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Acridius of WRA is hosting a campaign called “Haunting at Bashal’Aran”, a kaldorei themed role-playing campaign set in the misty grey coastline of Darkshore. The campaign began 11/12/17. The next event is scheduled for 11/19/17, and will conclude on 11/21/17!

Brief Recap of Events
On 11/12/17, a Lor’danel guard asked agents and allies of the Silver Circle to find a caravan lost near the ruins of Bashal’Aran and the search party that was sent to find it. In the early evening the volunteers began their investigation into the disappearance of the caravan and search party, but as night fell things began to change around them. As the moon ascended into the sky, the ghosts of ten thousand years stirred. At first their numbers were minimal, but then more and more wailing spirits rose up from the dilapidated remains of the bygone city. Before long, there were hundreds. The investigative volunteers were lucky to escape unscathed…

Since then, rumors of the threat have spread throughout Darkshore and even to some places in Ashenvale and Teldrassil.

On 11/15/17, Keeper Nightfury led another mission into the ruins by daylight, hoping to locate the bodies of the missing search party. The previous scouts determined that the ruins would be safe so long as sunlight lingered in the sky, but they also detected trace amounts of fel magic during their last visit. This led the investigative team to believe foul tampering at the ruins had addled and enraged the dormant spirits.

Soon, their suspicions proved true, or so it seemed. Upon their return, the agents reported encountering a demon hunter by the name of Acridius. A little-known hunter who had somehow evaded capture all those years ago and has been operating in northern kalimdor since the Third War. The encounter with the demon hunter was tense, but the demon hunter shared information readily with the Circle.

A ritual of cleansing could purify the spirits and see Bashal’Aran quieted once more, but there was an alternative method to consider. The way of Elune’s devoted lies clear, but a heretic’s valley promises a safer passage. The Circle must decide where to turn to secure their new home.

A notice penned in archaic hand and left in the care of Sister Ayriala at the Lor’danel Inn, for members and allies of the Silver Circle.

In'elah Shan’are,

The ghosts of Bashal’Aran have indeed been awakened. At night, their spirits wander the ruins in countless droves, and in less than one week’s time the spirits will overrun the ruins and flood out into the wilderness of Darkshore.

We must prepare to cleanse the ruins before this comes to pass. It can take a week or more to acquire the material components required for a greater ritual of cleansing, for that reason I am asking you all to do your utmost to obtain what is needed in four nights’ time. A list of the required materials will be provided to you by Sister Ayriala upon request.

As for the ritual itself, it requires at least five capable ritual casters, those with some affinity with the Elunian faith. If you know a capable brother or sister who might be willing to lend their aid, I implore you to seek them out.

Shaha lor'ma,

[Complete] 5 Lesser Moonstone
Mined from a silver or tin vein in southern Darkshore by Thinius Shadowfern.

[Complete] An ample supply of Salt(x200, 1 full stack)
Purchased from a local salt trader in Darnassus by Isaria Moonfeather.

[Complete] 1 log of Star Wood
Purchased from a highborne enchanter by Isaria Moonfeather.

[Complete] 3 Highborne Scroll
Recovered by scholars and historians and likely kept in city or town archives, where archeological societies gather.

[Complete] 5 vials of Enchanted Water
Fresh water purified and enchanted by a temple priestess, obtained by Isaria Moonfeather.

[Complete] 10 Golden Pearl
Fished in Azshara by Myonir the Bard.

Druids of the Moon and Priests or Priestesses of Elune may sign up to participate in the 11/19/17 ritual event this Sunday. Non-kaldorei divine caster characters such as paladins may also choose to sign up to help with the ritual, however they will suffer a disadvantage during the event. The character must be knowledgeable of cleansing rituals and capable of channeling divine magic. It is preferred that the player has some IC knowledge of the events taking place for this campaign as well. The information herein can be obtained by role-playing with a member of the Silver Circle, or by “word-of-mouth” rumors.

A maximum of 10 divine casters will be accepted to perform the ritual of cleansing. Please reply to this thread with your character's full name and in-game character name to sign up for this list! Please only sign up if you know you can attend the entire event. It begins at 5:00pm server time and should not last beyond 3 hours.

Ritual Casters
1. Feyawen Nightfury
2. Seladros Starmeadow
3. Faren'Ashal (Autumnsword)
4. Mythanil Briarblade
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Wandering Si...
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OOC name - Autumnsword
IC name Faren'Ashal
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Wandering Si...
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If there aren't enough, I will throw Aeseri Startender [ OOC: Adarlasia ] in to help.
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I will be able to attend for the full event! I will bring ; Mythanil Briarblade [ Mythanil oocly ] for the ritual! ( sorry if this was a bit late! )