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A campaign by Elandrenn Nightshade/Athaea Lonelight

The story so far:

The members of the Silver Circle learn that a powerful satyr is hiding in felwood, supposedly one of the remaining high ranking members of Xavius army. But as they scout the location, Y'fayelle Lunadoe falls into a trap, disappearing into a portal, being held captive. In the next day, the rest of the Silver Circle moves together, invading the village, rescue Y’fayelle and killing the satyr, but not before he manages to curse the captured elf with a wicked dagger.

It's discovered that the satyr was actually a spy for a new Satyr faction led by a mysterious satyr called Xabsic. The Silver Circle finds an encrypted letter that is subsequently decoded by the elves, which reveal the Satyr' plans to steal sacred relics of the night elves to gain power.

Suddenly many members of the Silver Circle are ambushed by shadow-powered satyr, attacking the elves mercilessly. While all elves survive and escape, not all do unscathed; both Seldarine Stardragon and Vylarae Willowsong are also cursed by satyr daggers, leaving a nasty red wound behind. Most of the Satyrs escape, successfully finishing their hit and run missions.

Alas, the dagger used to curse Vylarae is recovered, and the Silver Circle start to study it. An attempt to scry information of it is done, leading to mixed success; new information was learned about the dagger, but at the same time it the dagger ended up damaged, and the elves present end up ambushed by Satyrs illusions magic. The skilled smiths of the Circle manage to repair the Dagger, leading to more studies on it.

The satyr attacks cease for a few days, but that period of peace is broken as they launch an attack on Lor'danel, in an attempt to corrupt the moonwell. But as the satyrs are defeated and killed, Xabsic himself appear through an illusion. He reveals that the attack was merely a diversion, and that his true objective was stealing the Fang of Goldrinn, that was located in his shrine in Mt. Hyjal. He shows off the Fang within his claws as his illusion fades away.

Meanwhile, the Circle strikes back at the satyrs, devastating the satyr village of Night's Run. While they learn that the Satyrs in this village aren't the ones responsible for the attacks, they still collect new information on them, and destroying one of the tribes allied to Xabsic's satyrs.

Currently, the Circle learned that the Satyr holding the Fang of Goldrinn will stop at Felwood, at one of the satyrs encampment, to receive the last batch of orders from Xabsic, giving them a chance to recover the sacred relic. Will the Silver Circle manage to rescue the Fang, or will the satyrs outsmart them?
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The Silver Circle agents rallied at Emerald Sanctuary, where they prepared their strike. The Night Elf and their allies numbered over twenty battle-ready combatants. Their plan was simple: launch an attack at Jadefire Glen, where the satyrs were currently stationed, and recover the Fang of Goldrinn.

The agents then moved toward the Satyr settlement, prepared to take them by surprise through a stealth attack. They knew that they had to strike fast and hard, otherwise the satyrs inside could attempt to escape with sacred relic. The Silver Circle organized themselves in three groups; An Stealth group, that would infiltrate the Glen and kill all standing sentries, while the Melee and Support groups would stand ready to move in to strike after the Stealth group had finished their work.

But disaster took place as the Stealth team was detected, and the sentries managed to sound the alarm. The situation quickly devolved, the two waiting teams quickly moving in to attempt to salvage the situation, breaking through the incoming satyr ranks, killing several of them as they ventured deeper into the village, searching for their objective. The couldn't find any of Xabsic shadow satyrs at first, as all the satyrs that blocked their way seemed to be usual Jadefire satyrs.

After killing several of the defenders, the agents of the Silver Circle reached the inner core of the settlement, where they found their last barrier. As dozens of shadow tendrils raced down the mountains and from the rest of the village, three shadow satyrs formed just ahead of them. They exchanged words in their demonic language, and then one of them dissolved back in shadows, escaping. The silver circle took the battle to the other two, defeating them after much effort.

With the battle over and the satyrs either dead or scattered, the searches began, but they didn't take long. A strange, fang shaped cloth package was quickly found. All present sighed with relief as a massive fang was revealed inside it. But as they took the fang completely out of the package to take a closer look at it, the fang slowly turned into dust, falling down to the ground. The satyr had tricked the Silver Circle, and the Fang of Goldrinn was firmly within their grasp.

The Elves and their allies reconvened and promised to not let the satyrs gain possession of any more of their relics. The satyrs attacks would begin soon, and the Silver Circle couldn't lose again, as they just had. They took their wounded to the Emerald Sanctuary for healing and care, while the others went to get some much needed rest.
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The satyrs planned a bold attack. Not satisfied with attacking sacred groves protected by druids, they actually aimed to strike Aviana, the mistress of birds! But thanks to the Silver Circle early warning, she was prepared. All druids in training at Sylvan Falls were evacuated, and only the ancient herself and her trained defendants waited the Silver Circle. She blessed all those who came to her defense, aware they needed as much help as possible. While they weren't sure what relic exactly the satyrs were searching for, they suspected the plan was to take one of Aviana feathers directly from the source.

Everyone took their positions, and it didn't take long for the satyr attack to be realized. They sent several satyrs to take on the Silver Circle forces, but they were also enough to keep Aviana occupied. Several satyrs mounted on corrupted hippogrifs arrived from Val'sharah, ready to take on the Ancient.

It didn't take long for the first wave of satyrs to be taken down, and for the first shadow satyr to arrive. While he managed wrecked some havoc, he was killed with some effort. Many more satyrs arrived for the assault, still not giving up.

Meanwhile, in the battle of the skies, Aviana and her Druids of the Talon fought valiantly against the mounted satyrs, but slowly the satyrs gained the upper hand, delivering multiple blows to the Ancient. While she managed to kill some of the unholy creatures, more arrived every few minutes.

Suddenly, the earth began to rumble, and a reverbing growl was let loose. Several dozens shadow tendrils ran across the surface of the surrounding lake, almost completely covering it for a few moments. All these shadow limbs conjoined together just ahead of the shrine, forming a massive, hulking satyr. The beast was bigger than a kodo, and as he entered the shrine proper, he ended up breaking the pillars at the entrance. His massive strength and power proved to be overwhelming to the Silver Circle, as he delivered multiple blows to many present.

As Aviana watched the new arrival, she was once again hit by the flying satyrs. In a bout of fury, she released a ear piercing shriek that threw all satyrs off balance at the same time that it empowered all agents of the Silver Circle present, filling them with further power through another blessing. The Circle took this chance to strike down multiple satyrs, and tip the battle in their favor against the lumbering abomination, slowly outmaneuvering and turning the tide of the battle.

But the same didn't happen in the open skies. Aviana kept receiving blow after blow, the multiple satyrs proving to be a bigger challenge than expected, even for the ancient. The Mistress of the Birds was tired and hurt and one last blow send her spiraling downward, crashing into the shrine. As she tried to recover herself and return to the skies, the mounted satyr pinned her wing against the earth below her.

With Aviana about to fall, the Silver Circle managed to finish of the massive satyr, claiming victory, at least momentarily. But as they turned around, they saw the satyr dismounting and plucking one of the feather out of Aviana wing, who was in the ground, writhing in pain. But the ancient refused to accept defeat, and in a lightning fast movement, she grabbed the satyr head with her massive talons, and crushed it's skull. The satyrs were all dead, and Aviana was alive, albeit hurt.

As all the other present approached Aviana, she removed the spear clipping her wing, and spoke to the Silver Circle. She thanked them for coming and protecting her. She promised she would be fine, and decided to bless the elves with a special gift. She gently picked the feather that the satyr had grabbed, and presented it to the Silver Circle as a personal gift from her, symbolizing her eternal gratitude.

The other druids of the talon came to her help, tending to her wounds, and the Silver Circle, with the feather in safe hands, rejoiced in their victory. Alas, the next attack was only a few days away, and they had to make preparations for it. The battle was won, but the war was far from over.
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The Silver Circle was on the move. After defending Aviana herself, they needed to protect Ursoc's Den from the mysterious Satyr. The home of the fallen bear god only housed bears after all this time, fresh and rotting carcasses not an unusual sight in there. But when the Silver Circle arrived, the Den was completely empty, and thus, they began to search for the relic, so they could hopefully reclaim it before the satyrs attacked.

With a team guarding the entrance and a second one inside searching around the place, it didn't take long for strange occurances take place. Some kind of invisible force began attacking those inside; Pushing them against the walls, tripping them, sweeping their legs off the ground. It was clear that they wer not alone. Meanwhile, outside, the guard team managed to see movement on the trees, and soon enough, approaching shadows. They refused to be taken by surprise, and when the surging darkness approached them, they were ready to fight as two satyrs formed from the shadows.

Inside the Den, the search team was cornered by three satyrs, who attacked immediately. But thanks to a heroic effort, the first satyr was immediately killed, and the other two were also quickly dispatched. Around the same time the satyrs inside had been killed, so did the two satyrs outside, and the two teams reunited momentarily, and then the guarding team returned to their position at the entrace of the Den.

The search efforts began once again, but this time, they had found something; a strange object rooted into the dream, inside a hollow trunk located inside the Den. Through united effort, they identified a shadow trap left for them, and then dispel it. And by entering the Dream, they finally managed to find the relic; a small bear statue. They recovered it and left the Dream, re-entering Azeroth proper with the object in hands. The statue was handed to the leadership of the Circle for added protection. And with no more satyrs appearing, they left the Den, victorious.
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The Well of Eternity. This was where the satyrs would try to steal the fourth and last relic. So far, the Silver Circle had recovered two of the three relics, and they intended on staying ahead of the satyrs, especially in the most sacred of grounds, right beneath Nordrassil itself.

As the Silver Circle approached, they saw a fully garrisoned shrine. Druids walking around with cleansing incense, several guards fully prepared to any attack. The Guardians of Hyjal stood ready for the incoming Satyr, just as the Silver Circle itself did. But as they entered the shrine, chaos ensued, for a simple reason. The Silver Circle was already there!

Five impostors, five perfect copies of the elves of the Circle stood there, receiving a lock box, where the relic resided. The Archdruid present was even more confused, as he saw multiple copies of the same person. But he took action right away, locking all inside and calling the Wardens from the Stormrage Barrow Dens to identify what kind of trickery was afoot. Until then, he decided he would instate a trial; To uncover the truth, each side would attempt to prove that they were the true Silver Circle, instead of the impostors. He instated some rules, and established that the impostors would be executed.

Unfortunately, the Silver Circle didn't seem to want to cooperate with the trial. After direct orders to not use any magic, one of the agents of the Circle attempted to cast dispel on the impostors. But he failed due to the overwhelming arcane magic of the Well of Eternity, and the Archdruid and the Guardians immediately restrained him. Other attempts to see through the illusion was also met with mixed results. The incense the druids have been burning created a dense fog at any attempts to try to identify the satyrs.

Soon enough, turmoil took place. The Silver Circle accused the Archdruid of being an impostor, which in turn infuriated the druid. One of the Elders of the Silver Circle, a long time friend of the Archdruid, tried to calm down his colleagues, to very little success. The Archdruid grew enraged at the accusations, laying down an ultimatum; Either stand down, or be imprisoned. The Elder of the Wild once again used his influence to calm down the Archdruid, and getting the rest of the Circle to stand down.

A sixth impostor appeared, holding the lock box. And in a moment of calm, one of the elves of the circle suggested that the relic should be kept in neutral grounds, something that the Archdruid agreed with. The lockbox was left down in the ground, in between the two groups. The atmosphere was heavy, and the mood was sour. The Archdruid was still angry, and the Silver Circle was restless. Meanwhile, the six impostors were calm and collected, further complicating the situation. The interrogation kept going, the truth still unrevealed.

But by then, the time had ran out. The Wardens burst into the room, quickly laying down their authority and their orders. In this split second, the sixth impostor jumped between the groups, reaching for the relic on the ground. Several spells rained down as the impostors raced toward the door, one of them immediately being met by one of the warden umbra crescent.

But the most important of the impostors remained unimpeded. With the lock box in hands, he turned into shadows, racing away from the Well in seconds, avoiding all who stood in the way. The other five satyr stayed behind to ensure the relic escape, and quickly they were torn down by the Silver Circle, the Guardians and the Wardens. They had lost another relic, only recovering two of the four.

The archdruid was furious, but the Elder of the Wild calmed him down. The Warden Leader remained calm and collected, aware of the situation. She formally announced that Xabsic and his band of satyrs were now official enemies of the Kaldorei nation and of the Wardens as well. She then found and brought forward some evidence the satyrs left behind. They would use the relics in their possession in a unholy ritual so they could corrupt the sacred items and then absorb their powers.

The time was ticking. It didn't matter if it seemed like a trap. The Circle had to take immediate action, and so they prepared themselves. They needed to stop this ritual at all costs.
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Time was running short. The satyrs would start their ritual to consume the two relics at any moment in time. The Silver Circle couldn't afford scouting, or long preparations. Their only option was to throw caution to the wind, and act immediately. They all met at Wildheart Point, ready launch their attack. They quickly formed together and moved to Jaedenar, an old Shadow Council outpost, where the supposed ritual would take place. They had to stop the satyr before they corrupted the Fang of Goldrinn and the Statue of Malorne.

As they arrived, they found no one. No satyr, no ritual, nothing. just an empty chasm, with a corrupted moonwell in the middle of it. The Circle started searching for the relics to no avail. They were nowhere to be found. As the night darkened in the skies above, the circle seemed to find themselves in a stump, clueless.

The night kept getting darker and darker... far more than normal. But before the Circle was truly aware of what was taking place, shadows completely covered the night sky. A shadow wall formed on the chasm, locking all off the Silver Circle inside a impenetrable shadow dome, not even the moonlight entering. Several tendrils of shadows burst forth from the walls, many satyrs forming through the battlefield. Two satyrs landed inside the moonwell, each holding one of the stolen relics. A powerful shield was formed around them, closing them off from the rest of the dome, and they immediately began corrupting the relics.

The other satyrs quickly took the battle to the Silver Circle, their intention clear. They had to buy time for the ritual to take place, and they would sacrifice their lives for it. The Silver Circle managed to get the upper hand early, mercilessly beating down the satyr, without giving them any breathing room. It seemed like a sure victory.

But the satyrs released all their powers, enraged. They united all their power into a single massive strike, a ball of pure darkness, spinning above the battlefield. As the Silver Circle watched it, it suddenly moved, hitting the Keeper with full strength, exploding in her face and immediately knocking her out. A shield was formed around her, protecting her from any further attacks. The Circle was immediately thrown aback with the sudden strike of their leader. Meanwhile, inside the shield, the relics cracked loudly, nightmare energy filling them.

While some decided to heal the Keeper, the rest attacked the remaining satyr with fire and fury. Unable to withstand the renewed attacks, the satyrs didn't last long. And as the fighting satyrs fell, so did the shield protecting the ritual. The relics were almost fully corrupted by this point, the two satyrs desperate to finish their work. They focused their remaining energy into the relics, ignoring the attackers. The first of the two fell swiftly, unable to finish his ritual. But with one last burst of dark magic, the Fang of Goldrinn shattered in pieces, exploding.

As the last satyr fell dead, the Statue of Malorne still remained. The circle quickly grabbed it, taking it to Whisperwind Grove, while the wounded retreated to Darnassus through a portal. With half of the relics they sought safely into their hands, they hoped to finally respite. After all, at worst, they had stopped Xabsic from achieving his complete plans.

But as the elves arrived at Whisperwind Grove, an all to similar presence made itself felt. The skies darkened once again, and the shadows coalesced; Xabsic projected himself right in front of all those present. And he issued his last challenge; Face him in field of battle, so they could suffer their death. The Silver Circle, obstinate, accepted his challenge, saying that it would be him that would die instead. Xabsic disappeared in the shadows, laughing.

The final battle of this war was about to take place.
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As the Silver Circle prepared themselves for the attack, Kenoss Goodcoil, the archdruid from Hyjal and Athaea Lonelight, the warden from Hyjal arrived. And with them, many other wardens and druids of the cenarion circle. They had managed to amass reinforcements for this final attack. They offered their forces to help the Silver Circle to defeat Xabsic once and for all.

The Silver Circle moved forward with their allies, reaching for Xabsic location. But as they approached, several shadow satyrs rushed toward them, Athaea Lonelight told them she would stay back with the rest of the wardens to take on the satyr, and so they did. The party advanced until they reached a wall made out of nightmare thorns blocking their path. Kenoss Goodcoil burned down the wall, and stayed behind to defend the entrance of the valley with the rest of the druids.

The agents of the Silver Circle finally enter the chasm, only a distant silhouette occupying the place. As they further delve into the place, they finally see the real identity of the silhouette. A tall satyr, with several bright red streaks running through his body. Xabsic. He smiles, taunting the Silver Circle for their failures and their attempts at stop him. He heralds the birth of the Shadow Circle, a new satyr sect, and then further taunts all those who were cursed by his satyr.

Xabsic then launches a shadow blast over the entire Circle, blinding everyone. But unbeknownst to them, utilizing his masterful skills at Illusion magic, together with the power he gained from the ritual that corrupted and absorbed the Fang of Goldrinn, he switched his place with one of the cursed elves. He obfuscated their aspects, making them "switch bodies", at least in appearance. He then put further illusions into her mind, making her see all the other agents of the Silver Circle as Satyrs. The satyr would use his own magic to enhance the elf attacks, and also use the remaining energy of the relic to shield her from some of the attacks, to make the fight seem more believable.

After the switch was made, the blindness came to an end, and Xabsic now hides in plain sight between the Silver Circle. Meanwhile, the Elf who was victim of Xabsic illusions was confused and lost. All that she saw ahead of her was over a dozen satyrs. And so she immediately attacked the Circle, which in turn thought they were attacking Xabsic.

The battle raged on, with the true Xabsic carefully pulling the string, ensuring that all of the elf attacks would be believable, so that his own disguise wouldn't be found. He enjoyed greatly the situation; indirectly attacking all the Circle while he was hiding between them... His magic empowerment also enabled the defeat of a few of the elves, knocking them out. Meanwhile, the elf despaired, defeat seemingly inevitable. She used everything she had to try to survive, growing a barkskin around her skin, and then turning it into Ironbark, trying desperately to stay alive.

But it didn't take long for the tricked elf to crumble. Even with Xabsic magic and the relics empowering it, she couldn't stand the barrage of attacks that the agents of the Circle kept unleashing on her. She was left powerless, defeated. In this moment, Xabsic saw his moment to shine. He stepped forward, still disguised as the elf, claiming the kill to himself. He concentrated his powers and with a powerful blast, hit the elf, who was still deep within her own illusion. This was his plan, this was why he had cursed the many of the elves of the Silver Circle. After delivering so many horrible nightmares, filling them with much shadow energy, toying with their minds, Xabsic forcefully extracted the curse out of the elves, transforming all the energy the curse had gathered through the months into a single crystalline energy source.

He grabbed the crystal, smiling. He turned around, crystal in hand, and finally let his disguise fall, the illusion that made him look like the elf no longer in place. With one last taunt, he exploded in shadows, escaping the Silver Circle, his plan successful, at least in part.

Meanwhile, the elf left behind slowly saw her illusion dissipate. The satyrs disappeared, and in their place, the Silver Circle stood there again. The disguise that Xabsic put in place of the Elf dissipated, revealing the broken, beaten elf. Pieces of the ironbark skin fell off her, many of the attacks she received penetrated through the magic Xabsic used, and had left her shattered. She fell to the ground, joining the rest of those who were knocked unconscious.

The rest of the Silver Circle quickly rescued the wounded, and in a desperate maneuver retreated to Darnassus, utilizing a mage portal. All members of the Circle were now in safe haven, many of them needing cure immediately.

But back in Felwood, the rest of the battle also died down. Most of the satyrs were killed, while others managed to escape. Both the wardens and the druids of the cenarion circle suffered losses, but in general, they had won the battle. Some of them had seen battle between the Silver Circle and Xabsic unfold, aware that they had to escape for emergency healing. They cleaned up the still remaining satyr before leaving to Whisperwind Grove to seek their own moment of peace post-battle.

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“To All Whom It May Concern,

The satyr “XABSIC” and the entirety of his following sect, the self entitled “SHADOW CIRCLE”, both hereinafter referred to as CRIMINALS, have shown to be dangerous to the very existence of all Kaldorei.

Therefore, with all the powers conferred to me as a Warden, I officially instate a HUNT targeting these criminals. All those who are captured in this HUNT will either be enjailed until eternity’s end, or be put to death, whichever is considered more adequate at the moment of capture.

Any and all information on their plans, location, movements or any information on them must be turned in to the Watchers at first opportunity, with utmost celerity.

Any attempt to intentionally withhold, hide or conceal information of these criminals, and also any attempt to help, assist, aid, comfort or otherwise intentionally interact with any ‘positive’ intentions with the criminals will be considered HIGH TREASON, and will be punished adequately.

Anu'dorini Talah.

Second Lieutenant Athaea Lonelight of the Wardens

(The official warden seal can be found here)”
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