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Hosting a Campaign
The various storylines that we run are part of the charm of the Silver Circle, and each of us have our own way of hosting them. For those interested in organizing and hosting a campaign for the guild, please follow the instructions and rules listed below.

How to Sign Up
1. Post your campaign synopsis in a reply to this thread using the template below (under the Spoilers tag). This action informs the leadership team that you've got a story in the works! Once your synopsis has been posted, the officers will reach out to begin a collaborative dialogue with you via website or Discord DMs.
Campaign Title: Wild Sheep Chase
Campaign Theme: Search and Rescue
Genre: Comedy
Primary Location(s): Darkshore or Azshara
Number of Events: 5

Copy & paste the template code:
[b]Campaign Title:[/b]
[b]Campaign Theme:[/b]
[b]Primary Location(s):[/b]
[b]Number of Events:[/b]

2. Write up a complete outline for your campaign. This includes things such as summaries for each event, major story beats, and important roleplay mechanics. Commonly, campaign outlines are written out in Google Documents or Microsoft Word for easy access and legibility.

3. Share your campaign outline with the leadership team. Outlines should be sent to either the Keeper, an Elder, or a Warden in a private message over the guild site, or via Discord DMs. From there, they will work with you to brainstorm any necessary changes or offer suggestions to help refine your ideas. Important: Leadership must approve your campaign outline before it can be scheduled.

4. Schedule your events on the guild website and in-game calendars. Once your outline has been approved by leadership, and a timeframe has been selected for your story to take place during, the final step is to schedule the dates and times of your campaign events! Leadership will work with hosts to schedule the best time for their campaigns in accordance with other surrounding and/or upcoming stories. Important: All major campaign events MUST be scheduled no later than 1 week before the month(s) the campaign is intended to be hosted during.

Congratulations on successfully planning your campaign! We can't wait to experience the story you have in store for us!

Campaign Rules
I. Campaigns must operate in accordance with all guild rules.

II. Campaign outlines must be approved by leadership.

III. Be prepared to host before you sign up.

IV. Follow the sign up format.

TIP: If you want to host a campaign but you're not sure where to get started, please read our Event Rules. Those interested in hosting events or campaigns for the first time are encouraged to contact a member of the leadership team for any assistance with drafting or scheduling.

Current Queue (9/3/2022)
  1. September - Mythanil
  2. October - Kelanthos (Pending)
  3. November - Casual RP/Holiday RPs
  4. December - Feyawen short series
  5. January - Website Timeskip Prompts / Dragonflight PvE
  6. February - Casual RP / Leadership short series
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Campaign Title: Bleeding Emerald (WIP)
Campaign Theme: Mystery, Rescue, Adventure
Genre: Adventure
Primary Location(s): Val'sharah
Number of Events: 8-9 events

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