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This forum is specifically for the creation of headcanon lore, or fan-made lore, pertaining to Night Elves and members of the Silver Circle. The world of Azeroth is so much larger than what we see in-game, and part of the fun of roleplay is being able to add to the immersion in new and creative ways. Here, members can share elements of lore of their own creation including, new places, people, factions, religious views, cultural concepts, magical artifacts, and more. Before posting your own headcanon please read the rules below.

I. Do Not Break Lore
Sharing headcanon lore is something we strongly encourage in the Silver Circle, but we ask that members keep their created lore within reason. Refrain from blatantly breaking official lore.

II. No Spam
If you wish to reply to a thread, please keep it short and to the point, and refrain from spamming the forum.

III. Emerging Conflicts
Sometimes Blizzard will alter the lore of their universe to help them push their own stories. In the event new lore emerges that conflicts with your headcanon, try to be compromising with the new canon lore. This does not mean you must retcon your headcanon, merely adapt it to suit the new canon lore.

IV. Be Responsible/Open Minded
All members are encouraged to read the headcanon lore posted in this forum. If you wish to reply to a thread with your input and opinion, please do so responsibly and in a manner that is not insulting to the original author. Likewise, if you are the original author and another member offers input, please be open minded to that input.

V. Sharing Outside Headcanon
As members of an online community, we sometimes come across headcanon lore that inspires us and we may wish to share it. Before sharing content that does not belong to a member of the Silver Circle, please ask the original author for permission and cite them (with a direct link) in your post.

VI. No Unnecessary Vulgarity
Do not post any content or language which, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Keeper, is deemed to be offensive out-of-character, including without limitation content or language that is hateful, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. We ask that you please regard graphic or mature concepts with creative and tasteful text when writing.
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