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This thread is here to document everything for the Sand and Scales Campaign, from the pre events to the Campaign itself. Everyone can post, if they have a bit of the story to tell.

Morsul Nightshadow, a sentinel ally of Commander Wintershade's cadre, sends a request to the Silver Circle after learning about their successful search and rescue in Feralas.
Dear Keeper Nightfury and the Silver Circle,

You might have all met my little Sister, Snowywolf Nightshadow. She is a very short Kaldorei who is albino, I don’t think you can miss her. Anyways… she has gone missing. Snowy was supposed to meet me, after the Feralas Trek, but she never showed. I know she traveled with us, during the trek, but she departed once we hit Desolace. Snowy told me, she would meet us in Feralas, but I never saw her. If anyone would be willing to help I would really appreciate it.

With thanks,
Keeper Morsul Nightshadow

Andrinn "Snowywolf" Nightshadow, an ally of the Silver Circle, has recently gone missing in the south. In their attempt to locate their missing friend, the Silver Circle will find dark omens in Silithus. Destiny and oaths call the Circle to unravel the truth. The terror beneath the sand has been checked, until now. As the desert crusade for azerite continues, the Circle must face a terror that lies hidden beneath the sands...

Turbulent Landscape
Silithus has ever been a magnet for ancient, malevolent powers. The desert sands hold countless memories, of countless wars waged between mighty armies. The land has been marred and shaped by these feuds, containing so much history. So much pain.

Silithus forms the southwestern corner of Kalimdor. It can only be reached on foot by traveling to the northwestern corner of Un'Goro Crater, where a wide path extends out of the crater and into Silithus, or by air or portal.

The landscape presently serves as a battleground between the Horde and Alliance, who seek to mine as much Azerite from the Wound in the heart of the land.

A Broken Vigil
Silithus is one of the insect infested deserts of southern Kalimdor. This area houses a section of the once great Aqiri empire, known as Ahn'Qiraj. It is currently uninhabited, but the central temple was sealed off by the night elves, who attempted to prevent an infestation from breaking out. They were unsuccessful in their attempt to seal them behind the Scarab Wall and over the millennia the Silithid spread hives from Silithus to as far as Feralas. The Cenarion Circle maintained a constant presence in Silithus at Cenarion Hold, until Silithus was completely devastated when Sargeras tried to destroy Azeroth after impaling his sword into the planet.

As the Alliance and Horde focus on each other, few eyes turn to the possibilities of an old threat trapped behind closed walls.


Andrinn "Snowywolf" Nightshadow

Since being saved by the Silver Circle in the heart of Val'sharah, Sister Nightshadow has decided to become an Ally of the Circle. She has recently disappeared in the middle of a sentinel trek. Her sister, Morsul Nightshadow, has requested the aid of the Silver Circle to find her.

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Addressing the Council. The Beginning.

Dear Council Glade,
I’ve come here tonight to ask for your aid. Earlier this month, Shan’do Elliistra and I traveled back to my home of Suramar. We were exploring a lead that we found on the crystals from the Circles Hyjal adventure. The crystals held the symbols of Suramar. Upon more discovery the two of us found a vault of ancient knowledge. Deep pools of ocean water lay within, but also mountains of knowledge. No sooner had we started pack the books and scrolls up, we found we were not the only ones there. Naga forces had invaded the vaults, and had also taken sacred knowledge from it. Ellistra and Myself made it out alive, somehow unharmed.
I’ve been doing research on what we found but also on some of the words that the Naga have said. With the crystals clues and the books we gathered, I’ve discovered there is a place called Silithus, and a place within its borders called the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. I believe this is where the crystals originate from and where the Naga were talking about.
I would like to put together a party where we could go explore this ancient Temple, and see if this is where the Naga have hidden this knowledge.

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Sand and Scales pre event letter.

Dear Keeper,

Brother Edwrick, Isuldien, Sister Vylarae and myself traveled to Silithus on two missions. To survey what had happened to the land and the hordes involvement, along with seeing if there has been any Naga from my reports before. The land of a Silithus is one I soon will not forget, for there have been many challenges. Brother Edwrick has been gravel injured by a crazed Silithid, who had a Naga trident embedded in its back along with the strange crystal like substance, we discovered earlier, the Goblins mining. Horde and Alliance troops are everywhere, along with this strange crystal like mineral. We have collected some samples and are bringing them home once Brother Edwrick has recovered enough to travel. Brother Isuldien is also recovering from a nasty leg injury, and Sister Vylarae seems to of been blessed by the goddess and barely suffer a scratch. We will return home shortly Keeper with our prizes. Strange glowing crystals and a golden Naga trident, from there we will have to figure out what to do.

Elune be with you,

Seldarine Stardragon

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*A letter would come by the notice board of the Silver Circle*

Dear Keeper Nightfury and the Silver Circle,

You might have all met my little Sister, Snowywolf Nightshadow. She is a very short Kaldorei who is albino, I don’t think you can miss her. Anyways… she has gone missing. Snowy was supposed to meet me, after the Feralas Trek, but she never showed. I know she traveled with us, during the trek, but she departed once we hit Desolace. Snowy told me, she would meet us in Feralas, but I never saw her. If anyone would be willing to help I would really appreciate it. I will be at the Bank of Darnassus on April 2nd, at 5pm.
With thanks,

Keeper Morsul Nightshadow

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Sand and Scales: A Plea for Help.

Morsul gathered her Sentinel sisters and the Silver Circle. She fills them in on what she had found out about Snowy. Snowy has been missing for a while and was last seen in Desolace.

Aneldrean Silentstar provides a portal to Nijel’s Point in Desolace where the group then makes their way on saber back. Eventually they find themselves at Thunk’s Abode, where a the adventures would stumbleupon Thunk a Tauren of the Cenarion Circle.

Thunk would would be questioned and informed that he had seen a person describing Snowy’s stature, an Albino Kaldorei, with light violet hair. The group then asks questions about the missing elf and are instructed to go head to Ethel Rethor, a small outpost on the coast of Desolace.

Once at Ethel Rethor, the group would find Korrah, a Tauren Cenarion Reasearcher. The female Tauren wanted the group to check out an island down off the coast, as she had heard a battle out there. She had called for some aid but no one had investigated.

The group would then go down to the beaches and investigate, finding two boats. Isaria Moonfeather, would find a tangled net and a engraved hunting knife that belonged to Snowy.

The Circle and Sentinels travel to the island across the way, by using a boat and levitation spells. As the group landed on the island they would find more boats. The party would search the island before they were ambushed by a masked man and his accomplices. A few members would be held hostage, with blades to their throats. Isaria and the masked figure would talk, only to find out the masked figure was John Nightshadow, the Husband of Snowywolf Nightshadow. John and Isaria set a date two days from then to meet in Lor’danel. John and his shadows would disappear into the night, leaving the group to take care of their injured. Huntress Ever-Tear of Wintershade’s Sentinel division had been injured by one of John’s rouges, quiet nastily. The group would finally make it all home, thanks to Aneldraen Silantstar who opened a portal to Darnassus.

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Sand and Scales: Persuasion

John Nightshadow meets with the Circle, Sentinels and Allies. The tension in the room is thick. Questions are asked and hot words are exchanged. Apologies are made and given. John leaves the group to see what they can discover in five days time. He will bring what he finds and the Sentinel Circle will bring what they find.

After John leaves, Kelanthos Ivyfang suggests that the remaining party discuss what they can bring to the table to help John and for John to consider joining in on the hunt for his wife with the group. Many things are discussed. Some ideas include, offering Scrying to find Snowy, along with tracking.

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Sand and Scales: Persuasion (Now in your sleep!)

While the group spoke with John, Aeowyn decided to look for clues through the Dream. She quietly moved to the Barrow Dens in the Dreamgrove and took to her sleep.

It took awhile to get to where Desolace would be while in the dream. As time passed slowly in the real world several days passed within the Dream. Aeowyn was ready to give up when she finally found a trace of what she was looking for.

Unfortunately the woman was being detained by shadows. After dispelling away the shadowy tendrils that were holding the woman in place, Aeowyn quickly asked the woman if she knew where she was. Sadly she did not outside of a few clues, however she was fading quickly and about to lose her connection to the Dream.

Aeowyn, quick on her feet, anchored Snowy to the Dream and kept her spirit lingering there so the party would have a better chance at finding her and unbeknownst to Aeowyn, giving Snowy precious time for her survival.

With the anchor in place, Aeowyn moved to leave the dream and get back to the Circle to show her findings.
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Sand and Scales: Searching the Shoals

After the Silver Circle, Sentinels, and their allies met John Nightshadow formally in Lor'danel to discuss the search for 'Snowy' Nightshadow, Elder of the Wild Kelanthos Ivyfang deliberated with his student Mognus Thorbaine on their best course of action to continue finding clues in Desolace.

Many caves and ruins held no shelter for the Naga to perform their rituals, and any deeper into the ocean, Snowy would not survive the Naga's plans. After days of combining both Kelanthos' experience with Naga tactics and Mognus' maps of fallen ruins and cave systems in the depths of the western coast, they drew up a path that the Naga could have taken Snowy. Kelanthos was soon called away by the Cenarion Circle to fulfill his duties to their cause, leaving the mission to the combined efforts of both Silversworn Mythanil Briarblade and his student.

A former Sentinel, Mythanil Briarblade took quickly to the plan, able to definitely explain the plan to the Silver Circle and Sentinel volunteers, while Mognus flew ahead to Ranazjar Isle to prepare a ritual that would allow the volunteers to search through their path without risk of drowning. Upon the arrival of the investigative search force, Mognus began the ritual, anchored to the isle during the rest of the mission, before they left, he reminded them that the "Shoals were their friends".

With no time to lose, Mythanil lead to the group to the first ruin, far more delapidated than previously described on the maps guarded by a long illusionary fish. Upon further inspection, it was discvered that the ruin had been recently scavenged of supplies leaving behind only an ancient darnassian inscription of former lovers, a buried piece of mithril chain mail, and the sounds of a Naga soon approaching. Without any trouble at all, they dispatched the Naga Myrmidon, forcing him to run away along their intended path, but before he could reach his reinforcements he was lost in an underwater explosion. Some thought perhaps Snowy left traps behind in her missing weeks, but those who knew her well did not recognize these tactics.

Upon approaching the end of the underwater path a swarm of fish obscuring most of the dilapidated ruins ahead scatter and flee from the party, revealing three naga. This ruin was stripped to the bone upon further inspection, naga banners wave about to the flow of water and ritualistic blood-markings litter the area, a statue of the Queen Azshara imbedded into the chiseled stone wall. The Silversworn, Sentinels, and allies had caught the Naga mid ritual, channeling their powers into a Golden Pearl, but with their coordination and expertise they killed the Naga team before they could cause major harm to the ruin or elves, save for the red cloud of blood left obscuring the ritual markings. They were able to scavange the Golden Pearl from the naga seawtich, invaluable in Divination rituals.

Before the team could further inspect the ruins for clues, a muffled explosion shook the surrounding fish from their homes, startling the Sentinels from the ruin. Their path would lead them to the south west, underneath the arches of the fish had previously escaped from. Moving slowly to avoid ambush, the group came across three small figures surrounding a sunken ship, one appearing to yell at the other, presumably for the previously explosion. One of the Kaldorei noticed a curious Bow in the head goblin's hand, recognized to belong to the missing Sentinel, Snowy Nightshadow.

In their haste and fury to attack the Goblins, the group had failed to realize the Runes dotting the underside of the Stone Arches, activating upon their presence, blinding the whole group. Before the group realized it, the Goblins had them surrounded, wrists sprained, hands tied, boots pinned, and bubbled blown, debilitating the group for what was to come.

Giving no side any time to explain themselves Gorgonol the Sea Giant, drawn by the numerous explosoins, jumped between the two groups ready to destroy their bodies and feast on them for their tresspassing of ancient Ruins. The Kaldorei, Illidari, and Worgen, dilligent in their duties, and in spite of the Goblins' defensive manouvers quickly moved to stop the Giant. Gorgonal would call out for his naga minions, ready to destroy the group with their numbers, but curiously they were nowhere to be seen, along with the Goblins previously rummaging through the ship. Though Gorgonal was able to swipe at various elves, and even take Keeper Nightfury and Silversworn Briarblade into his hands, he had been killed long before bringing them to his gullet, calling out to his missing Naga army. Immediately understanding that Giant wasn't smart enough to both disguise Naga as Kaldorei Sentinels to trick them the Goblin leader issued orders to protect the Search Party as they fought the Giant. As the sand and blood settled, the sight of a dead Sea Giant and numerous trapped, dissected, and blown up Naga forced the rest of the army to scatter giving the two groups an opportunity speak instead of fight.

After an agreement to meet back on Ranazjar Isle, the two groups were given the opportunity to explain themselves, the Kaldorei and allies searching for their lost Sentinel friend, and the Goblins having recently been forced to rebuild their cache system after an attack from Naga forces, recently having returned to the coast line. Without much hesitation on the Goblin leader's part he offered the Bow back to the Search Party, along with a pouch of 9 more Golden Pearls to apologize for attacking their people. Thanks to the information given by the Goblins it was made obvious that the Naga responsible for taking the missing Sentinel were long gone, but that fortune was on their side with the combination of both Snowy's personal bow as well as the retrieval of Golden Pearls necessary to divine her location.

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Sand and Scales: Scrying

The Circle, Sentinels and Allies gathered around in Lor’danel. They all presented information to help with the scrying mission. Liall gave Snowy’s bow, Xeqweena Snowy’s dagger, Kelanthos and Mythanil presented the golden pearls.

Seldarine would perform the scrying, but it went horribly wrong. The water in the scrying bowl would shoot upwards and then rain down on the group. Splitting the cohesive vision into fragments, each member present received a vision.

The group then all shared each vision that they had. Eventually finding that the direction that they needed to go was to Silithus, and Ahn’qiraj. The Circle, Sentinels and Allies will meet at Staghelm Point.

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A note inscribed with a green leaf is sent out to each active member of the Silver Circle retaining information regarding the journey ahead.
Ishnu'alah brothers and sisters. With the imminent journey to Silithus ahead of us, it is best we know exactly what we are walking into. Silithus has been left as nothing but a wasteland, even moreso than it was prior to the Great Wound.
Key features of the region include:
The Great Wound- The most prominent feature of Silithus, where the greatsword of Sargeras himself has impaled our world causing a massive wound. Azeroth herself writhes in agony, spilling her enchanted blood all throughout the area. The blood, named Azerite, is prominently found in the surrounding area of the wound. Be warned, there is conflict all around the area as agents of both the Horde and the Alliance try to claim this valuable resource for their own.
Ahn'Qiraj- The Fallen Kingdom, once home to the Old God C'Thun. The Qiraj that resided in the Kingdom were defeated, during what is know as "The second War of the Shifting Sands." However, that does not mean danger does not still lurk within its forsaken halls. Various breeds of Silithid and other dark creatures still live within and anyone who dares enter the Kingdom is advised to be accompanied by several capable companions.
Southwind Village- Once a Kaldorei outpost and the very spot where Valstann Staghelm was slain, Southwind Village serves a new purpose. The Village was destroyed when Sargeras pierced his blade into the heart of Silithus, and in its destruction, The Horde have made a small encampment on the outskirts of its ruins. Everyone is advised to stay clear of the area at all costs.
Staghelm Point- A small Alliance encampment, setup down the road from the ruined Tower formerly known as Staghelm Point. The Alliance set up this camp to counter the Horde's efforts in obtaining Azerite. The Tower itself was badly damaged following Sargeras' destruction of the region and is rendered useless and dangerous, with instability of the structure being the greatest threat.
Silithid- Dangerous insectoid race that inhabits most areas of Silithus. Despite the destruction of the area, they seem to be thriving and have seemingly become empowered by the lifeblood of Azeroth. Everyone is advised to take caution when coming across silithid and are advised to not travel alone in any part of the region. Like most insects, they are notoriously resilient to most physical blows. However, there are weaknesses in their armor. They are weakest where the head meets the thorax, and the thorax meets the abdomen.

Stars guide you brothers and sisters,
Isuldien Leafswift
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Sand and Scales: Recon Mission

The Silver Circle and allies would meet at Staghelm point. It was a quiet evening as the desert was cold and a bit chilled in the silence. John Nightshadow agreed to join the Circle and their allies in finding his wife. John reported to the group that there were three locations that his rouge society had checked out. A cave, the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, and the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. The Circle then broke into groups, directed by Seldarine Stardragon.

John Nightshadow led the group composed of Liall Nightshadow, Seldarine Stardragon, Shana Moonsword, and Isuldien Leafswift.

Moonfeather lead a group composed of Kelanthos Ivyfang, and Bruno Walker.

Rosegrove lead a group composed of, Mythanil Brairblade and Feron’ashal.

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Sand and Scales: Recon Mission: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

As the group started out in the ruins it was apparent that they would have a hard evening. It was quiet, oddly quiet but they soldiered on into the vast space of the ruins.

An ancient mass of crystals with dark energy was gathered in the center of the room and the group had two paths they could pick from. A group decision led them to the left. Little did they know this would be a terrible choice. Right as the group got to the left gate a group of Naga were swarming in from the right gate. They began mining work on the crystals. The group had no choice but to soldier on.

It quickly became apparent that Left was not right. A massive chasm laid out before them with some strange liquid at the bottom and hundreds if not thousands of eggs. A queen rested at the left end, laying eggs to her hearts content.

They needed to get to the right side of the room without being detected. This would not be easy.

A stone blocked their path and the group clambered up the side, not wanting to go down into the chasm. They peaked interest however, and for a moment it was touch and go but the creatures were more interested in the naga mining then the group. They were safe, for now.

But safe never stayed safe for long. The next room they had to go through was the hatching room. Large wasps flew above tending to the eggs and several hung, ready to hatch at any moment. The group went slowly.

Right as they were under the eggs, they started to hatch! The group ran, and ran quickly. This was now or never!

Luckily, as if by some unseen force, they managed to make it into the next room. The room was massive, putting it lightly, and they had many hiding spots despite it being out in the open.

The group learned that the Naga were using the bugs as pack mules and laborers to do their dirty work and tensions were high among both groups. Luckily, they were a druid and two priests. So they priests managed to persuade either group mentally that they hated eachother and a full on brawl broke out. The group was able to grab artifacts and run, with the entrance clear of all forces now that they were rushing to fight in the center room.

Myth managed to land herself an Ancient scroll as well as an even older ring. The scroll was written in an Ancient tongue before the Sundering and the ring was made from a green and silver metal with a blood ruby that reflected onlookers but oddly looked as if it were hollow with liquid inside.

Faron grabbed himself a delicate Qiraji artifact rod that pulsed with an odd power. Only time would tell if it would help the group.

Aeowyn managed to get a highborne mirror but before the group could fully inspect their items the alarm sounded and they flew back to camp with the help of a flight master's whistle.
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Sand and Scales Recon - The Cavern

The evening began at the entrance of a quiet cavern on the coast. Bruno Walker, Isaria and Kelanthos investigating into the possible naga presence and clues leading to the rescue of Snowy.

Shortly after entering the cavern the air grew heavy, humid and it was clear there was tampering. To whih the keen eye's of Bruno found hidden rune work scrawled into the rock wall of the cavern. After determining a safe measure of removal Kelanthos saw to the dismantling of the runes and defenses at the mouth of the cavern.

With the runes and only available exit free of traps for now the trio ventured deeper into the cavern. Almost immediately the noise from below of naga's at work with the movement of supplies, weapons and several possible reagents to whatever nefarious plans may be at work.

Their suspicions verified when a patrol slithering up along the pathway came through. Narrowly dodging the sight of the naga they caught wind of a passing conversation about the temple, and the dark designs of the Sea Witch that apparently had made their lair within the temple of Ahn'Quiraj. While they hid they were given a brief window down to confirm they had stumbled upon the main inland supply camp. With this brought to light their investigation began to shift into a two pronged mission of information and possibly hampering their enemies. As the patrol passed they ventured further into the cavern, only pausing thanks to Bruno's instincts as they came face to face with a murloc laying atop a ledge that put it at eye level with the human.

With some quick thinking and perhaps a bit of luck, Bruno managed to bribe the small murloc's silence with a tasty trout that was meant to be his lunch. Shortly after this however they came to a new opening in the cave, this particular one guarded by two rather large Naga myrmidons.

With a plan quickly devised and a bit of bait Bruno strode across the opening, immediately drawing the attention and blades of the naga only to turn the tables with a quick flash of light directed into their eyes while Kelanthos and Isaria dispatched them swiftly and before their location was fully exposed. The journey afterwards was quite short, following the path downward and around they came to the bottom of the cavern, spotting the naga supplies and so Bruno went to go and dispose of the items quietly. Sadly the eyes of the naga were vigilant and he was spotted by an unseen lookout. With the clock ticking and some quick thinking Isaria created a plan to cover their escape. Little did she know how effective it would be.

The plan was simple, burrow seeds into the rock to cause a small collapse of a wall and delay the incoming naga enough to allow their escape. While Kelanthos prepared the spell Isaria went to go retrieve Bruno. During his preparation Kelanthos spotted something he could only describe as terrible. An arm of powerful muscles bringing supplies into a hole with terrifying ease.

With Bruno retrieved and the trio running Isaria gave the order and the magic was unleashed. What was meant to be a small obstruction suddenly became a total collapse of the cavern. The naga's digging having weakened the cavern more than the Warden had realized their escape suddenly became a run for their lives as the cave fell into itself. How many naga were lost is hard to say, however their main supplies and means to get them from the ocean has been cut off. While they failed to remain unseen and have alerted the remaining naga, a blow was struck that could not be ignored.

Fast on their feet they all escaped the cave-in alive...tired but alive. Enjoying the stars for a moment as they collected their thoughts.
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Sand and Scales - Captured

Questioning the judgment of Seldarine Stardragon the assassin John Nightshadow would lead a scouting party composed of Liall Nightshadow, Seldarine Stardragon, Shana Moonsword, and Isuldien Leafswift to scout out the entrance of the temple.

The first obstacle that was faced was a checkpoint at the first set of arcways leading deeping into Ahn’Qiraj temple. It was held by three naja warriors and a silithid sentinel. It was clear the naga warriors didn’t enjoy being close to the silithid sentinel so Seldarine thought it would be best to set off a fireworks and noisemakers.

What seem to be enjoyment or freedom for the naga they quickly left the post to see what made the ruckus as Liall felt fit to try to silently take down the Silithid Sentinel, however fail to do so as it let out a warning cry as it’s final act of life, but the naga didn’t seem to play attention. Press for time before the naga returned John urged Liall to quickly disposed the body. She quickly found a sand dune to try and hide the body within before rejoining the team. Feeling the job was done she regroup with the party and the rest pressed up the hill.

Up the hill a ways the party found an small encampment was found seeming to host a small deterrence force. The tension was thick as well within the camp grounds as was seen when a small drone crossed the middle of the camp to only be met by hostal actions by the nagas in turn provoked the silithids on the other side. Isuldien felt it would of been best to see about tipping the balance within the camp, however John urged there was more work before planning sabotage. The group agreed and move on deeper into enemy lines.

The party would move up the hill until the second archway to find another checkpoint, but this time with heavy guard presence lead by the Silithids. Much like previous scenes, the larger caption like Silithid enjoy showing its power and dominance by feinting attacks to provoke action from the naga; followed with reinforce threats by the guarding Silithids who forced the naga to comply or die. It was at this point John made the call that they have gone far enough or risk being found, however much of the group disagree.

The conversation was cut off as a war horn could be heard coming from the front gate. With swift action the naga and silithid forces tighten up security looking for more signs of intruders. John called for a swift retreat hoping they would be able to keep out of sight until the front gates, giving them time to flee. All was well until they started to pass the camp when Shana lost her footing sliding down the sand covered steps forcing the warrior to try and quickly recover to keep up with the retreating party. Only to be met by a charging Silithid Warrior pinning Shana in it’s jaws and mandibles.

With stealth lost to the party, they were forced to fight. Able to free Shana from the Silithid, however were only slow down by naga forces firing arrows and other silithids charging into the frey; slowly encircling the party. With hope slowly fading away the group quickly agree to force a breakthrough, but only enough that Liall was able to run free leaving Seldarine, Shana, Isuldien, and John left to defend themselves if help was ever to come.

The fighting was fierce and brutal as the party vitality was being drained, but their will never faltering. Aid did come in the form of Aeowyn Rosegrove flying in as a owl form to try and lift a few members to safety, however the druid also became a casualty; as arrows and nets forced her to the ground as the party soon fell to their wounds falling to the earth. A cry of victory was sounded by the Silithid and Naga forces finding a sense of unity as they dragged their new prisoners into Ahn’Qiraj.

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Sands and Scales - Caged

Hot. Hot, sandy, and sunny. There was very little peace from any of these things as the days dragged on. The nights were not much better. Once the offensive sun set the Mother Moon brought with her a deep chill that was near freezing. Bugs crawled over the open flesh of the group as they lay in small pits of hot sand within Coral cages.

Day in and day out Murlocs and Naga prodded at them, mocked them, and taunted them. Their armor was stripped to nearly nothing and anything considered valuable or a weapon was taken. The captives were left with dirty water and stale bread, nothing more nothing less.

Wounds were left to fester in the heat and sand, most would likely be infected as the group received no treatment. The captors cared little for the group outside of fodder and food for something that lurked out of sight but not out of ear shot.

Most of the group stayed put, keeping quiet and existing in the artificial hell they were put in. Seldarine, stuck without energy to shift out of her feline form was slowly losing herself to the feral instincts that came with the form. Aeowyn was lost to fever, infection, and heat giving into ramblings and fits of anger.

Isuldien, John, and Shana seemed better off. They were injured but they caused less of a ruckus than Aeowyn and Sel. John spent most of his days testing his mental strength and trying to bury himself in the sand. Isul stared and waited, this was not unlike a time he was captured before. He tried to keep tabs on his bow, but for the most part remained constant and resolute. Shana did the same and the tree were clearly better off for it. Mocking the murlocs only brought pain and anguish.

It looked bleak for the captives, none seemed in good health or sanity at this point. Still they existed, in some state, if only to spite the captors.
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Sands and Scales - The Rescue

And so they gather, a scouting mission gone south as the search for Snowy continues in Silithus.

With the party gathered, Isaria would arrive shortly after having been a bit busy herself coming up with a plan to break into the strongest point of the naga presence and retrieve the captured scouting party.

(Those poor souls)
Having spent the past few days working with those at Staghelm Point in Silithus one of the researchers there came up with an experimental concoction that could drive the ever vicious silithid mad. Possibly mad enough to turn on their tentative allies.

This plan required no small amount of subtlety, and even then it put those going into it at great risk for being spotted would lead to much strife and bloodshed, possibly even death! Those of a sneaky nature had to venture ahead of the party with this mixture in hand and release it's contents onto the silithid at the front of the defenses the naga had set up at Ahn'quiraj. Afterwards the remaining members would join in on the charge, take command of the chaos as the silithid and naga began to brawl and rip their defenses apart.

(The Stealth Team)

(The less stealthy team)
With their plan put into action the group set out, watching from a distance at the ready for the signal to strike once the stealth team had completed their objective.

The stealth team had a few moments where they were nearly caught by they managed to get close enough to the front line to release the pheromone. Some opting to toss it against the makeshift weapon racks and let the wind take care of the rest, others more careful. Kelanthos decided to get a bit creative and dump the concoction via bird form. Though he was spotted it was to little to late as utter chaos erupted within the Naga's defenses. Silithid going berserk and giving the opening to strike. The one fortified defenses reduced to nothing beneath the sudden assault of the Circle and their Sentinel allies as naga and silithid were cleaved apart until the silithid were forced to retreat.

However the deeper they went, they soon noticed the naga beginning to recover with the next defense being a trio of naga sorceress erecting a barrier to stall and allow the other naga remaining to rally together and retake what was lost. This plan would not work however, a pair of elves oddly enough both named Myth combined their might into a counter spell taking the sorceress by surprise and allowing the rest of their allies to make quick work of them.

Pushing forward and closer to their captured friends they passed through the entryway into the courtyard and entrance to the temple of Ahn'quiraj itself. Met with heavily armed Naga the resistance began. Powerful blows coming in from both sides but the sight of the captives nearby giving our heros all the push they would near as the naga fell one by one. The final one remaining an archer wielding Isuldien's trademark bow much to his very vocal distaste.

As she became surrounded a final ditch effort was made, one meant to wound and take from the Circle as Isuldien's own bow was turned on him. The fatal arrow nearly loosed on him but with seconds to spare the woman was quite literally disarmed by Shaureyne and his safety was assured.

Quick as can be they made their way to the captives and began to remove them from their confines. Though this reunion of friends was cut short by a deafening roar. The naga still appearing to have a few tricks left as the captives were rushed away and towards the portal being crafted by Mythera just outside the courtyard.

For the moment those healthy enough stood as a wall against what was to come. Though battle hardened as many of the elves were even the sight of the creature known as Varg made some gape and take a step back. A mighty and heavily armored Naga brute that all but towered over the elves by a large margin looked to be ready to slaughter them all, or in his case eat them for a tasty snack.

Though as the fight got under way, the brutality of this particular beast appeared to be well earned. Even as the defenders tried to stave him off and land what blows they could, the naga's assault was relentless. Even surrounded he seemed well and ready for this as a mighty blow nearly leveled several of the elves.

With little options left other than possibly becoming captives themselves or eaten.A retreat was sounded. Forced back by this Brute and left to tend to their injuries the Circle and it's allies on this endeavor still have their friend and ally Snowy within the naga's clutches. Left to recover and form a new plan for their venture back and face Varg, his masters and whatever else would lurk within the temple.
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Tricks in the Dark

Andrinn “Snowywolf” Nightshadow lay on a stone slabbed table. The short albino elf looked restless as she slept, her features contorted into pain, fear and anger. An oriental black box with gold lettering and webbing hovered over the sleeping Kaldorei. Inside the box was a grey silken cover, that held a shriveled heart. The heart beat strongly, as it hovered over the Kaldorei’s chest, beating in time with her own.

The Naga sea witch stood over the Kaldorei in the dark cavern, the snake woman smiling happily, as she shook the Kaldorei on the table awake. Snowy would shift uncomfortably as she stirred from a nightmare, only to find she was still in a living one. Two brutes would walk forward holding out torn armor with blood on it. Snowy would look at it with tired eyes, but her nose flaring at a familiar scent, and her eyes sparked as she saw the familiar partner of the black and red armor that belonged to her husband John. She recognized the other armor too from those of the Circle.

Snowys mind spun, How was this possible? Were where her friends and family? The Naga witch looked at the Kaldorei on the table, as she laughed, before waving her hand and dismissing the brutes with the armor. A voice, an old voice as if a whisper of a memory sounds to Snowys ears. “Your friends will abandon you… “ It spoke. Snowy closed her eyes to the gruff voice, as she winced.

The heart above Snowy in the box beat louder as it kept time with her own. Forcing her eyes to close, as she drifted deeper into the dark.

The Ancient One: We harness energy... drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse... to cast spells... to conjure shields... and weapons... to make magic. Through the mystic arts, we harness energy and shape reality.
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Scales and Sand: Enter the Tunnels.

Everyone meets outside the gates of Ahn’Qiraj. As they discuss what they need to do. John Nightshadow turns up and discusses what his network of spies has found.

The Circle, Sentinels and allies make their way back into Ahn’Qiraj, finding their way through the tunnels. They somehow avoid Varg, the creature the group had fought last time. Sneaking by the great creature they check out his den and discover some of their parties gear, from when they were prisoners and an elven quiver that matches Andrinn “Snowywolf” Nightshadows weapons.

As the group traveled they would run into an abandoned They would find papers on an ancient artifact, a box with gold lettering and webbing. Upon explore some more the group would find the camp was not abandoned. A long Naga stood against the forces presented to him, as he lay stealthed in a tent. The camp itself also had been placed under a glamour spell. With the spell lifted the group would find a box that made noise at such a high pitch the elves and party could not hear it, though the silithids could. The bugs would run away in fear as the box was shaken.

The Circle and allies would make their way down the tunnels, scaring away the silithid with the box they found. They would discover a patrol of Naga who had been trampled by the running stampede of Silithid, but still where alive. The group quickly finished them, only to find two Naga who where in charged. The Tide Mistress and her Captain.

The group would fight valiantly against the two powerful naga, finally making the two fall, though many of the Circle where injured. Mythera Darkthorne made an emergency portal back to Darnassus, but not before John Nightshadow secured transport for the Circle and its allies to return to Ahn’Qiraj, when the time came. The search for Andrinn “Snowywolf” Nightshadow continues.

The Ancient One: We harness energy... drawn from other dimensions of the Multiverse... to cast spells... to conjure shields... and weapons... to make magic. Through the mystic arts, we harness energy and shape reality.
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Sand and Scales: The Game

The Silver Circle and Sentinels made their way further into Ahn'Quiraj. They soon encountered quicksand, with several members falling into its clutches. Thankfully, those who were sucked in were soon rescued, and no injuries were suffered. Shortly afterwards, they came into a massive stone room. The hallway continued to a large, closed stone door, but right to the side was an enormous stone arena with two pedestals.

The door soon came to life, a fanged mouth with a long purple tongue peering through the stone. The Silver Circle and the Sentinels attacked the door, but to no avail. The door taunted, then challenged them to a game; if they won, the door would let them through, if they lost, they would be stuck here. Seeing no other option, the group agreed, and thus began the game of Srok-al-Kai.

The party was divided in two; one dressed in blue robes with blue hats, the other with purple robes and purple hats. The blue group was led by Xeqwena of the Sentinels, and they represented the Silver Circle and Sentinels. The purple group was led by the door. Although they could all speak freely, the players found they could only move and act when their respective leader commanded them to.

And thus began the game of Srok-al-Kai, a battle royale that pitted friend against friend, brother against sister, and allies of convenience against each other.

Quorala managed to cheat, using her demonic power to switch sides, moving herself from the Door's team to the Circle and Sentinel team. The door cheated several times as well, and the battle seemed close for quite some time. Until, finally, the door laughed and offered the Circle and Sentinel team the victory, as they had provided him with enough entertainment to last decades. With that, the magic around the party faded and they could move and act freely, and the door opened. But not without teasing them with one final game, a riddle to be solved. Though it took them a while, and they were down to their last guess, Athaea Lonelight managed to solve it, earning a powerful item as a reward. With that, the party decided to settle and camp in the ruins to rest and recover.
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Sand and Scales: The Warden's Waking Nightmare

The following is a Discord RP story written by Shaureyne and Moonfeathers.

Shaureyne lazily held a hand to her forehead, wiping away beads of sweat. It had been two days since she'd last slept; the strange, distant voices echoing in her mind since the eve before practically urged her feet forward, away from the Circle's camp and further into the silithid hive that she knew could consume her at any moment. Her silver eyes watered as a stray breeze sprayed sand into her face; the dim light of the tunnel did her no favors, either.

The tunnel seemed to stretch on for quite a while, the dim lighting from the make shift torches seemed to have dwindled a bit with the lack of naga to maintain them. A sign of just how hard the naga had been hit! Small moments like that showing the victories of the Circle as the enemy had been mostly routed and culled. But as she passed the quiet of the tunnel became almost eerie. If her hearing could pick up on the faint echoes she'd actually hear her own footsteps in the sand.

It seemed to go on forever... before she spotted it - a tilted and somewhat damaged pillar just ahead to Reyne's left, showing a side tunnel at both her left and right.. She stopped for a moment, staring, pondering in silence. The warden knew, deep down, that going any further could be suicide - but she could still see the silhouettes of the slumbering elves several yards behind her. Something quiet whispered to her, and said Snowy was closer than they had realized. Something told her to keep going. So, she did.

Shaureyne squinted into the darkness of the leftmost tunnel and continued forward. It very well could be a terrible idea to go further, though still given her vicinity to the camp it was likely quite the opposite for now even as she wandered off.

The pillar held detailed pictures of varied imagery from the quiraji along it's surface. Impressively still intact at least where the cracks hadn't marred the drawings from when this pillar partially collapsed. Shaureyne traced her fingers along the dusty hieroglyphs, frowning. In her fragile state, they almost seemed to move, peeling themselves from the pillar to skitter across her arm. She shook them off violently, whispering a curse in Darnassian - and then she heard it.

While she looked about a faint whisper, possibly footsteps accompanied the urging she was being whispered. So close...a road filled with blood and strife but the truth of the matter was their goal was close. Though it did raise a question of who on earth would even be down here with them? Her vigil showed no one missing or having wandered away from camp. Of anyone she would have most assuredly seen someone wander off. But as she stared at the dim lighting and further on darkness of the tunnel the sound continued, almost akin to a pacing back and forth as the soft sand was disturbed, though faint her trained senses could likely and rather easily pick up on the sound. Footsteps. Faint, but indisputable.

She held her breath, focusing in on the faint echoes. Would she dare get any closer? What if it was Snowy, or another captive? She peered back behind her once more at the fading camp. It remained as it was, a few subtle shifts from those whom resided there, perhaps moving in their sleep but nothing that would honestly raise alarms.

She had come too far already. She had to see it through. Tentatively, the warden continued, opting to slip into the shadows of the hive, ignoring the strange hallucinations that spun and swirled along the walls. At the very least, she told herself, she would locate the source of the sound, then retreat - nothing more.

As Shaureyne peered further into the darkness the sounds stopped. A whimper beginning to fill the air and at her last step the veil would lift and her eyes would behold... a small elf, pale in skin with soot covered hair. A person who'd seen better days with a gaze seeming a thousand yards away. The longer she stared, the harder it became to look away.

Her eyes became glued to the small woman. There was no mistaking her snowy skin, her short stature, her bright lavender hair - as matted and sooty as it was. She cupped her mouth, yelling, screaming to her - but nothing came out.

Where there was no sound, there was a slowly building whimper apparently coming from the girl. But why though? She swallowed the heavy heartbeats that deafened her ears, subconsciously reaching out a hand as Snowy's whimpers reached an apex. If only she could just get a little closer...

... The soft clicking and chittering lurking behind her disrupted this thought. It was with this focus that came a second sound, possibly only heard now that it grew close... a faint chitter of mandibles at Reyne's back. Suddenly, the captive woman seemed a hundred thousand paces away. The warden's body turned rigid, frozen as fear shivered down her meager spine. In that moment, she learned how far away she'd carried herself from the camp. Too far. Much too far.

The fading light of the torches along the walls threatened to reveal her place in the shadows. She dared not turn round to face her fate, instead slinking to one side of the tunnel, against the will of her shaking legs. Her breaths became quiet and measured as she crouched against the wall, mouthing a silent prayer to Elune. In the depths of this place, would a prayer even be heard? This terrible dark, and dread hanging on the air only seemed to build and grow. The chittering continued, and she could have sworn the sensation of her shoulder blade being prodded happened.

But as she stood in silence and without movement the quiet resumed once more, where Snowy once was now simply appeared to be emptiness, though with her keen gaze she could see the faint indents in the sand...someone was here! Left to sit there for a time. But what she saw? An echo perhaps, a sight left behind to show where she was. Perhaps her prayers answer was proof to show that her and the allies brought down here were on the right trail.


Shaureyne gasped for breath, then shook her head. She placed a shaking fist to her chest as she pondered what she had seen. Tricks of the mind... or a vision? Could the Goddess have truly granted her such sight? She was the Scion of the Night Warrior after all, she thought, but she had always considered this an honorary title from the Circle.

Perhaps she was thinking too much.

Still melded, Shaureyne glanced behind herself at the dark emptiness of the tunnel she had traversed. Only the dancing shadow creatures along the walls of the hive remained - a disturbing spectacle to most, but a sign of comfort to the warden, as she'd grown so used to them during her dim-lit days of unrest. Had the passing silithid seen her, she certainly would not have even that solace - only the expanse of the Great Dark Beyond.

Perhaps it was time to return.

But the sunken sand ahead intrigued her. Something inside of her knew there was no point in moving any further, her energy expended, any knowledge she had sought already unearthed. Yet... something also said Snowy was still close. She could retreat in double time, wake the camp, show them what she had seen. But... would the other Silversworn heed a claim so outlandish? A sleep-deprived suicide patrol that just so happened to deliver the lead that they needed?


Shaureyne held her head in her hands for a moment. If it what she saw was true... they had precious little time to waste. She quickly hiked up her boots and gloves and took a last, longing look at the sandy trail before turning on her heel to sprint back.

Precious little time indeed, but as Reyne turned, a weak voice called out, the words lost but it was a pained call, something hanging by a strand in this dark place. Hard to say what could be truth or lies in this place. The very idea of each warped by the dark powers at work. As she stared on the shadows continued to move in a slow swaying rhythm, a somber slow dance playing out before her before everything went still, a pair of maddening ancient eyes stared back from within the darkness and she saw for a few moments that same battered elven girl holding what looked to be an ancient box with webbing across it's exterior.

What came to pass could only be considered outlandish to the most sane but it did. That mad ancient eyes replacing Snowy's own, a transformation that came to pass as her expression turned to conflict, a fiendish delightful grin fighting for dominance while whatever existed within the webbed box began to shudder. a presence passing between the two as the change completed and the battered elven girl began to smile like a fiend. The box shattering and the girl stalking closer to the Warden of war, a clear intent to kill rising from her and at the last step...nothingness, an empty tunnel where only a single whisper made it to Reyne's ears.

"Destroy it... or destroy me... so I don't have to destroy you."