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Love is in the Air in Darnassus
A Kaldorei of WRA Event

Ah, love is in the air: sweet flowers, perfume, and sharing gifts with loved ones! Some call it love, and some just call it friendship and admiration. The more skeptical, however, are convinced goblins made up the holiday to sell candy and perfume! But to many in the Alliance, the Love Festival signifies the victory of good over evil, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and strengthen relationships.

This year, the Night Elves open Darnassus to revelers throughout the Alliance, to meet new friends and strengthen diplomatic bonds.

Kaldorei Love Lore
In ancient times, when a night elf wished to find love, it was custom that they first court an individual of their choosing. Culturally courtship can take many forms; a man may compose songs or poems praising the object of his affection; or may fashion a special jewel for the loved one to wear.

Often a simple flower can become a token of undying affection. When a man or woman desires another of their acquaintance, the suitor customarily shows that desire by wearing either a single flower pinned to the clothing or worn in their hair. He or she wears the flower until it withers, or until the object of desire responds to it in some way. By custom, those who know the wearer of the flower must each determine if they are the desired one by presenting gifts to reciprocate affection, asking outright, or choosing to ignore it if they are uninterested. The wearer of the flower need not state his or her preference; indeed, this custom works particularly well for those who feel a certain delicacy about approaching the object of their affections.

In modern times, this custom is upheld to some degree. Women who seek love still wear a single flower, often a lovely red rose, but men have taken to wearing charm bracelets. Still, it is the custom for those who know the wearer to present gifts (typically chocolates, flowers, or candies) to reciprocate affection.

A Walk-up Social RP Event
On Friday, February 9th beginning at 5pm ST the kaldorei of WRA host a casual role-play night in Darnassus for walk-up RP! On this night, we invite our friends in the Alliance to join us for casual roleplay and to celebrate the Love is in the Air Festival IC!

How it works
- Casual roleplay in Darnassus begins at 5pm server time and can last long into the night!
- Wear formal or casual attire in keeping with the festival theme!
- Ladies looking to meet new people should wear a forever-lovely rose in their hair!
- Men looking to meet new people should wear a lovely charm bracelet!
- Offer gifts of chocolate, heart candies, or flowers to new friends you’d like to see more of in RP!

Darnassus Casual RP Map

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