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This missive was addressed towards members of the Silver Circle. Once opened, the fine script reads the following:

Greetings, members of the Circle.

My name is Urieth Sagefire, and my work as a scholar keeps me moving all over Kalimdor. Most of the time, this work is documenting Highborne ruins, archiving our storied past. And occasionally recovering artifacts. It is for this last reason that I wish to meet with you all, as I've recently received worrisome news. Please, meet me on the 11th in Lor'danel in the evening, and I will explain in detail what I require your assistance with.

Urieth Sagefire
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Scholar Sagefire met with members of the Circle and their allies, informing them of a human criminal named Donovan Hock who had purchased an ancient druidic artifact in a black market auction. The artifact was revealed to be called Owl's Favor, which has the power to force anyone in it's range into a deep slumber, from which they will not wake even if injured. It was used to kill demons during the last days of the war of the ancients, but was lost shortly after the Sundering. After the Circle agreed to assist her, Urieth revealed her plan to recover the artifact.

Donovan Hock will host a party for his daughter's 18th birthday on the 14th of this month, on his estate in Duskwood. As his daughter, Maria, is obsessed with Kaldorei, it wouldn't be suspicious for a group of Kaldorei to show up at the celebration, as long as they have the proper invitations. Scholar Sagefire can forge three different types of invitations; one for guests, one for entertainers, and one for workers. Those who agree to take on one of these roles must then blend in as their assigned role during the party, blending in with the others.

Meanwhile, Sagefire will accompany Aeowyn as the latter pretends to be Donovan's guard captain, Jinrus Truestrike, whom she bears a startling resemblance too. The two of them will make their way into the security building and open up the entrance to the mine outside of the estate, then give the signal to the rest of the group to move forward. The signal will be the guards standing by the exit gate towards the mine moving to guard the fountain at the center of the estate. Afterwards, Sagefire and Aeowyn will monitor the situation at the security building as the others make their way into the mines. The mines have a two part security system, one located on opposite ends of the mine, that must be unlocked at the same time to open up the vault and reclaim Owl's Favor. Once done, the group must quickly leave the vault to rejoin the party, then leave at staggered intervals so as not to draw attention. Scholar Sagefire and Aeowyn will then leave as well.

(estate map:
1) Hock Residence
2) Guard Barracks
3) Servant’s quarters/Kitchen
4) Arena
5) ??? Closed to everyone except Hock and Truestrike.
6) Party Bazaar
7) Public Gardens
8) Abandoned mine
9) Watch tower (Currently abandoned. Faulty construction has rendered it very unstable.)

mines map:
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SIGN UP SHEET LINK BELOW. Please do not edit over the information on the first slide or write out somoene's name. I will know (ಠ_ಠ)
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