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"So far my research into this has been lacking..." - Aneldraen Silentstar

Succeeding the bizarre events in which agents of the Silver Circle fought an enigmatic woman to recover the Gem of Elune, Brother Aneldraen Silentstar took it upon himself to delve into research regarding an unknown magic used by their foe.

The woman’s magic seemed insurmountable. Able to shield her mannequin body from spells and melee alike, in a sphere of impenetrable force. Brother Silentstar began his research into the mysterious magic in the only place he believed would yield answers: Eldre’thalas.

Among the ruined libraries, Aneldraen Silentstar and allies within the Silver Circle recovered a series of tomes describing three old and seemingly forgotten magics. Dated to have been written some 9,700 years ago, translated copies of the most informative passages can be found and examined in the Silver Circle Archives.

“Early education, what is often covered in a student’s third or fourth century, is about dealing with charms and wards of a domestic kind. By now, the student should have a deeper understanding of the three types of world magic. Deep magic, which is of the earth and sky, the stream and the flame, the slow dream at the heart of things, this is the magic longest learned, hardest known. High magic is used by the sorcerers of the most powerful kind, and sometimes by druids. High magic is perilous; it can change the course of wars and bring down kings and queens. These days it is rarely seen. Lastly, there is hearth magic. Hearth magic can be employed by anyone, as long as people are careful. Small errors can make it go wrong; a man might end up with things upside down, so to speak, if he does not apply the charm in exactly the right way. Ordinary folk such as the cottagers up and down the lake make use of this magic to placate or fend off the mischievous presences that come out of the woods at full moon, or clung to fishing boats on the lake on misty days. Many scholars of forgotten lore and magic believe that hearth magic derives from deep magic, though it is a much lesser form. The primary benefit of hearth magic is that it is capable of fending off deep magic, when properly performed.” – Forgotten Tome, Vol. 3

Council Glade: A Hunt for Knowledge
On the 25th of Kaldore, Aneldraen Silentstar spoke before the Silver Circle and requested the aid of volunteers to assist him in his research. So far, the following individuals have stepped forward to aid him:

Kelanthos Ivyfang, an ancient druid knowledgeable in the historical significance and practice of Hearth Magic.

Thinius Shadowfern, an ancient Highborne with some knowledge regarding the practice of Hearth Magic and High Magic.

Seldarine Stardragon, a close companion of Aneldraen Silentstar and a Silversworn of the Circle who assists Aneldraen on his adventures.

Elisperith Wormwood, a Silversworn of the Circle with useful contacts throughout Alliance trade groups. Sister Wormwood is presently using her contacts to help search for new information regarding the three magics.

More lore may be revealed to the Silver Circle as they continue their campaigns throughout Azeroth. Those interested in continuing to learn more about the three ancient magics only need to keep an eye out for sources of knowledge during future events!

If you receive a piece of knowledge, you may post that information here to assist in the adventure and to keep the thread updated!
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Hearth Magic:

With the aid of Kelanthos and Thinius it is to my understanding Hearth Magic is rooted in superstition, belief, hope, love, and faith. This world magic is ‘simple’ to use for the most part as it can be seen daily used in everyday life. The most noticeable use of this magic would be in the form of trinkets to ward of harm that one would ‘keep close to their heart’. Another form would be taking example a strand of hair and to weave it into a cloth, wrist wear, or another trinket to have one ‘protect’ when they are away from you. Again while simple in use and practice I’ve been unable to confirm if they are anyway effective as one must believe, have hope, have faith, or love for this to work. I’ll report on this more as I continue the studies on Hearth Magic.
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