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Council Glade

Date: Oct 22, 2021
Time: 05:30 PM
Category: Meeting

Council Glade is also referred to as the moot of the elves, a time when members of the Silver Circle congress to discuss important matters.

This would also be a good time for new members and any others who are interested in following our cause, to make themselves known and introduce themselves to the Circle. If you would like to make a formal report or announcement to the Silver Circle please list yourself and the topic you wish to address in a comment below.

Location: (subject to change based on on-going storylines)
Time: 5:30PM (server time)

Discussion Topics:
  • Introductions
  • Member Presentations
  • Other News

If you wish to make a presentation during Council Glade please post a comment below to form a queue before the event!


Celassa has an announcement in regards to Saturday's Event!
Feyawen will open discussions with the Dusksaber Watch regarding the acquisition of Lumber.

I've been informed that in order to seal away the Shin'anath we require a Silver Star. According to the legend we've been told, the Silver Star is forged from the 'ore of the heavens'.

I'm uncertain how to forge such an implement, and I remain uncertain about what the 'ore of the heavens' could be. There are various metals, blessed by the Goddess, that could pass as 'ore of the heavens'. Or it could be an ancient ore that is no longer attainable.

In lieu of joining you all for Council Glade, I intend to seek out an artisan forgemaster who has been practicing the craft longer than I have been alive. In order to find this craftsmen, I must journey first to Suramar City and then to Azsuna. With luck, I will manage to acquire the pattern for this Silver Star that must be forged. In the meantime, I ask that you all please bring your heads together to determine and acquire one or more possible 'ore of the heavens'.

I wish you all luck.

Anar'keer Elune,

I will be attending Council Glade on Feydren, who will recount all that the Silver Circle has learned regarding the case of the missing Gilneans.
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