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Walk-Up in Lightsong

Date: Dec 15, 2021
Time: 05:00 PM
Category: Casual Event
Alliance Event: Yes
This humble but thriving village is one of few havens and retreats the refugees of Teldrassil have flocked to, to call their new home.

The residents of Lightsong are quite outgoing for kaldorei and free with advice, whether offering tips on fishing, hunting or advising on travel through Val'sharah.

The Silver Circle has made its home in Val'sharah, in the small haven of Lightsong. Lightsong is a small woodland settlement, founded by the ancient kaldorei people and now home to many Darnassian and some Gilnean refugees. The village does not boast much, but it does have the Silver Circle, a group of kaldorei dedicated to Elune's will and their people. Members of the Silver Circle can be found residing in Lightsong, assisting the villagers in daily tasks and building Lightsong's defenses.

Location: Lightsong, Val'sharah (Epsilon WoW)
Host: No Host, Walk-Up RP Generated
Time: 5:00PM - Onward

Note: To enter the Lightsong, Val'sharah phase please use the code .ph enter 42902 when you arrive in-game.

What is this about?
Val'sharah is a memorable place, and it would be lovely to see it thrive with a little bit more role-play now and then. This is an initiative to bring more activity and role-play to Val'sharah; the primary idea being about embracing the night elf culture and more civilian, "daily life" style role-play, as well as more spontaneous adventure role-play.

I'm interested! How can I help / participate?
The initiative is all about players coming to make small-scale role-play initiatives of their own. Here are some examples of what you could do to generate and get yourself some role-play!

  1. Role-play your character's tradeskill.
    Offer your character's services to your fellow kaldorei and our allies in the Alliance. Some ideas are: tailoring / weaponsmithing / cooking / herbalism / alchemy / leatherworking / jewelcrafting / tattooing - etc
  2. You may choose to host an event.
    If you feel like you know plenty of night elf lore, mixed with the background of your character's class you might choose to host events such as: warrior/sentinel sparring, druidic lessons, sermons by your priest or priestess, lectures on the arcane for your highborne or shal'dorei - etc
  3. Work on your Path.
    Casual role-play nights can be a great time for you to get some path tasks done, or to learn about a path for your character!


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