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A campaign by Mythanil Briarblade.

First Blood
On the 3rd of Mennare the newly found order of Feyawen Nightfury's 'Silver Circle' was summoned to the temple of Elune in Darnassus, their keeper had her Silversworn listen to the plight of Mythanil Briarblade. The young Kaldorei woman spoke of a terrible evil growing deep within the heart of Feralas, and pleaded to the Silver Circle for aid in removing the malignant evil from it's seat of power.

The evil in question was a recently assembled tribe of Satyr known exclusively as the 'Blackthorn' , A large enough tribe that had the magical and physical prowess to dominate over even the Gordunni ogre's who inhabited most Highborn ruins in Feralas.

At the head of these Satyr was Aranthiel Starfury, a master shapeshifter turned traitor, swayed by the promises of Xavius and his ilk, and father to Mythanil Briarblade.

The Silversworn agreed to assist Briarblade in removing the Satyr menace from Feralas, and with the Keeper's best wishes the newly formed Circle embarked on their first official task. The Satyr's however would not prove easy to reach, the cadre of elves were teleported a few miles from their destination, a magical trap was used to place the party further from Isildien than they had intended.

Marching a good mile from the 'Emerald Summit' through the thick muddy terrain of a fresh rainstorm the cadre was on an alternate route above the Horde military camp of Mojache. However the party was intercepted by three Satyr who had intended to trap them on the single bridge across a dangerous river.

Having not fallen into the trap the Silversworn made quick work of the otherwise weak Satyr, even managing to capture one alive and taking them to a camp just past the high-path.

Ghosts of Eldre'thalas
After a day of rest and interrogation of their Satyr prisoner the party continued through an otherwise un-used route to Isildien, Darkmist Ruins were often regarded as a cursed piece of land, however it was a potentially dangerous shortcut through the mountains or surely facing more Satyr ambushes.

Arriving at Darkmist the party discovered the forgotten dead, Highborn bound to haunt the dilapidated ruins of some defeat centuries before. The party met a forlorn spirit of one of these Highborn, still capable of speaking from beyond the grave, it demanded the party vanquish him and release his spirit if they were to pass, few who fought in the rebellion ages past asked if their efforts would be enough to let them pass.

Unfortunately the spirit did not relent, time had addled the specter's mind long before, it barely remembered it's own name, the spirit warned and then challenged the party. The Silversworn proving their mettle against the specter and other spirits that had been bound to the Darkmist Ruins, Ipkesh - the forlorn spirit relented his assault.

Fearing what truly awaited him had he been destroyed the spirit fled back into the mists, and the party ventured on to Isildien.

The Silversworn had finally arrived at Isildien, within were the heads of the Blackthorn tribe and Aranthiel Starfury, awaiting the justice that would soon be delivered. The Blackthorn's were however noticeably diminished, a toll of a recent conflict littered the temple grounds above and below, Ogres and Satyr alike were strewn for a half mile around the temple.

Keeper Nightfury had given the Silversworn hippogryphs before their assault on the ruins, courtesy of Feathermoon stronghold, from above they descended onto the temple grounds, breaking away the druid-grown root doorway.

Within was Aranthiel Starfury and two other Satyr, both intimidating just by size alone despite their separate skills. Starfury held few words with Briarblade, the Silversworn were even given ample opportunity to flee, once resolution by both parties were understood the fight broke out.

The temple shook, men and women alike braved the boundaries between life and death, but all stood against the darkness until it reared it's ugly head, eventually both the Satyr had fallen, Starfury was done in by the potent application of magic by a particular Highborn.

In the end Briarblade quickened the death of her father by shoving her blade into his chest, promising that balance would be restored, despite what Starfury himself was intent on believing.

The Keeper Nightfury arrived late to the battle with reinforcements, however the Sentinels of Feathermoon secured the temple, slaughtering any remaining Satyr's who had steered clear of any further conflict. Before the Silversworn were to depart back to Darnassus, Mythanil Briarblade offered herself to the circle after previously denying a personal invitation.

There on the steps of Isildien she was inducted into the Silver Circle, and with the Silversworn's quest complete they safety returned to Darnassus to lick their wounds, before their next adventure..

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