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This thread is for canon, speculative-canon and headcanon Darnassian terminology, created by members of the Wyrmrest Accord roleplay community for the sake of roleplay and roleplay-related works. All are welcome to use it for their own creative purposes, provided credit is shared. This Darnassian language will be commonly heard from members of the Silver Circle. If you wish to suggest your own ideas so new terms can be added to the list, please submit a post to our Guestbook forum.

To view the full, updated list of Darnassian canon/headcanon terminology, please visit the Darnassian Dictionary.

The terminology below is outdated. Please refer to the Darnassian Dictionary for more authentic terminology.

“Thero’dure” = Student of Nature
“Thero’dora” = Student of Truth
“Thero’thoral” = Student of Warfare
“Thero’delah” = Student of Ancient Ways
“Nahlen’nor” = Master of the Heavens

“Shan’are” = Honorable Ones, or Honored Brethren
“Shan’re” = Honorable One, Honored Friend

“Mino'falore” = Little sister
"Falore'surfal" = Beloved sister
"Falore" = Sister
"Falorei" = Sisters
"Mino'dalora" = Little brother
"Dalora'surfal" = Beloved brother
"Dalora" = Brother
"Dalorar" = Brothers

"An'da" = Father
"Min'da" = Mother
"Shal'nar" = Aunt
"Thal'nar" - Uncle

"Kaldorei" = Children of the stars/People of the stars (plural)
"Kal'dorei" = Child of the stars (singular)

"O" = I
"Ano" = I am
"Dalah" = My/Mine
"Ana" = Ours/Us
"Anande" = You're/You are
"Ande" = you/your

“Anu Zin-Elune” = For Elune’s Glory
"Zin-al-Elune" = Glory to Elune
"Anu'thalas!" = For homeland!
"Anu Kalimdor!" = For Kalimdor!
"Andu-dora-dor" = Let truth be restored.
"Elun'dorini talah" = Let Elune's will be everlasting
"Anar'alla Elune" = By the light of Elune
“In'elah” = A formal salutation, often used when writing letters

“Sela'mor” = At ease
"Shaha lor'ma" = Thank you
"Sael'ah" = You're welcome

"Alla" = Light
"An" = Snow
"Anre" = Kin/Brethren
"Arkhana" = Arcane
"Asta" = Month/Moon
"Belo" = Sun
"Dieb" = Family
"Dorei" = Child/Children
"Dorini" = Nature (literal)/Disposition/Essence/Will
"Doru" = Tree
"Doras" = Trees
"Dracon" = Dragon
"Fanass" = Indeed/Yes
"Finel" = Final/Last
"Falo" = Fire/Flame
"Fel" = Corrupt/Bile/Evil
"Ishnu" = Good fortune
"Ishno" = Bad fortune
"Kal" = Star
"Kalo'noras" = Starry Heavens
"Keer" = Magic
"Nor" = Sky/Heaven
"Quel" = High
"Quel'il" = Height
"Sin" = Blood
"Surfal" = Beloved
"Tel" = Earth/Wild
"Thal" = Home
"Zin" = Glory

"Anar" = By
"Ano" = But/Yet
"Anu" = For/to
"Lo" = As
"Na" = Of
"No" = So
"Nora" = Also/too
"Rae" = And
"Su" = Or

"Adore" = To Be
"Ashore" = To Do
"Ban'dore" = To Prepare
"Belore" = To Go /also/ To Uncover/To Reveal
"Do'lore" = To Teach
"Dore" = To Restore
"Enore" = To Kill
"Eran'ore" = To Rise
"Ethore" = To Diminish
"Falo're" = To Balance
"Fan'ore" = To Declare
"Melore" = To guide
"Mush'ore" = To Hunt
"Nalore" = To Feel/Know   
"Talore" = To Survive
"Thelore" = To die/To return to earth (literal)
"Tho're" = To Fight
"Tor're" = To Inform
"Shan'ore" = To Honor
"Surfo're" = To Love
"Xelore" = To hate

"Andu" = Be
"Ash" = Do
"Bandu" = Prepare
"Beldu" = Go /also/ Uncover/Reveal
"Doldu" = Teach
"Dordu" = Restore
"Endu" = Kill
"Eran" = Rise
"Ethu" = Diminish
"Faldu" = Balance
"Fandu" = Declare
"Meldu" = Guide
"Mushu" = Hunt
"Naldu" = Feel/Know   
"Taldu" = Survive
"Theldu" To die
"Thor" = Fight
"Tordu" = Inform
"Shandu" = Honor
"Surfas" = Love
"Xelas" = Hate

"Adil" = Been
"Ashil" = Done
"Bandil" = Prepared
"Bel'il" = Gone /also/ Uncovered/Revealed
"Dol'il" = Taught
"Doril" = Restored
"Endil" = Killed
"Eranil" = Risen
"Ethil" = Diminished
"Fal'il" = Balanced
"Fanil" = Declared
"Mel'il" = Guided
"Mushil" = Hunted
"Nal'il" = Felt/Knew  
"Tal'il" = Survived
"Thel'il" = Died
"Thoril" = Fought
"Toril" = Informed
"Shanil" = Honored
"Surfil" = Loved
"Xel'il" = Hated

"Anah" = Being
"Ashah" = Doing/Deed
"Banah" = Preparing/Preparation
"Belah" = Going /also/ Uncovering/Revealing
"Dolah" = Teaching
"Dorah" = Restoring
"Enah" = Killing
"Eranah" = Rising
"Ethah" = Diminishing
"Falah" = Balancing
"Fanah" = Declaring
"Melah" = Guiding
"Mushah" = Hunting
"Nalah" = Feeling/Knowing
"Talah" = Surviving
"Thelah" = Dying
"Thorah" = Fighting
"Torah" = Informing
"Shanah" = Honoring
"Surfah" = Loving
"Xelah" = Hating
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Possible Proverbs, Sayings, Responses:

"And as the Harp still weeps when you play it..." - A proverb which is said to a person who is suffering troubles of their own making.

"Do not test Nature, She will provide enough of her own for you." - A quote from an Archdruid to a fledgling who was too pushing his powers to fast

"You've let your hair grow." - A typical Sentinel jab that means to grow out of touch and practice. It's a common insult to rivals and old enemies.

"Medicine should be bitter to the mouth but sweet to the body." - An old healer adage.

"You can not more build a house with hope than you can built it on a bog." - A popular Feralas adage about false optimism

Only a few ideas.. I'm still working on the Darnassian translations

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Darnassian Phrases
Some headcanon phrases that night elves or those who speak Darnassian might say.

"Elune eranu'ah!"
"Elune has forsaken you!" (practical)
"Elune has forgotten you!" (literal)

"Thor'o, t'lara!"
"Fight me, coward!" (practical)
"Fight me, warrior armed only with words!" (literal)

"Ru'andu voru'ah!"
"I will break you!" (practical/literal)

"Anar'keer Elune!"
"By the power of Elune!" (practical)
"By the magic of Elune!" (literal)
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Darnassian Titles for each of the Council Members!

Anala'thera (Warden of War)
Anala'mushu (Warden of the Hunt)
Eldre'dor (Elder of the Wild)
Eldre'lune (Elder of the Moon)
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The only phrase I had is from my old guild.

"Shan'du dal serrari!"

It means "Raise your blades", where shan'du is derived from "shan", honored. It means "elevate", both physically and in your mind.
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"May your dreams bring you peace." Roughly I think... A goodbye phrase. <3
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