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Council Glade

Date: Jul 09, 2021
Time: 05:30 PM
Category: Meeting

Council Glade is also referred to as the moot of the elves, a time when members of the Silver Circle congress to discuss important matters.

This would also be a good time for new members and any others who are interested in following our cause, to make themselves known and introduce themselves to the Circle. If you would like to make a formal report or announcement to the Silver Circle please list yourself and the topic you wish to address in a comment below.

Location: (subject to change based on on-going storylines)
Time: 5:30PM (server time)

Discussion Topics:
  • Introductions
  • Member Presentations
  • Other News

If you wish to make a presentation during Council Glade please post a comment below to form a queue before the event!


Fey will share some news regarding Lyastei's efforts on Azeroth, while the Silver Circle expedition has been away.
Feyawen would find a scroll sent to her, probably addressed to Lightsong. With the scroll was a request to please mention it when most convenient to the Circle.

((OOC: Plain Text))
A letter addressed to The Silver Circle:

Neutral groups, Horde citizens, and kaldorei have banded together in an effort to make reparations for the losses of the War of Thorns. We have agreed on several efforts suggested by kaldorei, starting with eliminating Blight wares across Azeroth.

Though our coalition is new, we have extracted hundreds of gallons of Blight from a war-lost barrow den and cleansed a lake in Ashenvale that was tainted by the Blight. We extend our thanks to dalora Moongale and falore Moonfang for their continued support, as well as the neutral Wolfmane Clan, and our shal'dorei cousins in the Duskwatch Saberguard.

We are still seeking volunteers. Those interested may contact me.

Zin-al Elune,
Lyastei Starbreeze

Priestess of Elune

Dictated: Lyastei Starbreeze
Penned: Etoiriel Vianadreaux
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