with a gift, before the corruption from her trip to Ahn'Qiraj would rear its ugly head. Soon Snowy would fall, unable to respond. Her claws would start to turn black, and her breathing slowed. A twilight aura came over her, as Snowy’s eyes would start to turn dark. The ground beneath her would start to die and turn to dust.

Clouds would gather and the world would grow darker. Shadows on the ground turned long and thin, before spindly tendrils of corruption rose into the air. A sweet voice would sound around the party, as it laughed. “Oh… how sweet this is… you fools didn’t even try to cleanse your dragon…” The women’s voice would chuckle. “The corruption has been brewing in her for days… “ The shadows around the group would start to take form, twisting and writhing. The shadow creatures would rise, and take on the forms of MURLOCS and FROGS!! The Frogs would open their mouths as multiple tentacles would shoot out and grasp at a passing bug. The Murlocs would chatter. “Mrrrgllllgeellrrll!”

The group would defeat the never ending frogs, and the murlocs. They managed to cleans Snowy, purifying her. Only to fight the lady of shadow within her, who had turned into the shadow moonkin HAROO!

The group would fight hard against Haroo, eventually Isaria Moonfeathers getting the killing blow!

The Mission was a success, Snowy was saved, knowledge collected, and corruption purified.

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The Conclusion

Snowy looked out across the land from her perch, the albino dragon relaxing after the latest events had unfolded. The Silver Circle, Sentinels and Allies had risked much for save her hide. Yet Snowy did not know how to repay them for their kindness.

The dragoness sat up uncrossing her paws before making her way back into her makeshift den. The albino dragon would start to shrink, not by much but some, as she changed to that of her elven form. The Kaldorei sighed happily, her moonlight skin shimmering in the torch light of her den as she passed.

Snowy would make her way to her desk, before sitting down and penning a letter.

Dear Keeper Nightfury and Members of the Silver Circle,

I can not thank you all enough for your help and rescue. I am now cleansed of the corruption and healing slowly from this experience. I could not of done it without you. I would also like to thank you all for helping my Husband, find me. To see his face again is a blessing from the goddess I did not think I would receive, during that ordeal. Yet here I stand, safe and sound.

I do not know what I could do, to thank you for your kindness. I am forever in your debt, and will help all that I can. May the great mother shine upon you and your kin forever more. I vow to be there when I am needed, though I doubt it will be much as you have all proven to be far more capable than I.

The few things that I can give, are yours, if you will have them.

Elune be with you,
Andrinn “Snowywolf” Nightshadow


Snowy would put the parchment down before sealing it in an envelope. The women wondering outside with the letter in hand. An owl would be waiting for the elf as it held out its leg for her. Snowy would smile at her companion before tying the letter to its leg. The great bird would flap its wings before sailing off into the trees to deliver its letter.

Snowy stood watching her feathered companion leave, as she took in a breath of fresh air. The old elf smiled as she watched the tree line, wondering what would happen next, and if the world itself was ready for it.

The Ancient One: We harness energy... drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse... to cast spells... to conjure shields... and weapons... to make magic. Through the mystic arts, we harness energy and shape reality.