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The Furbolgs of the Blackwood Tribe have lived peaceably alongside the Kaldorei in the forests of Darkshore for generations, though they have always preferred to live in isolation.

However, the tribe's close connection with the forests was exploited by agents of the Burning Legion following the Third War. As the forests of Darkshore were corrupted, the Blackwood Tribe became tainted with evil or went completely mad, and began attacking their former allies and destroying the lands they once protected.

Since the time of the Cataclysm, many of the Blackwood villages between the Ruins of Mathystra and Ameth'Aran have been culled or cured by the Kaldorei, but rumors of danger have persisted in the south.

Currently, the Blackwood tribe to the south remains on the loose, and are considered a grave threat to the people of Darkshore.

Sentinel Moonwing

Sentinel Moonwing is a night elf sentinel and warrior trainer who operates out of Lor'danel. When she and her unit are recovering, they often call upon the aid of the Silver Circle to help in local affairs.

Baluan "The Mean Hooker"

Baluan is an easily recognizable character and had been a well-known figure in Lor’danel since its construction. The old dwarf had retired and chosen to live among the elves in Auberdine over a decade ago, now he is just another one of the survivors eking out a living in the Darkshore. He is most well known for cursing heartily, tearing legs off roast strider with his bare hands and occasionally swilling ale straight from the keg.

Foriel Broadleaf

Foriel Broadleaf is a resident at the Grove of the Ancients in southern Darkshore. He has been charged by the Cenarion Circle with preserving the southern wilderness, and building diplomatic ties with the Blackwood Tribe.

Elder Brolg

Elder Brolg is the oldest of the Blackwood Elders and one of the last survivors of the most recent corruption of the Blackwood Tribe. In times of peace, the Elder serves as a mystic and soothsayer for his people and helps keep the Blackwood Tribe on friendly terms with other denizens of Darkshore.

A New Threat
It was an ordinary night in Lor’danel. The Inn at Lor’danel was full of music and laughter and noise. Sentinel Moonwing and her unit of sentinels had returned to the village after a facing off with a family of dire bears that threatened the north, and the Silver Circle gathered to celebrate the sentinels' victory. That is, until a bloodied and bruised dwarf comes into the Lor'danel inn and collapses on the floor. He is conscious but weak, and he begins stammering something about Furbolg ambushers.

Healers Kelanthos Ivyfang and Caltihra Swiftwind of the Silver Circle treated dwarf while some others went to scout out the dwarf's trail. After some investigating, what once were believed to be only whispers and rumors of attacks by savage and cruel bands of Furbolg in the southern wilderness have now become a concern to the people of Lor'danel. Unfortunately, with the Sentinels of Darkshore have been tied up with other matters and are unable to investigate. Sentinel Moonwing has asked if members of the Silver Circle are prepared to lead the investigation instead. The resounding answer, yes.

Following the incident at the Inn, Sentinel Moonwing confided in Shaureyne Razorleaf that a druid by the name of Foriel Broadleaf, residing in the Grove of the Ancients, should be able to help.

How Great a Threat?
The agents of the Silver Circle journeyed to the southern wilds of Darkshore, where they began their investigation into the strange events surrounding the corruption of the Blackwood Tribe. However, en-route, the agents were accosted by a party of furbolg ambushers. Their pelts were dark and matted, scored with strange symbols and shaved in spots to reveal bizarre brands. Necklaces of leather hang from their necks, displaying grisly trophies: ears, teeth, scalps, and event tiny skulls.

The agents and allies of the Silver Circle fought courageously until the threat was vanquished. Aware of the danger of encountering more ambushers, the agents marched on. In the sacred ruins nestled at the surging Wildbend River, the agents of the Silver Circle licked their wounds. Here in the Grove of the Ancients, the met with Foriel Broadleaf, a resident at the grove and the senior druid charged with preserving the southern wilderness.

Foriel Broadleaf briefed the agents of the Silver Circle on recent events, explaining that it is up to the Silver Circle to cleanse the furbolgs' corruption and reestablish a connection with the Blackwood Tribe. He went a step further and advised they journey to Blackwood Hold, to seek out one of the furbolg elders who lives on the outskirts of the settlement.

The Blackwood Elder
In the days that followed, the agents of the Silver Circle desperately sought out a cure for the corruption of the Blackwood Tribe. It became clear that majority of the Cenarion Circle druids at the Grove of the Ancients favored reestablishing contact with one of the tribe's elders. Upon the advice of Foriel Broadleaf, agents of the Silver Circle traveled deeper into the southern woodlands of Darkshore, where they happened upon the elder's camp.

In the furbolg campsite, which consisted of a newly hewn log hut and a makeshift palisade, the agents of the Silver Circle conceived a plan of action and divided into three separate groups to achieve their goals.

The first party, led by former Sentinel-Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf began the daunting task of infiltrating Blackwood Hold, the largest fortified settlement of the Blackwood Tribe. Before long, Razorleaf and her team confirmed that the massive settlement was overrun with corrupt and half-mad furbolgs, forcing them to take precautions every step of the way up through the nigh-unrecognizable settlement to collect the sacred bear's paw herb.

Concerned with what they perceived to be the increasing threat posed by demonic magic, Priestess Nelysea Shimmerweave's team led an investigation to uncover the cause of the corruption. Shimmerweave and her team gathered in the southeast, along the Hyjal mountain range that divided the grey woodlands of the Darkshore with the blighted Felwood. Predictably, the investigation turned to the issue of proximity to the foul climate of the Felwood, and it quickly became clear that the turbulent rainstorms that had been ravaging the south had ultimately been influenced by dark magic from over the mountains, thus corrupting baser wildlife and ultimately the Blackwood Tribe.

Spurred on by the need to find a cure, Druid Isaria Moonfeather redoubled her efforts and led a hunt for sacrificial strider flesh along the coast. After hours of tracking, Moonfeather's and her hunting party finally found their quarry and moved in for the kill. But a new dilemma emerged when they discovered their quarry had been the offspring of a little-known legend: "Guts the Indomitable". Only through a combination of raw natural power, and perseverance where the agents of the Silver Circle able to defeat Guts, a massive great Forest Strider rumored to be left over from an era long gone.

Before dawn, the three parties reunited at Elder Brolg's encampment, where the Elder proclaimed he would prepare the final ritual to save his clan and summon the agents of the Silver Circle once more in two days' time.

Blessing of the Bear
Some days later, Gren arrived at the Grove of the Ancients with grave news. Elder Brolg had fallen to the corruption, and the ritual had not been complete. The Blackwood warrior pleaded with Foriel Broadleaf and the agents of the Silver Circle to complete the ritual and bless the offerings they had gathered to save his tribe.

The ritual was led by two druids, an experienced elder by the name of Raelor Valeclaw who had happened upon the Grove of the Ancients in the days prior and offered his aid, and Isaria Moonfeather.

At a specific time and place, the elves of the Silver Circle and some allies assembled to beseech the spirits of Darkshore and imbue the offerings of herb and flesh with the divine magic. All who attended could vividly remember Valeclaw and Moonfeather bolstering their prayers, and the abrupt stillness that gripped the surrounding woods in the aftermath of the ritual.

The Aftermath
Some weeks later, Keeper Nightfury received a letter from Foriel Broadleaf detailed the improvement of the tribe's welfare. Broadleaf wrote that Elder Brolg was still recovering, but that the Elder of the Blackwood Tribe vowed to commit the efforts of the Circle to the memories of his people.
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