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#13412941 Aug 26, 2017 at 08:49 PM
Wandering Si...
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Hello! A lot of you attended my event, Gifts to the Gifters, and I want to thank you all again for coming! I hope everyone had fun but one person who wasn't having much fun was the Chief. luckily we got him cured and he should be back to his weird self soon. The curse was contained in a Glyphed Jar and is now in the possession of the Silver Circle. I'm going to be outlining a few things about the Jar and the Curse in this thread.

Creator of the Curse: An old hag from a previous event, Culling the Cullers. She was a lunatic follower of Yogg Saron and wished to re-awaken the old ones.

Type of Curse; The curse itself is void magic in nature.

Symptoms: The main symptom of the curse is to keep the heart alive even if the body has died. The woman needed a lot of hearts that couldn't be rotted so she developed this curse to keep them intact. -- Other symptoms include but are not limited to: lethargy, fatigue, pustules, lung like symptoms similar to pneumonia, rash, and hair loss at pustule site, chills, slow death, and possible seizures.

The Magic: The spell within the Jar gives off an uneasy feeling, sickening to be near, and it is intensely cold. Even the jar itself is cold to the touch from the magic within.

The Jar: The Jar was similar to a honey pot in shape and size. It was true the Oakfoot clan had several around as honey was a very popular food with Furbolgs. This particular jar was glyphed by their elder Shaman to protect what was put inside. Before the Jar was brought out magical jewelry needed for a ritual to pass on the mantel of Elder Shaman to lesser Shaman was being held inside. Now it's housing the curse. The Glyphs are simple in nature, simply keeping all magic locked and unable to escape.

The Oakfoot Clan: None of them show signs of the curse. All the ones that did, outside of the Chief have long since been disposed of and were taken from the camp. Luckily no one else had fallen ill but all seem willing to be healed as they have a mighty superstition about the curse and evil magic. They would be happy patients.

The Chief: He's doing well now, still crazy and old but not dieing.

Feel free to discuss the curse, jar, clan, or anything else here. The Clan are Allies to the Silver Circle now and I would have no qualms about others using them should they have events in Grizzly hills. Feel free. If anyone has any questions about them or their Next in Line Chief, Ultaa the Fuzzy, just PM me. :D
#13417572 Aug 30, 2017 at 03:52 AM
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Enjoyed the event quite a lot! A tense moment without sword swinging always has the potential to be a good time when done right. :)
#13441711 Sep 15, 2017 at 06:26 PM
Wandering Si...
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Thank you, Merethyl.

I put an event up on the calendar for the cleansing of the evil within the jar. The event will be 6 server time on October 5th!
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